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David Scott de Hilster
Tel: 310-991-5744
Cell: 310-991-5744

22936 Ironwedge Dr
Boca Raton, FL 33433
United States

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de Hilster, David Scott     (Easy Link:
Supercomputers, Artist, Filmmaker

Topics: Expansion_Tectonics, Gravity, Relativity
Interests: Particle Model, Light, Neomechanics, Growing Earth, Autodynamics
Nationality: USA
Member since: 1996
Age: 58
Born: Friday, November 13, 1959

Dark energy does not exist (2009-11-07 01:21:05)
Light and gravity do not interact (2010-05-21 21:44:25)
Neutrino detectors detect high energy particles that are not neutrinos (2011-04-13 21:02:32)
Neutrinos don't exist (2011-04-13 21:01:56)
Special relativity is wrong (2009-11-01 04:09:57)
The earth and other planets are growing and expanding. (2009-10-16 18:05:04)
Theories can be wrong and do not have to be replaced (2009-11-01 04:11:16)
There are no black holes but there are very dense objects (2009-11-01 04:10:47)
There are only push forces. (2009-10-16 18:41:18)
There is no big bang (2009-11-01 04:10:23)
There is no physical reality to frames (2011-03-06 12:21:16)
There is only one three dimensional space in the universe and we can only move the origin when measuring (2015-02-12 18:19:24)
Time and space (they are separate) are infinitely divisible (2011-04-15 23:38:43)


A measurement of the resistance of matter to movement.

(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Field:A cloud of small finite forces. (2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Gravity:A force that causes masses to move toward each other(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Continuum:A mathematical concept that has no physical reality.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Time:Man's attempt to measure regular movement.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Energy:Not real, but a concept that refers to the potential to redistribute movement.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Space:Where mass moves. (2015-02-04 09:19:23)

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Submission Commentator:
2009-05-2516th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference

Available Lectures:
Autodyanmics, Gravity, Relativity, Atomic and Subatomic Structure and Interactions
Growing / Expanding Earth

Abstracts Online:
2008Carezani Frame Reduction
2008The Growing Earth
2007Gravity Experiment 1
2007NeWiki: An Encylopedia for a New World
2011The Neutrino: Doomed from Inception
2012Consensus in Science is Wrong
2013No God Particle Renders Particle Accelerators Useless
1996Autodynamics: a Comprehensive Replacement for Special Relativity
2015Light, Gravity, and Mass: A Particle Theory
2016Earth Expansion Major Objections Solved
2016Physical Explanation for Greater Earth Expansion in the Southern Hemisphere
2017Comparing Models
2017Comparing Aether with the Particle Model

Media Online:
2014VideoEinstein Wrong - The Miracle Year
2010-06-19Audio17th NPA Conference in Long Beach - June 23 - 26
2009-11-21VideoExpansion Tectonics Group
2009-08-06VideoDebate Test for Special Relativity
2009-06-27VideoFriendly Advice for Dissidents

Event Attendence:
2017-09-23CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2017-07-19CNPS 2017 International ConferenceConference will attend
2017-07-08CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2017-06-24CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2017-06-17CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2017-04-08CNPS Forums and WikipediaVideo Conference will attend
2017-03-18Flaws in theories expanded from Special Relativity concerning LightVideo Conference will attend
2017-03-11This Saturday: Ambiguities in Einstein\'s RelativityVideo Conference will attend
2017-02-18CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2017-02-11CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2017-02-04CNPS Video Conference: Dr. Andre AssisVideo Conference will attend
2017-01-28CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2017-01-21CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2017-01-14CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference
2016-12-17CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2016-12-10CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2016-12-03CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2016-11-26CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2016-11-19CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2016-11-12CNPS Members MeetingVideo Conference will attend
2016-07-202nd Annual Chappell Natural Philosophy Society ConferenceConference will attend
2016-04-02Subject: Integral Geometry: A Geometric, Notational and Natural Philosophy Counterargument To General RelativityVideo Conference will attend
2016-01-02ShareLatex Tutorial - New System for Papers, Proceedings, and BooksVideo Conference
2015-12-19CNPS 2015 in Review and New in 2016Video Conference
2015-08-07John Chappell Memorial Talk and Panel DiscussionVideo Conference will attend
2015-08-05CNPS Members MeetingVideo Conference will attend
2015-08-051st Annual Chappell Natural Philosophy Society ConferenceConference
2015-05-16Open Debate on Did the Mainstream Discover the Higgs BosonVideo Conference
2015-04-112015 CNPS Conference Orientation and Planning MeetingVideo Conference
2015-03-28Finite Theory of the UniverseVideo Conference
2015-03-14Open Debate on Mainstream Cosmology Objections and AlternativesVideo Conference
2015-03-07Plant Electro-tropismVideo Conference will attend
2015-02-28Open Debate on Relativity Objections and AlternativesVideo Conference
2015-02-21The GyroscopeVideo Conference
2015-01-03CNPS 2015 - Our Third PhaseVideo Conference
2014-10-18Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2014-05-31Gravity GroupVideo Conference will attend
2014-05-24NPA General Membership MeetingVideo Conference
2014-05-03Introduction to the Tron Theory Video Conference
2014-04-26Better Science through YouTubeVideo Conference
2014-03-15Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2014-02-22A Structural Approach to Understanding Nuclear and Sub-nuclear Particles and the Electromagnetic Wave SpectrumVideo Conference
2014-02-15A Flowing View of the Nature and Geometry of SpaceVideo Conference
2014-01-18Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2014-01-11Significant Findings - Gravitational LensingVideo Conference
2013-09-21Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2013-08-17Gravitational Model of the Three Elements Theory: Mathematical DetailsVideo Conference may attend
2013-07-1120th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2013-06-08NPA Members Meeting - Preparing for NPA 20Video Conference will attend
2013-06-01AberrationVideo Conference
2013-05-04Re-evaluating Nordstr?m: A Proposed Path to the Aether in Order to Solve the ?Worst Theoretical Prediction in Physics?Video Conference
2013-04-20Video Conference
2013-04-13Super Principia Unified Gravitational Vortex TheoryVideo Conference
2013-04-06Integrating Vector Particle Physics with the Dodecahedron Quark Ball and the Octahedral Hexagonal FractalVideo Conference
2013-03-30Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2013-03-16NPA Members Meeting - Planning for the 20th Annual Conference in Maryland in JulyVideo Conference
2013-03-02Gravitomagnetism a Fatal Problem for the General Relativity TheoryVideo Conference
2013-02-23The Riemann Hypothesis and the Physics of LightVideo Conference
2013-01-26Electrodynamic Experiments and Theory: A Kinetic SynthesisVideo Conference
2013-01-19Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2013-01-12NPA Members Meeting - The Future of the NPA: Taking it to the Next LevelVideo Conference
2012-11-17Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2012-10-27SR Theory of Electrodynamics for Relative Moving ChargesVideo Conference
2012-09-01Aether: A Simple Solution for Complex ProblemsVideo Conference
2012-07-27ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2012-07-2519th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2012-07-14Open Discussion on Problems of Dissident PhysicsVideo Conference
2012-07-07Why Relativity is FalseVideo Conference
2012-06-30Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2012-06-16Special Relativity Math Disproof on One PageVideo Conference
2012-05-19Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 3Video Conference
2012-05-12Simhony?s Electron-Positron Lattice Model of the Vacuum of Space - Part 2Video Conference
2012-05-05Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 2Video Conference
2012-04-28Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Energy TransferVideo Conference
2012-04-21Relationship between Newtonian and Einsteinian PhysicsVideo Conference
2012-04-14Simhony?s Electron-Positron Lattice Model of the Vacuum of Space - Part 1Video Conference
2012-03-31Newton?s Bucket ?.Another Final Solution!Video Conference
2012-03-24Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 1Video Conference
2012-03-17Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2012-02-25The Third OptionVideo Conference
2012-02-04Breaking the Dash/Cross Codes of the Rule-of-SignsVideo Conference
2012-01-28On the Origin, Unification and Transmutation of Fields of ForceVideo Conference
2012-01-22NPA Website Tutorial / NPA 19th Conference MeetingVideo Conference
2012-01-07New NPA Website Tutorial Video ConferenceVideo Conference
2011-12-10Gravitation and the Dark Matter Model of the UniverseVideo Conference
2011-12-03Fatal Flaws in Classical ElectromagnetismVideo Conference
2011-11-26Unified Field Theory: Report on Boscovich International Conference 2011Video Conference
2011-11-19Gravity Group: Bob French PresentsVideo Conference
2011-10-09Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2011-10-08The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 3: Gauss' B LawVideo Conference
2011-10-01The Organizational Structure of PhysicsVideo Conference
2011-09-24The ALFA Model: The Beginning of the End for MS Physics?Video Conference
2011-09-17Time Dilation, Thomas Precession, and the Advance of Mercury's PerihelionVideo Conference
2011-09-03The Electric Force of a CurrentVideo Conference
2011-08-27The Contributions of EinsteinVideo Conference
2011-08-20Gravity Particles and the Strong ForceVideo Conference
2011-08-13Y-Bias and Angularity: The Dynamics of Self-Organizing CriticalityVideo Conference
2011-08-06Science, Objectivity, the Scientific Method, the Standard Model, and the Other ModelVideo Conference
2011-07-30The Scientific WorldviewVideo Conference
2011-07-09NPA Public Day 2Public Day
2011-07-08Sagnac Awards BanquetAwards
2011-07-0618th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2011-06-25The New Face of GravityVideo Conference
2011-06-11Gravitational Vortexes of Cosmic PlenumVideo Conference
2011-06-05Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2011-06-04Does Faraday Allow Superposition?Video Conference
2011-05-21Exploding Wires and the Possibility of Solid State Ion Colliders for Low Energy Lattice Assisted Nuclear TransmutationsVideo Conference
2011-05-14The Rational Definitions of Time, Space, and ForceVideo Conference
2011-05-07The Future of Science under an Electric Universe ParadigmVideo Conference
2011-04-30Plasma Redshift CosmologyVideo Conference
2011-04-23Experimental Results In Measuring Atmospheric ElectricityVideo Conference
2011-04-09Experiment of the Biefield-Brown Effect using Symmetric Plate Capacitors Charged below 35kVVideo Conference
2011-04-02The Natural Philosophy of the Electric UniverseVideo Conference
2011-03-26New Foundations in Mathematics: The Geometric Concept of NumberVideo Conference
2011-03-20Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2011-03-19Beyond Euler: Simple Geometry Unifying Vectors, Scalars and Complex NumbersVideo Conference
2011-03-12A Matter of DefinitionVideo Conference
2011-03-05The First Principles of AetherVideo Conference
2011-02-26The Engineering Value of the Cosmological ConstantVideo Conference
2011-02-19Advances in Brown's Gas TheoryVideo Conference
2011-01-29The Quantum Mechanical Framework Behind the End Results of the General Theory of Relativity: Matter is Built on a Universal Matter ArchitectureVideo Conference
2011-01-22Unified Theory Composition - Structure of Electron, Proton & NeutronVideo Conference
2011-01-21Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2011-01-15Are Space and Time of Archetypal Design?: Introduction into the Physics of MandalaVideo Conference
2011-01-08A Very Doable Experiment for NASA To Look Inside the Twin ParadoxVideo Conference
2010-12-18The Three Elements TheoryVideo Conference
2010-12-11The Devil's Advocate of Einstein: History of RelativityVideo Conference
2010-12-04On the Frame Indifferent Formulation of the Governing Equations of the Electromagnetic FieldVideo Conference
2010-11-27The Natural Philosophy of the Electric UniverseVideo Conference
2010-11-20Electro-Magnetic Strong Force: String Theory without the StringVideo Conference
2010-11-19Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2010-11-13Maxwell, Maxwell and Maxwell: Collapse of Relativity, Special & GeneralVideo Conference
2010-11-06Weber's ElectrodynamicsVideo Conference
2010-10-30Proton, Neutron and Electron Pair Binding Energy PhysicsVideo Conference
2010-10-23The Alpha-Beta Model of the Atomic NucleusVideo Conference
2010-10-16The Origin of Symmetry and Beauty in the UniverseVideo Conference
2010-10-09On Thermodynamic FieldsVideo Conference
2010-10-02Gravitomagnetism: Successes in Explaining the CosmosVideo Conference
2010-10-01Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2010-09-25Questioning Einstein: Is Relativity Necessary?Video Conference
2010-09-04How God Made AtomsVideo Conference
2010-08-28A Testable Electromagnetic and Gravitational InterfaceVideo Conference
2010-08-21The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 2: Ampere's LawVideo Conference
2010-08-14Is Metaphysics the New Frontier of the 21st Century Physics?Video Conference
2010-08-07An Introduction to Electric Universe TheoryVideo Conference
2010-07-31The Ten Assumptions of Science, Part 3Video Conference
2010-07-24Diamagnetism and ParamagnetismVideo Conference
2010-07-17A Solution for the Dark Matter Mystery Based on Euclidean RelativityVideo Conference
2010-07-10Satellite Orbit Perturbations in a Dusty Martian AtmosphereVideo Conference
2010-07-03Proposed and Past Experiments Detecting Absolute MotionVideo Conference
2010-06-26NPA Public DayPublic Day
2010-06-25Sagnac Awards BanquetAwards
2010-06-2317th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2010-06-23NPA Officers MeetingMeeting
2010-06-12Unified Theory's New Principle of Null ActionVideo Conference
2010-06-05Searching for Room Temperature SuperconductorsVideo Conference
2010-05-22Gravity from the Ground UpVideo Conference
2010-05-21Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2010-05-15Introduction to the Theory Of DespaceVideo Conference
2010-05-08Polarization EntanglementVideo Conference
2010-05-01The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 1: Gauss D LawVideo Conference
2010-04-24Introduction and Acceptance of a Classical Charge Fiber Model (CFM) of Elementary Particles Evaluated by Means of an Online Tutorial-Based SurveyVideo Conference
2010-04-23Aether Group: Research on the Nature of Polarized LightMeeting
2010-04-17The Generalization of Mechanics and ElectrodynamicsVideo Conference
2010-04-10Antigravity, the Missing Force is Discovered!Video Conference
2010-04-03The Control of the Natural ForcesVideo Conference
2010-03-27Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation and the New Fractal Field ScienceVideo Conference
2010-03-26Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2010-03-06The Conflict Between Action at a Distance and Field TheoriesVideo Conference
2010-02-27The Mole Hill EffectVideo Conference
2010-02-20Realitivistic RelativityVideo Conference
2010-02-13Strategic Approaches To Facilitate Scientific ChangeVideo Conference
2010-02-06The Origin of the Universe and Its Subsequent EvolutionVideo Conference
2010-01-30Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics of Space and the Unified Field Theory - Part 1Video Conference
2010-01-29Structures GroupVideo Conference
2010-01-23A Reality-Based Replacement for Quantum MechanicsVideo Conference
2010-01-22Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2010-01-15Relativity GroupVideo Conference
2009-12-26Relativity Groupoid Instead of Relativity GroupVideo Conference
2009-12-19Charactering Brown's GasVideo Conference
2009-12-12Reference Frame Independent Dynamics, Or How to Get Off Einsteins Train, Part 2Video Conference
2009-12-05Non-Equilibrium Systems and Irreversible ProcessesVideo Conference
2009-11-28Hydrogen Cloud Separation as Direct Evidence of the Dynamics of the UniverseVideo Conference
2009-11-27Catastrophism GroupVideo Conference
2009-11-21Expansion Tectonics GroupVideo Conference
2009-11-14Walther Ritz, Emission Theory and the Real WorldVideo Conference
2009-11-07The Electrodynamic Origin of the Force of Inertia (F = ma)Video Conference
2009-11-06Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2009-10-31A Critical Analysis of Einstein's Non-Conform Analogy Between Rotation And GravitatitonVideo Conference
2009-10-24Relational MechanicsVideo Conference
2009-10-23Relativity GroupVideo Conference
2009-10-17Instances of Relativistic Illogic (With a GPS Assist)Video Conference
2009-10-03Physics 3.0: Understanding the Foundational Concepts and Mathematics of the Next Physics RevolutionVideo Conference
2009-09-26The Birth of ElementsVideo Conference
2009-09-25Video Webcam & Presenter PracticeVideo Conference
2009-09-19Unified Theory Replaces Relativity & Quantum Theories and Uncertainty & Hamilton PrinciplesVideo Conference
2009-09-12Einstein's Unified Field TheoryVideo Conference
2009-08-29Unified Theory Replaces Relativity TheoriesVideo Conference
2009-08-15From Aristotle to Einstein to Date: The Same Folly Rules the Paradigm of Special RelativityVideo Conference
2009-08-08Debate Einsteins Special Relativity Postulates True or FalseVideo Conference
2009-08-06Debate TestVideo Conference
2009-08-01From the Photon to AtomsVideo Conference
2009-07-25Room Temp Superconductivity and Magnetic MonopolesVideo Conference
2009-07-18An Approach to Gravity Modification as a Propulsion TechnologyVideo Conference
2009-07-11The Schwarzschild Solution and its Implications for Gravitational WavesVideo Conference
2009-07-04Astrophysical Evidence Clearly Shows No Gravitation-Electromagnetism InteractionVideo Conference
2009-06-27Friendly Advice for DissidentsVideo Conference
2009-06-23Video Webcam & Presenter PracticeVideo Conference
2009-06-20Impromptu Meeting of the MindsVideo Conference
2009-06-1339 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 4Video Conference
2009-05-2516th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2009-05-23Prevent Bernoulli Abuse!: Radial Momentum TheoryVideo Conference
2009-05-16The Twin Paradox: How To Win The DebateVideo Conference
2009-05-0239 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 3Video Conference
2009-04-25Unified Theory & Molecular HomoeopathyVideo Conference
2009-04-18The Universe is Otherwise, Part 1Video Conference
2009-04-12Expanding Earth / We are Currently in the Middle of a Major Scientific RevolutionVideo Conference
2009-03-29BSM - Supegravitation Unified Theory - A New Approach in PhysicsVideo Conference
2009-03-2139 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 2Video Conference
2009-03-14Unified Theory: A Complete ParadigmVideo Conference
2009-03-01The Sagnac Effect ExplainedVideo Conference
2009-02-2239 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 1Video Conference
2009-02-15A Structural Approach to ScienceVideo Conference
2009-02-08Reality and Meaning in ScienceVideo Conference
2009-01-18NPA Paper Submission GuidelinesVideo Conference
2008-12-21NPA Expanding / Growing Earth Conference Workgroup Planning MeetingVideo Conference
2008-12-14NPA Gravity Conference Workgroup Planning MeetingVideo Conference
2008-12-07NPA Ether Conference Workgroup Planning MeetingVideo Conference
2008-11-30NPA 2009 Conference Planning CommitteeVideo Conference
2008-10-26NPA Paper Submission GuidelinesVideo Conference
2008-10-19NPA CommitteesVideo Conference
2008-04-0715th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2007-05-2114th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2005-05-2312th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
1996-06-023rd Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference


David de Hilster is webmaster for the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society and also helped found the Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics, founded in 1994. He is also co-founder of the Natural Philosophy Database. He also produced and directed the feature-length documentary film Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year which was complete in 2014. David also has a podcast found at and is founder of the SciFlix Film Festival.


David de Hilster has a bachelors degree in mathematics with a minor in architecture from the Ohio State University. He holds a master's degree in Linguistics from Ohio State University specifically in the area of computational linguistics - getting computers to understand human language.

Professional Background

David de Hilster has been a computer scientist in the area of artificial intelligence and natural language processing working for research institutions and groups in private industry and aerospace. He worked for Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus Ohio while still in graduate school at the Ohio State University from 1984-1987. De Hilster moved to Rio de Janeiro Brazil and worked in as a programmer for a natural language interface to databases in Portuguese for the company Tecsis from 1987-1990. David married Brazilian clothes designer Doris and they moved back to the United States where de Hilster got a job in the artificial intelligence laboratory in for McDonnel Douglas in Huntington Beach California from 1990-1994. David then moved to the artificial intelligence group at Space Park in Redondo Beach California where he worked for TRW developing software which was eventually picked up and used by a new startup company I-Search who eventually hired him away. In 1999, David became one of the creaters of the software programming environment Visual Text (c) for the new startup company Text Analysis International.

David de Hilster currently works at LexisNexis in Boca Raton Florida as well as in the NLP++ community online.


David de Hilster is an accomplished artist with works collected by private collectors and was supported as a new artist by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. David lived in Brazil for 3 years and is married to a Brazilian clothes designer Doris. He has one child Luanda and is president and music director and a performer for SambaLa Samba School, a non-profit organization dedicated to samba dance, drumming, and costumes. David produces large Brazilian events in the Los Angeles area.

Societies and Associations

David de Hilster is a member of the following societies and associations:

External Links

Lectures by David Scott de Hilster

Topics: Autodyanmics, Gravity, Relativity, Atomic and Subatomic Structure and Interactions
Speakers: Dr. Ricardo L. Carezani, David Scott de Hilster
Home Location: Long Beach, CA, United States
Travel: No speaking fee, Will travel, Will pay own travel expenses
Audience: All
Native Languages: Castilian (Carezani), English (de Hilster)
Other Languages: English, Portuguese
Length: 30 Minutes - 4 hours

Dr. Carezani and David de Hilster have spoken around the country at Universities, High Schools, and ameteur astronomny clubs.  Dr. Carezani can speak on a variety of topics at the High School to the University level and beyond and has a high-level command of mathematics and physics holding a PHD in physics.

David de Hilster is a 15-year student of Carezani and can talk in more general terms and less technical and often introduces talks by Dr. Carezani.

Topics: Growing / Expanding Earth
Speakers: David Scott de Hilster
Home Location: Long Beach, CA, United States
Travel: No speaking fee, Will travel, Local talks only
Audience: All
Native Languages: English
Other Languages: Portuguese
Length: 30 minutes - 2 hours

David de Hilster has read over 10 books on the subject and include among his professional aquaintences many of the top people in the study of Expansion Techtonics including world-reknown Dr. James Maxlow.

This is a fascinating subject with incredible implications.  The talk includes animations and lots of evidence for this exciting new field.

Papers by David Scott de Hilster

Carezani Frame Reduction


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,

(18 pages)

2008, 15th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Albuquerque, NM, United States
Keywords: Compton, Bohr, Lorentz, Einstein, Newton, Speed of Light

Lookup: einstein (54), newton (32), speed of light (35), lorentz (73), compton (9), bohr (4), light (157), speed (58)


In the early 1940s, Ricardo Carezani, an Argentinean engineering student who later received his doctoral in physics, found that more than one frame in the Lorentz Systems in Relative Motion's derivation was, one of them, mathematically, and physically redundant. The removing the redundant frame and using a single one resulted in a new set of equations that are, conceptually in motion, Newtonian, have a logical explanation, even does not blow up at the velocity "c", and presents no paradoxes. The new "Autodynamics" equations have been subsequently used to improve current mainstream equations such as the Compton Effect, to derive Bohr's Atom without the need for wave equations, and to describe subatomic interactions without the need for the neutrino, etc. The math behind the redundant frame will be shown, the derivation of the new Autodynamics equations, as well as the mismatching exponent form Einstein's attempt to generate the Lorentz equations from special relativity.

The Growing Earth


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,

(24 pages)

2008, 15th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Albuquerque, NM, United States
Keywords: expanding earth, GPS, pangaea

Lookup: expanding earth (10), gps (9), pangaea (2), expanding (21), earth (34)


It is quite obvious to most casual observers that South America and Africa were at one time joined. But it is quite unknown to al-most all that Asia, Australia and the Americas also were at one time joined. This evidence leads to only one conclusion: 200 million years ago, the earth's continents were all together on a much smaller orb and since then, the earth has been growing significantly. There is strong visual evidence that other bodies in the universe are also growing including other planets and moons. Although there currently is no one accepted mechanism that causes this growth, there are a number of scientists proposing mechanisms although it will probably take some time for these to be confirmed experimentally. In the mean time, evidence is mounting that the earth has grown including in the areas of geology, paleontology, flora and fauna fossil records, GPS, and simple physics that clearly show that the earth's diameter and mass have been increasing and continues to do. This evidence points to the most important question in science today: what is the mechanism that causes this growth? Although not covered in this paper, this mechanism must necessarily span the subatomic to the macro structures such as galaxies and everything in between.

Gravity Experiment 1


Bob de Hilster
23344 Carolwood Lane #6409, Boca Raton, FL 33428, United States;, 561-430-5966
David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,
Geoff Hunter
6930 Wildlife Road, Malibu, CA 90265, United States;, 310-457-2991
Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 4, No. 1, pp. 51-57

2007, 14th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Storrs, CT, United States
Keywords: graviton, fluxion, field, motion

Lookup: field (99), motion (71), graviton (3)


Newton and Einstein equations for gravity both describe the path that bodies take in a gravitational field without providing a mechanism for that movement. Newton was the first to propose a possible mechanism for gravity, called a "fluxion", whose idea has evolved into the modern concept known as the "graviton". This paper describes and experiment whose purpose is to try and prove that the graviton exists using the concepts introduced by Argentinean physicist Dr. Ricardo Carezani.

NeWiki: An Encylopedia for a New World


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,
Patricia Anne De Hilster
22344 Carolwood Dr. #6409, Boca Raton, FL 33428, United States;, 561-430-5966

2007, 14th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Storrs, CT, United States


Since the beginning of recorded history, scientists, artists, and philosophers who have thought outside the mainstream have been shut out from being able to publish their works in a formalized manner. With today's internet and new community-edited sites, this has all changed. The world-wide NeWiki project is the first community-edited encyclopedia for new theories and ideas for people who are seriously working outside the mainstream but cannot publish in a formal way. NeWiki invites those who are on the cutting edge of physics, astronomy, and any other discipline to publish their works in encyclopedia form. NeWiki is a single reference of new works from everyone around the world that anyone can reference. A companion website "Science Watchdogs" provides a more layman's approach to critical scientific thinking and includes critiques of current science news, reviews of books and media works, and a radio or "podcast" internet show interviewing people on the cutting edge of science.

The Neutrino: Doomed from Inception


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,

Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 8, pp. 148-151

2011, 18th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States
Keywords: neutrino, special relativity

Lookup: special relativity (125), neutrino (12), relativity (390), special (175)


Neutrino existence has been embraced by numerous scientists with new theories despite grave problems. It appears to have desirable characteristics for many new theories. Yet, if scientists with new theories were to study the origin and evidence for neutrinos, they would discover that neutrino existence is a folly. This is all due to the neutrino's direct link to its progenitor: special relativity. If you believe special relativity to be wrong, then its bastard son the neutrino cannot exist. This is a report of some of the work by Argentinean physicist Dr. Ricardo L. Carezani.        






Consensus in Science is Wrong


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,

Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 9, pp. 114-115

2012, 19th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Albuquerque, NM, United States
Keywords: consensus, science, philosophy

Lookup: philosophy (4), science (35)


Mainstream science accuses dissident scientists including the Natural Philosophy Alliance of not being able to come to a consensus. The truth is, consensus is not healthy for finding truth nor is it the best philosophy for any part of serious human endeavor. In technology, the corporate world, engineering, law, politics, sports, and many other areas, consensus is a death sentence for progress and the worst way to come up with the best solutions to problems. It is consensus that has created the major problem in physics and cosmology and is the straw man setup by both the mainstream and the Natural Philosophy Alliance that has distracted it from the task which it is doing today: allowing for competing ideas to fight it out.

No God Particle Renders Particle Accelerators Useless


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,
(1 pages)

2013, 20th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States


Many scientists chase after the ultimate particle, the ultimate theory, all in the context of modern physics tools such as particle colliders. Yet, logic shows that there can never be a theory of everything, never have the ultimate particle, and the technique of smashing particles together is loosing proposition in science.

Autodynamics: a Comprehensive Replacement for Special Relativity


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,

1996, 3rd Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Flagstaff, AZ, United States
Keywords: autodynamics, relativity, special relativity, carezani

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Light, Gravity, and Mass: A Particle Theory


Bob de Hilster
23344 Carolwood Lane #6409, Boca Raton, FL 33428, United States;, 561-430-5966
David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,
(5 pages)

2015, 1st Annual Chappell Natural Philosophy Society Conference


The electromagnetic spectrum including visible light is most often characterized by wave theory. But there are effects that indicate it has particle characteristics. Hence, there is an ongoing discussion of wave particle duality. There has been work trying to make a wave act like a particle. This paper uses a particle and provides a mechanism for it to have wave properties. If it is a particle, could the same particle that is the cause of EM radiation also be the particle needed for pushing gravity? And how does mass fit in?

Earth Expansion Major Objections Solved


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,
(3 pages)


The two main objections to Expansion Tectonics by those in the scientific community are lack of a mechanism for expansion and mass increase, and the presence of subduction. This paper will show that these are now solved.

Physical Explanation for Greater Earth Expansion in the Southern Hemisphere


Robert M Berger
David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,

(2 pages)
Keywords: expansion tectonics, mass increase, particle model

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Using the Particle Model as proposed by de Hilster and de Hilster [1] [2], a physical explanation for the greater expansion of the earth in the southern hemisphere as opposed to the north is given. This explanation requires assumption that earth expansion and mass increase are real.

Comparing Models


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,

2017, CNPS 2017 International Conference


One of the great downfalls of modern physics both in the mainstream and in dissident science circles is the overuse of the word "Model". The biggest offender is the "Standard Model". Yet other supposed "models" or "theories" of the universe employ lots of math, lots of concepts, and lots of words without giving any physicality to anything they say or describe. And when physicality is given, there is no justification for the shape or attributes to those structures. This is a grand failure.

Comparing Aether with the Particle Model


David Scott de Hilster
22936 Ironwedge Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States;, 310-991-5744,

2017, CNPS 2017 International Conference


Until the emergence of a viable contender, aether theory for light has been one of the only alternatives to give physicality to light. With the emergence of the Particle Model for light, gravity, magnetic fields, electricity, and the atom as proposed by Robert and David de Hilster, it is now necessary to compare the two. Aether theory has had several hundred years to find a correct answer but to model light but has failed to do so for numerous reasons. This paper will compare and contrast the two models.

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