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Name: Electrifying Times
Editors: Bruce Meland, Tai Robinson
Status: Active
Founded: 1993
Contact Name: Bruce Meland
Address:63600 Deschutes Market Road
Bend, OR 97701
United States
Telephone: (541) 388-1908
Description: 3 issues annually
27 Journal Abstracts Online

Analysis of the Cylindrical Capacitors Found Within the Hendershot Fuelless Generator Layne L. Wright
A Bioassay for Negative Gaussian Fields Associated with Geometric Patterns Dr. Glen Rein
Brown's Gas - Current Research Report Andrew Michrowski
Charge Cluster Transmutation Hal Fox
The Controlled Blowout Method of Gas and Oil Production and World Peace Austin R. Rust
Converting From a Petroleum Economy to a Hydrogen Economy Maurice L. Albertson
Design Considerations for the Rapid Commercial Development of Fleischmann-Pons Reactions Chip Ransford
Electromagnetism from Nothing: Joseph Newman and the New Technology of Light Austin R. Rust
An Emerging Revolutionary Electromagnetic Technology: The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman Joseph W. Newman
Empowerment - The Life Force of the Energy Revolution Mike Fisher
Energy Flow, Collection, and Dissipation in Overunity EM Devices Lt. Col. Tom Bearden
Evidence of Possible Field Propulsion Technology by Transient Luminescent Phenomena in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State Marc Whitford
Extracting Intermolecular Bond Energy from Water Dr. Peter Graneau
The First Free Energy Documentary "Race to Zero Point" Dr. Thomas F. Valone
A God's Eye View of Cold Fusion Dr. Edmund Storms
Gyromagnetic Gain From Absolute Motion Guy Obolensky
Hyperspace Crystallography Saul-Paul Sirag
The Magnetic Battery Bert Werjefelt
The Magnetic Resonance Amplifier Joel McClain, Norman L. Wootan
Overview of Inventions Dr. Moray B. King
Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Hybrid For High Efficiency and Low Cost M. A. K. Lodhi
Planetary Zero-Point Energies Daniel Alexander Nightwolf
Roots of the Vibratory Etheric Tree or the Creation, Transmission and Reception of Vibrations Dale Pond
Safe and Dependable Hydrogen Storage Roy E. McAlister
Scalars Waves Reviewed Andrew Michrowski
The Vortex as Topological Archetype: A Key to New Paradigms in Physics and Energy Science Donald Reed
How We Won The Cold Fusion War Dr. Eugene Mallove
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