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Name: Energy Unlimited
Editors: Dr. Kathleen H. Joyce, William Baumgartiner
Status: Discontinued
Founded: 1978
Ended: 1983
Contact Name: Dr. Kathleen H. Joyce
7 Journal Abstracts Online

The Creative Genius of Wilbert B. Smith Dr. Kathleen H. Joyce, Wilbert B. Smith (Subject)
The Development of Post-Relativistic Concepts in Physics and Advanced Technology Abroad Dr. Rolf Schaffranke
Engineering Non-Conventional Energy Systems George D. Hathaway
Engineering Non-Conventional Energy Systems, Part II George D. Hathaway
Photon Found to be Composed of Neutrino & Anti-Neutrino Martin Ruderfer
Title? Walter P. Baumgartner
Unfathomable Water Viktor Schauberger, Dagmar Sarkar (Translator)
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