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Name: AntiGravity News and Space Drive Technology
Editors: James E. Cox, Ronald J. Kita
Status: Discontinued
Founded: 1997
Ended: 1999
Contact Name: James E. Cox
Address:PO Box 71151
Reno, NV 89570-1151
United States
Telephone: (775) 323-5796 ext. 127

AntiGravity News and Space Drive Technology reports and networks on research and data in the antigravity fields, and researchs and promotes the experiments that will eventually lead to development of practical antigravity propulsion systems that can be used to alliviate the problems of current transportation systems. AGN publishes a lengthy bi-monthly technical review and newsletter concerning antigravity history, research, data, and results, since July 1997.

A bimonthly newsletter published by J. E. Cox Enterprise, the newsletter's Table of Contents for all of the issues and some complete text files are at the AGN website at At $36 per year for U.S. and $48 per year foreign, this newsletter became a leading publication in the strange, politically un-popular, and developing world of antigravity. Ron Kita phone 215-345-0461.

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