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Name: Electric Spacecraft Journal
Editors: Richard L. Hull (Executive Editor), Leslee A. Kulba (Technical Editor), Dr. Charles A. Yost (Founder)
ISSN: 1067-7399
Status: Active
Founded: 1991
Contact Name: Leslee A. Kulba
Address:322 Sunlight Drive
Leicester, NC 28748
United States
Telephone: 828-683-0313

The Electric Spacecraft Journal is a journal of individual exploratory research, publishing articles by amateurs and professionals from the fields of engineering, physics, education and science. Most contributors also participate in the Network. We strive to present alternative concepts and combine research efforts to work toward a common goal: making achievable "quantum leaps" in space travel.

Electric Spacecraft, Inc. is a network of interactive researchers from around the world seeking electrodynamic propulsion techniques for space travel by questioning assumptions and testing the limits of institutionalized science. Garage tinkerers, armchair philosophers, and university physicists are invited to share objective data and well-reasoned hypotheses offering new insights into the nature of electrostatics, electromagnetics, atomic physics, gravity and inertia, and energy. ESI's Electric Spacecraft Journal, provides a forum for thought-provoking submissions to be read and debunked or expanded upon by others in the network.

223 Journal Abstracts Online

What's Behind Faraday's Magnetic Lines of Force?   (1 comment) Ionel Dinu
Abolishing the Wave-Particle Duality Nonsense Ing. Xavier Borg
But There Are Accelerating Charges Leslee A. Kulba
The Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft Project Jean-Louis Naudin
Alternative Antenna Design Experiments Melvin Erickson Jr.
Aluminum Dust Experiments Charles L. Morton
The Alzofon Papers: Gravity Control Dr. Charles A. Yost
Ampere Electrodynamics Dr. Peter Graneau, Dr. Neal Graneau
Analysis of Don Kelly's Magnet Drop Tests Dr. Charles A. Yost, Donald A. Kelly (Subject)
Anomalous Radioactive Variations Joe Parr
Ball Lightning William H. Terbo
Ball Lightning Conference Dr. Charles A. Yost
Behavior of an Accelerated Scale Carl Lennon
Bernoulli Equation for the Aether and Ampere's Effect Ionel Dinu
c=(e0m0)^-0.5 Leslee A. Kulba
The Case of the Lifter: Efficiencies, Power Needs, Limitations, Prospects Richard L. Hull
Casimir Forces Dr. Robert L. Forward
Charged Barrier Technology ? Part I William Jay Fogel, Lt. Col. Tom Bearden
The Chukanov Plasma Ball Dr. Charles A. Yost
Circuit Analysis of the Hyde Generator Frode G. Olsen
Classic Flying Saucers May Not Have Been Electric Jean-Louis Naudin
A Close Look at Charge Deposition from a Pulsed Tesla Coil System Richard L. Hull, Scott Fusare
Combined Antigravity Experiments Martin Holwerda
Comments on the Hyde Generator George D. Hathaway, Frode G. Olsen (Subject)
The Complexified Aether Erol O. Torun
Conservation Laws Leslee A. Kulba
Construction and Testing of a Bipolar Tesla Coil Timothy E. Raney
What Part of Coulomb's Law Don't You Understand? Leslee A. Kulba
Detailing a Van de Graaff Generator Design Kim Goins
Dielectric Gravity Field Sensors Dan A. Davidson
Dielectrophoresis Leslee A. Kulba
Dipolar Force Field Propulsion System Dr. Charles A. Yost (Reviewer), James E. Cox (Subject)
Dusty Plasma Leslee A. Kulba
Earth?s Electrodynamic Environment Leslee A. Kulba
Eddy Current Model of Ball Lightning J. D. Shelton
Efficiency Leslee A. Kulba
eGroup Discussions Leslee A. Kulba
Einstein's Relativity: The Special and General Theory (Fallacious Claims in Common Arguments against FTL) Leslee A. Kulba
Electric Field Propulsion Concepts from Independent Researchers Dr. Charles A. Yost
Electric Propulsion/Antigravity Dr. Dennis J. Cravens, Pharis E. Williams, Franklin B. Mead Jr.
Electric Propulsion Patents 1928-1995 Dr. Charles A. Yost (Complier)
Electric Propulsion Research: A 1991 Review Including United States Air Force Reports Dr. Charles A. Yost
Electric Spacecraft Propulsion by Specially-Conditioned EM Fields H. David Froning Jr., Terence W. Barrett
Electric Weather Forces Dr. Charles A. Yost
Electrical Polarization Waves Les Hale
Electrically Activated Water Dr. Igor Smirnov
An Electrically Powered Launch into Space: Eliminating the Need for Throwaway Mass Jim Hodges
Electroaerodynamic (EAD) Wind Tunnel Experiments Dr. Berkant Goeksel
Electrogravitic Thruster Thomas L. Chenhall
Electrogravitics: Back to the Future Dr. Paul A. LaViolette
The Electrokinetic Works of T. T. Brown R. Steven Hall
Electromagnet Project Timothy E. Raney
Electromagnetic Propulsion References Dr. Paul M. Brown
Electromagnetic Propulsion via a Vacuum-Interactance Push Blair M. Cleveland
Electromagnetic Space Ship: An Electrical Essay Joseph Slepian, Dr. James F. Corum
The Electromechanical Charge Shuttle: Electrostatics in Action Reg Hackshaw
Electromechanical Perpetual Motion Leslee A. Kulba
Electrostatic Concentric Field Generator Experiments Dr. Charles A. Yost
Electrostatic Experiments R. Steven Hall, Leslee A. Kulba
Electrostatic Force Experiments Dr. Charles A. Yost
Electrostatic Force Flow Visualization Dr. Charles A. Yost
Electrostatic Fusion at the University of Illinois Leslee A. Kulba
Electrostatic Ion Thrust Experiments Larry D. Deavenport
Electrostatic Lift Experiments Ronald J. Kovac
Electrostatic Longitudinal Waves: The Tesla/Kovac RF Rectifier and the Making of Electrostatics Dr. Charles A. Yost
The Electrostatic Machines of Holtz and Wimshurst ? Part I Arden L. Steinbach
The Electrostatic Machines of Holtz and Wimshurst ? Part II Richard A. Ford
Electrostatic Transmission in Air R. Steven Hall
Electrostatics and Its Measurement Richard L. Hull
Electrum Validum Entities Ken Shoulders
Energy and Charge Roland H. Dishington
Energy Synthesis Alfred Wakeman
Equations of Electrodynamics for Conductors in Motion Andrija Radovic
ESA Conference Summary Dr. Charles A. Yost
ESA Conference Summary Leslee A. Kulba
ESJ Forum: The Shape of Light Leslee A. Kulba (Compiler)
The Experiment of Fizeau as a Test of Relativistic Simultaneity Dr. Curtis E. Renshaw
Experimental Atomic Diode: Direct Energy Conversion Timothy E. Raney
Experimental Design Leslee A. Kulba
Experimental Investigation of an Electromagnetic-Gravitational Interaction Timothy M. Rynne
Experimental Pyromagnetic Propulsion Concepts Robert Bailey
Experiments with Ion Threads Bill Beaty
Exploding Wire Experiments Richard A. Ford
The Extended Electron Roland H. Dishington
The Fascinating Electro Wand Leslee A. Kulba
Final Thoughts on Tesla?s Work with High-Frequency Alternating Currents Leland I. Anderson
Fireball Production from a Tesla Coil Kenneth L. Corum, Dr. James F. Corum
Flyback Transformers Sam Barros
Flying into Orbit Dr. Charles A. Yost, Leslee A. Kulba
A Focusing Property of the Ellipse Marc Frantz
Foundation of Physics Jerome Huck
Fringe Science Conferences Dr. Charles A. Yost
Fusor Neutron Generators Leslee A. Kulba
Fusors Richard L. Hull
Gorgons from the Volcanoes Egon W. Bach
Gravitation and Electrical Action Prof. Francis E. Nipher
The Gravitational Spacecraft Prof. Fran De Aquino
Gravity Drop Experiments with Magnet Plates Dr. Charles A. Yost, Leslee A. Kulba
Hendershot and Prentice Generators Martin Holwerda
Hertz? Equations of Electrodynamics Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
High Potential, Alternating E-Field Electrostatic Charge Transfer Louis Balint
High Powered Pulse Generator ?Zapper? Carl Lennon
A Homemade Power Supply for Electrogravitics Experiments Dr. Paul A. LaViolette
Can Hot Surfaces Be Cooled Electrically? Dr. Charles A. Yost
The Hutchison Effect George D. Hathaway
The Hutchison Effect Apparatus John K. Hutchison
IANS Conference Summary Dr. Charles A. Yost
The Ice Spike Experiments of John Cooper III John Cooper III
Inertial Modulation: A New Tool for Probing the Law of Electromagnetic Force ? Part I Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
Inertial Modulation: A New Tool for Probing the Law of Electromagnetic Force ? Part II Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
Inertial Modulation: A New Tool for Probing the Law of Electromagnetic Force ? Part III, Tuning Fork Experiment Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
Inside the ESJ Networkers? Lab & Mini-Conference Center Leslee A. Kulba
An Interesting Phenomenon Associated with Lifter Operations Richard L. Hull
Interference Patterns in Electrostatically-Contained Plasma Joshua P. Warren
Interstellar Drives David Rosignoli
Introduction to Error Analysis & Interpretation Leslee A. Kulba
An Introduction to Tesla Secondary Coils Duane A. Bylund
Inverse Doppler Effect Leslee A. Kulba
Ion Jets in the Fifth State of Matter Dr. L?szl? K?rtvely?ssy, Eric W. Crew
Isotropic Capacity: The Capacitance of a Single Body with the Universe at Large Michael Schoessow
Jefimenko Paper Reviews Prof. Oleg D. Jefimenko
The Jumping Electrostatic Top Richard A. Ford
Kinetic Energy, Momentum and Inertia Roland H. Dishington
Laboratory Investigations of Specially-Conditioned EM Fields H. David Froning Jr., Terence W. Barrett, George D. Hathaway
Level-Shifted Tesla Coil Designs Louis Balint
Lifting Where We Stand Leslee A. Kulba
Longitudinal Electrodynamic Wave Experiments Dr. Charles A. Yost
Low Level Measurements Leslee A. Kulba
Mach's Principle & Nonlocal Mass Interactions Dr. Peter Graneau
Magnetic Control of Discharge Tube Current Timothy E. Raney
Magnetic Currents ? the Monopole? Kristen Joseph
Magnetic Deflection of Electrons Using Vacuum Tubes Timothy E. Raney
The Magnetic Resonance Amplifier Norman L. Wootan (Compiler)
Matter Waves David L. Bergman
Mechanical Perpetual Motion Leslee A. Kulba
Memories of Tesla at Wardenclyffe Natalie Aurucci-Stiefel (Compiler)
Microwave Power Measurements Leslee A. Kulba
Morphing the Electrostatic Generator for Flight . . . and Other Experiments R. Steven Hall
The Morton Electric Thruster Charles L. Morton
Morton Experiment: Report #1 Dr. Charles A. Yost
Morton Experiment: Report #2 Charles L. Morton
Morton?s Space Drive Charles L. Morton
NASA Explores Space Travel Concepts Dr. Charles A. Yost (Editor)
Nature to the Rescue of Man Dr. Peter Graneau
Naudin?s Lifter Phenomenon Dr. Charles A. Yost
Neon Sign Transformers for the Researcher Richard L. Hull
Nightmares of the Art of Measuring George D. Hathaway
The Origin and History of the Smith Coil Toby Grotz, Robert Quentin Achzehner, Don Rapp
The Perpetuation of Error Dr. Robert L. Carroll
The Philadelphia Experiment Revisited ? Part I Dr. Joseph Pothier
The Philadelphia Experiment Revisited ? Part II Dr. Joseph Pothier
The Photon Dr. Robert L. Carroll
Physical Models for Elementary Particles, Atoms and Nuclei David L. Bergman
Physical Significance of the Vector Potential Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
Pitfalls from Spiky Waveforms George D. Hathaway, Scott Little
Plasma Displays and Inert Gas Discharge Tubes (IGDT) William J. Boucher
Plasma Shaping: An Atomic Transmutation Concept Ronald J. Kovac
Power Calculations Leslee A. Kulba
The Power Wave (1899-1991) Ronald J. Kovac
The Pressure of Magnetic Fields and the Minimum Energy Density of the Space-Time Continuum Jan Peter Roos
Princeton Electric Propulsion Research Dr. Charles A. Yost
Princeton Electric Propulsion Research Leslee A. Kulba (Compiler)
A Proposed Electrodynamic Thrusting Mechanism Dr. Charles A. Yost
The Pulse Device Klaus Schlecht
Rainbow in the Lab: The John Hutchison Story Jeane L. Manning
Rare Notes from Tesla on Wardenclyffe Leland I. Anderson
Red and Green Energy Dr. Charles A. Yost, Leslee A. Kulba, Dr. Peter Graneau (Subject)
Repeating the Wiggle Wand Experiments Scott Fusare
Reports from the 1994 New Energy Symposium Richard L. Hull
Repulsion Field Roller Magnet Experiments Brian DeMetz
Review of Bolonkin?s Non-Rocket Space Launch and Flight Leslee A. Kulba
Review of Monstein and Wesley?s Evidence of Scalar Longitudinal Waves Leslee A. Kulba
Russian Patent on Longitudinal Electrical Transmission Dr. Stanislav Avramenko, Konstantin Avramenko
Searl's Levity Disc Generator Dana Custer
The Sectorless Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator Dr. Charles A. Yost
The Shape of Light Leslee A. Kulba
Small Li-Po Battery Test to Determine Relative Power Delivery Rate to Weight Ratio at Different Loadings Richard L. Hull
Solenoid Launchers Leslee A. Kulba
Solitonic Model of the Electron, Proton, and Neutron Pavel Sladkov
Spark Experiments Bert Schreiber
Spark Gap Tube Experiments with a Bipolar Tesla Coil Timothy E. Raney
Speculations Related to Electric Field Propulsion Dr. Charles A. Yost
The Speed of Gravity Leslee A. Kulba
Spooky Action at a Distance: An Explanation of Bell's Theorem Dr. Gary Felder
Is the Standard Solution of the Oscillating Electromagnetic Dipole Physically Satisfying? Robert P. Stirniman
Stimulated Forces Demonstrated: Why the Trouton-Noble Experiment Failed and How to Make It Succeed Dr. Patrick Cornille, Jean-Louis Naudin, Alexandre Szames
The Streamer Theory of Spark Discharge Leonard B. Loeb, John M. Meek
T. T. Brown's Electrogravitics Dr. Thomas F. Valone
T. T. Brown's Rock Electricity Leslee A. Kulba
T. T. Brown and the Bahnson Lab Experiments Dr. Charles A. Yost
T. T. Brown Experiment Replicated Larry D. Deavenport
T. Townsend Brown Notebooks Townsend Brown, Dr. Charles A. Yost (Editor)
A Talk with John Searl Dr. Charles A. Yost
Terrestrial and Astronomical Lightning Eric W. Crew
Tesla's Tower (Wardenclyffe) Marnie Muller
Tesla Coil Electric Field Thrust Experiments R. Steven Hall
Tesla Coils, Electric Gradients and Electrostatics Richard L. Hull
Tesla Coils and Electrostatics Richard L. Hull
Tesla Coils and Plasma Ball Formation Ronald J. Kovac
The Tesla Longitudinal Wave George W. Damm
Tesla Magnifier Basics Richard L. Hull
A Tesla Rotating Magnetic Field Demonstration Project Harry L. Goldman
The Teslon George W. Damm
A Theory of Electrogravitics Dr. Paul A. LaViolette
A Theory of Orthogonal Radiation (with References to the Searl Generator) Devon E. Tassen
A Thermodynamic Cycle for Heat to Electrical Energy Conversion by Means of Ferroelectrics Andreas Ries, Alexandre Z. Simoes, Jose A. Varela
Thoughts on the Biefeld-Brown Effect Larry D. Adams
Thoughts on Electromagnetics Dr. Charles A. Yost (Compiler), Leslee A. Kulba (Compiler)
Thoughts from Bill Whamond Bill Whamond
Toroidal Spark Gap Engine James E. Cox
Toroidal Spark Gap Engine Tests James E. Cox
Tour of the High Energy Amateur Science Lab Richard L. Hull
The Troubled Theories of Magnetic Induction David L. Bergman
The Universe and the Antiverse: Is Velocity the Prime Dimension? Donald E. Tarter
Using Instruments Leslee A. Kulba
VACE Experiments Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
Vacuum of Space Cathode-Ray Propulsion System James E. Hartman
Volcanic Ball Lightnings Egon W. Bach
The Wallace Inventions, Spin Aligned Nuclei, the Gravitomagnetic Field, and the Tampere Experiment: Is There a Connection? Robert P. Stirniman, Henry William Wallace (Subject)
Water Arc Explosions Richard L. Hull
The Working Principle of the Lifter in Air Zoltan Losonc
Zapper III Report Carl Lennon
Zero Mass Loss Thruster Devices Dr. Paul M. Brown
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