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Arthur Ramthun
Tel: 860.238.7096

116 Standard Ave.
Winsted, CT 006098
United States

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Ramthun, Arthur     (Easy Link:

Topics: Gravity, New_Energy, Unified_Theory, Electric_Universe
Interests: Physics, Engineering, Member of Asabe

Abstracts Online:
2015Gravity is A Pushing Force

Event Attendence:
2015-03-14Open Debate on Mainstream Cosmology Objections and AlternativesVideo Conference
2015-03-07Plant Electro-tropismVideo Conference will attend
2015-02-28Open Debate on Relativity Objections and AlternativesVideo Conference
2014-10-18Gravity GroupVideo Conference


Arthur Ramthun PE grew up on the family farm and graduated with honors with a BS in Agricultural Engineering from Michigan State University in 1978. He has worked at John Deere asan intern, Sperry New Holland, Flower Creek Dairy Farm, and is presently the Connecticut State Conservation Engineer at USDA/NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service.) He supervises a staff of nine engineers, technicians, and a hydrologist. Arthur and his staff at the NRCS are mainly working with private landowners doing Civil Engineering projects, energy conservation projects, and Emergency Watershed Protection Program projects from Super-Storm Sandy. The work on Plant Electro-tropism has been done on his own time and expense, is outside of his work with the NRCS and is not affiliated with the NRCS.

Papers by Arthur Ramthun

Gravity is A Pushing Force


Bob de Hilster
23344 Carolwood Lane #6409, Boca Raton, FL 33428, United States;, 561-430-5966
Paul Schroeder
8244 Anna Avenue, Wind Lake, WI 53185, United States;, 262-895-6586
Arthur Ramthun
116 Standard Ave., Winsted, CT 006098, United States;, 860.238.7096

(6 pages)

2015, 1st Annual Chappell Natural Philosophy Society Conference
Keywords: EM wave, Gravity, Pushing Force

Lookup: gravity (124), em wave (2), force (74), pushing (4), wave (35), em (8)


This document proposes that gravity is caused by an Electromagnetic EM wave that pushes an object as it passes through. There are other models that are based on pushing theories, but the presentation here suggests that the Electromagnetic Wave theory is the most appropriate.

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