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Name: Creation Research Society Quarterly
Status: Active
Founded: 1964
12 Journal Abstracts Online

Atomic Clocks Coming and Going Dr. Louis Essen
A Classical Foundation For Electrodynamics Prof. Thomas G. Barnes, Richard R. Pemper, Harold L. Armstrong
Earth's Magnetic Energy Provides Confirmation of Its Young Age Prof. Thomas G. Barnes
Electric Explanation Of Inertial Mass Prof. Thomas G. Barnes
Electric Theory of Gravitation   (1 comment) Prof. Thomas G. Barnes, Prof. Harold S. Slusher, G. Russel Akridge, Francisco S. Ramirez IV
New Proton and Neutron Models Prof. Thomas G. Barnes
A New Theory Of The Electron Richard R. Pemper, Prof. Thomas G. Barnes
Satellite Observations Confirm the Decline of the Earth's Magnetic Field Prof. Thomas G. Barnes
Another Theory of Gravitation: An Alternative to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity Prof. Thomas G. Barnes, Raymond J. Upham, Jr.
Transformer Analog of the Hydrogen Atom Prof. Thomas G. Barnes
A Unified Theory Of Physics Prof. Thomas G. Barnes
Velocity Effects on Atomic Clocks and the Time Question Prof. Thomas G. Barnes, Francisco S. Ramirez IV
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