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Name: Fusion Facts
Editors: Hal Fox
Status: Discontinued
Founded: 1989
Ended: 1995
Contact Name: Hal Fox
Address:Fusion Information Exchange
Salt Lake City, UT
United States
Description: Fusion Facts was replaced by The Journal of New Energy in 1996.
15 Journal Abstracts Online

Anomalous Heat Evolution from SrCeO3 - Type Proton Conductors during Absorption / Desorption of Deuterium in Alternate Electric Field Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno, Michio Enyo, T. Akimoto, K. Azumi
Artificial Ball Lightning - Photographs of Cold Fusion T. Matsumoto
Biological Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation T. V. Prevenslik
Bubbles Hotter Than the Sun L. A. Crum
Chukanov Reports on Ball Lightning Symposium - July 28-30, 1992 Prof. Kiril B. Chukanov
Cold Fusion Experiments by Sparking Discharges in Water T. Matsumoto
Cold Fusion Successes: Achievements and Primary Sources Hal Fox
Energy Generation and Generator by Means of Anharmonic Stimulated Fusion W. Collis
Some Important Kinds of Plasmoid Traces Produced by Cold Fusion Apparatus Edward H. Lewis
Letters to the Editor Peter Gl?ck
Proposal for Replication of Stringham and George'e Ultrasonic Cavitation Experiment S. K. H. Auluck, V. K. Shrikande
Protocols for Conducting Light Water Excess Energy Experiments Dr. Eugene Mallove
Scientists of the Year Hal Fox
Ultrasound Induced and Laser Enhanced Cold Fusion Chemistry T. V. Prevenslik
Zero Point Energy Dr. Harold E. Puthoff
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