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Name: Electronics and Wireless World
Status: Active
Founded: 1984
Description: Called Wireless World until 1984, and later renamed Electronics World.
10 Journal Abstracts Online

Anti-Gravity Electronics Dr. Harold Aspden
The Conquest of Thought Ivor Catt
The Conquest of Truth Ivor Catt
Electricity without Magnetism? Dr. Harold Aspden
Inertia's Riddle Dr. Peter Graneau
Motion Through the Ether Wilbur Silvertooth
Power Lines, Cancer and Cylotron Resonance Dr. Harold Aspden
Relatively Boring Burniston Brown
Relativity - Joke or Swindle? Dr. Louis Essen
Thirty Six Nanoseconds Faster Than Light Dr. Panos Pappas, Guy Obolensky
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