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Name: Fusion Technology
Editors: Prof. George H. Miley
Status: Discontinued
Ended: 2000
Contact Name: Prof. George H. Miley
Address:912 W Armory Street
Champaign, IL 61821-4537
United States
Telephone: (217) 333-3772

Journal of the American Nuclear Society.

George H. Miley Retires as editor (2000).

Articles to add:

  • DuFour, Jacques 1993. "Cold Future by Sparking in Hydrogen Isotopes," Fusion Technology, Vol. 24, Sept. 1993, pp.205-222.
  • Fedorovich, Gennady V. 1993. "A Possible Way to Nuclear Fusion in Solids", Fusion Technology, Vol. 24, Nov. 1993, pp. 288-292.
  • Glueck, Peter 1993. "The Surfdyn Concept: An attempt to Solve the Puzzles of Cold Fusion." Fusion Technology, Vol. 24, Aug. 1993 pp. 122-126.
  • Kuehne, Reiner 1994. "The Possible Hot Nature of Cold Fusion," Fusion Technology, Vol. 25, Mar. 1994.
  • Matsumoto, Takaaki 1993. "Observations of Meshlike Traces of Nuclear Emulsions During Cold Fusion," Fusion Technology, Vol. 23, Jan. 1993.
  • Silver, David et al. 1993. "Surface Topology of a Palladium Cathode After Electrolysis in Heavy Water," Fusion Technology, Vol. 24, Dec. 1993.
  • Storms, E. 1991. "Review of Experimental Observations About the Cold Fusion Effect," Fusion Technology, Vol. 20, 1991.
  • Vaidya, S.N. 1993. "Comments on the Model for Coherent Deuteron-Deuteron Fusion in Crystalline Pd-D Lattice," Fusion Technology, Vol. 24, Aug. 1993.
7 Journal Abstracts Online

Cold Fusion in a Confining Phase of Quantum Electrodynamics M. Jandel
Cold Fusion by Sparking in Hydrogen Isotopes J. Dufour
Excess Heat During the Electrolysis of a Light Water Solution of K2CO3 with a Nickel Cathode Dr. Vesselin C. Noninski
Excess Heat Production by the Electrolysis of an Aqueous Potassium Carbonate Electrolyte and the Implications for Cold Fusion Dr. Randell L. Mills, S. P. Kneizys
A Light Water Excess Heat Reaction Suggests that 'Cold Fusion' is Alkali-Hydrogen Fusion Dr. Robert T. Bush
Possible Precursors of Ball Lightning - Observation of Closed Loops in High Voltage Discharges I. Alexeff, M. Radar
Review of Experimental Observations About the Cold Fusion Effect Dr. Edmund Storms
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