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Harry Hamlin Ricker III

114 Parkway Drive
Newport News, VA 23606
United States

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Ricker, Harry Hamlin III    (Easy Link:
Electrical Engineer (Retired)

Interests: Special Relativity, Electromagnetism, History of Science, Philosophy of Science, Astronomy, Astrophysics
Nationality: USA
Age: 69
Born: Saturday, May 15, 1948

Abstracts Online:
1977Report On The Discovery Of Interstellar Dust Filaments
2008What Is Electricity?
1994Battle Of Williamsburg
2008Empirical verification Of Geometry
2008Twelve Arguments that Einstein's Theory is False
2008The Changing Nature of Centrifugal Force
2003Dr. Adrian Sfarti's "Famous Errors"
2009On Physical Time
2011Empirical Verification of Time Dilation in Special Relativity
2012Glenn Baxter Radio Interview

Media Online:
2010-06-19VideoTime, Space, Motion, Metaphysics, and Natural Philosophy
2010-01-26VideoHarry Rickers Comments on Relativity Discussion Group
2010-01-15VideoRelativity Group Meeting
2009-10-23VideoRelativity Group Meeting

Event Attendence:
2017-01-14CNPS Saturday Morning Science DiscussionVideo Conference
2015-04-112015 CNPS Conference Orientation and Planning MeetingVideo Conference
2015-02-21The GyroscopeVideo Conference
2015-01-03CNPS 2015 - Our Third PhaseVideo Conference
2014-10-25Extinction Shift PrincipleVideo Conference
2014-10-18Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2014-05-24NPA General Membership MeetingVideo Conference
2014-05-10A Possible Theory for Particle Composition of Matter Based on Only Three Functional Quantum ParticlesVideo Conference
2014-05-03Introduction to the Tron Theory Video Conference
2014-04-26Better Science through YouTubeVideo Conference
2014-04-19The Correct Way to Understand Einstein's RelativityVideo Conference
2014-04-12A Flowing View of the Nature and Geometry of Space, Part 2Video Conference
2014-04-05Emission & Regeneration UFT and Special Relativity without Time Dilatation and Length ContractionVideo Conference
2014-03-29Identifying Scientific Assumptions, Part 2Video Conference
2014-03-22A Generalized Framework for Expressing Classical and Non-Classical Propulsion PhysicsVideo Conference
2014-03-15Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2014-03-08NPA Town Hall MeetingVideo Conference
2014-02-22A Structural Approach to Understanding Nuclear and Sub-nuclear Particles and the Electromagnetic Wave SpectrumVideo Conference
2014-02-15A Flowing View of the Nature and Geometry of SpaceVideo Conference
2014-02-08The Hilbert Book Model ProjectVideo Conference
2014-02-01Mach?s Principle and the Anomalous Acceleration on Pioneer 10 and 11Video Conference
2014-01-25Applying the Riemann Statistical Oscillation to Vacuum FluctuationVideo Conference
2014-01-18Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2014-01-11Significant Findings - Gravitational LensingVideo Conference
2013-07-1120th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2013-06-01AberrationVideo Conference
2013-05-18Machs Principle and the Concept of MassVideo Conference
2013-05-04Re-evaluating Nordstr?m: A Proposed Path to the Aether in Order to Solve the ?Worst Theoretical Prediction in Physics?Video Conference
2013-04-20Video Conference
2013-04-06Integrating Vector Particle Physics with the Dodecahedron Quark Ball and the Octahedral Hexagonal FractalVideo Conference
2013-03-30Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2013-03-23Gravitational Deflection of EM Waves Deviates from General RelativityVideo Conference
2013-03-16NPA Members Meeting - Planning for the 20th Annual Conference in Maryland in JulyVideo Conference
2013-03-09Metaphysical Approach to Atomic Physics: What They Miss out at University PhysicsVideo Conference
2013-03-02Gravitomagnetism a Fatal Problem for the General Relativity TheoryVideo Conference
2013-02-23The Riemann Hypothesis and the Physics of LightVideo Conference
2013-02-16What is Space Made Out Of and How Does It Work?Video Conference
2013-02-09The Philosophy of Science vs. TruthVideo Conference
2013-01-26Electrodynamic Experiments and Theory: A Kinetic SynthesisVideo Conference
2013-01-19Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2013-01-12NPA Members Meeting - The Future of the NPA: Taking it to the Next LevelVideo Conference
2012-12-22The Fundamental Atomic ModelVideo Conference
2012-12-15The Solution of the Boltzmann ConstantVideo Conference
2012-12-08The Maxwell Approach to GravityVideo Conference
2012-12-01Optimal Electrolyzer Design Assessment Video Conference
2012-11-24The Revolutionary Plasma Power Technology of Josef PappVideo Conference
2012-11-17Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2012-11-10Unified Field Theory: From Boscovich to GeometrodynamicsVideo Conference
2012-11-03Unified Field TheoryVideo Conference
2012-10-27SR Theory of Electrodynamics for Relative Moving ChargesVideo Conference
2012-10-13Non-Moving Earth in the Center of the UniverseVideo Conference
2012-09-29Neat Stuff Greg Has Worked on LatelyVideo Conference
2012-09-22A Topological Thermodynamic Basis for the Cosmological AetherVideo Conference
2012-09-15Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2012-09-08A New Light on the Nature of LightVideo Conference
2012-09-01Aether: A Simple Solution for Complex ProblemsVideo Conference
2012-08-25The Anti-Neutron Model of the AtomVideo Conference
2012-08-18Gravity and Revolution Rates within GalaxiesVideo Conference
2012-08-11Transversal Fizeau Effect and the GRT Video Conference
2012-07-14Open Discussion on Problems of Dissident PhysicsVideo Conference
2012-07-07Why Relativity is FalseVideo Conference
2012-06-30Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2012-06-23The Misidentification of Newtonian PhysicsVideo Conference
2012-06-16Special Relativity Math Disproof on One PageVideo Conference
2012-05-26Classical Unification of Electromagnetism & GravityVideo Conference
2012-05-05Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 2Video Conference
2012-04-28Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Energy TransferVideo Conference
2012-04-21Relationship between Newtonian and Einsteinian PhysicsVideo Conference
2012-04-14Simhony?s Electron-Positron Lattice Model of the Vacuum of Space - Part 1Video Conference
2012-03-31Newton?s Bucket ?.Another Final Solution!Video Conference
2012-03-24Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 1Video Conference
2012-03-10A Specific Measurement of GVideo Conference
2012-03-03A New Approach to Mountain FormationVideo Conference
2012-02-25The Third OptionVideo Conference
2012-02-18Introduction to and Implications of Ivor Catt's TEM Wave ElectrodynamicsVideo Conference
2012-02-11Definition of Physical Quantities with Respect to Space and TimeVideo Conference
2012-02-04Breaking the Dash/Cross Codes of the Rule-of-SignsVideo Conference
2012-01-28On the Origin, Unification and Transmutation of Fields of ForceVideo Conference
2012-01-14Gravity Group: Doppler Theory of Gravity (DTG) and Improved Relativity Theory (IRT)Video Conference
2012-01-07New NPA Website Tutorial Video ConferenceVideo Conference
2011-12-17The Nature of the Strong ForceVideo Conference
2011-12-10Gravitation and the Dark Matter Model of the UniverseVideo Conference
2011-12-03Fatal Flaws in Classical ElectromagnetismVideo Conference
2011-11-19Gravity Group: Bob French PresentsVideo Conference
2011-11-12The Electromagnetic Nature of Gravity and InertiaVideo Conference
2011-11-05Category Theory of Topological ThermodynamicsVideo Conference
2011-10-29The Field Approach to Thermodynamics and the Carnot Cycle, Part 1Video Conference
2011-10-22Finite Theory of the Universe, Dark Matter Disproof and Faster-Than-Light SpeedVideo Conference
2011-10-15The Galilean Invariance of Maxwell?s EquationsVideo Conference
2011-10-08The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 3: Gauss' B LawVideo Conference
2011-10-01The Organizational Structure of PhysicsVideo Conference
2011-09-24The ALFA Model: The Beginning of the End for MS Physics?Video Conference
2011-07-30The Scientific WorldviewVideo Conference
2011-07-16Motions of Observable Structures Ruled by Hierarchical Two-body Gravitation in the UniverseVideo Conference
2011-07-0618th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2011-06-25The New Face of GravityVideo Conference
2011-06-04Does Faraday Allow Superposition?Video Conference
2011-05-21Exploding Wires and the Possibility of Solid State Ion Colliders for Low Energy Lattice Assisted Nuclear TransmutationsVideo Conference
2011-05-14The Rational Definitions of Time, Space, and ForceVideo Conference
2011-04-30Plasma Redshift CosmologyVideo Conference
2011-04-23Experimental Results In Measuring Atmospheric ElectricityVideo Conference
2011-04-16Practicism: The Unifying Body of Understanding for EverythingVideo Conference
2011-04-09Experiment of the Biefield-Brown Effect using Symmetric Plate Capacitors Charged below 35kVVideo Conference
2011-04-02The Natural Philosophy of the Electric UniverseVideo Conference
2011-03-26New Foundations in Mathematics: The Geometric Concept of NumberVideo Conference
2011-03-19Beyond Euler: Simple Geometry Unifying Vectors, Scalars and Complex NumbersVideo Conference
2011-03-12A Matter of DefinitionVideo Conference
2011-03-05The First Principles of AetherVideo Conference
2011-02-26The Engineering Value of the Cosmological ConstantVideo Conference
2011-02-19Advances in Brown's Gas TheoryVideo Conference
2011-02-12Gravitational Lensing in Empty Vacuum Space Does NOT Take PlaceVideo Conference
2011-01-22Unified Theory Composition - Structure of Electron, Proton & NeutronVideo Conference
2011-01-15Are Space and Time of Archetypal Design?: Introduction into the Physics of MandalaVideo Conference
2011-01-08A Very Doable Experiment for NASA To Look Inside the Twin ParadoxVideo Conference
2010-12-18The Three Elements TheoryVideo Conference
2010-12-11The Devil's Advocate of Einstein: History of RelativityVideo Conference
2010-12-04On the Frame Indifferent Formulation of the Governing Equations of the Electromagnetic FieldVideo Conference
2010-11-27The Natural Philosophy of the Electric UniverseVideo Conference
2010-11-20Electro-Magnetic Strong Force: String Theory without the StringVideo Conference
2010-11-13Maxwell, Maxwell and Maxwell: Collapse of Relativity, Special & GeneralVideo Conference
2010-11-06Weber's ElectrodynamicsVideo Conference
2010-10-30Proton, Neutron and Electron Pair Binding Energy PhysicsVideo Conference
2010-10-16The Origin of Symmetry and Beauty in the UniverseVideo Conference
2010-10-09On Thermodynamic FieldsVideo Conference
2010-10-02Gravitomagnetism: Successes in Explaining the CosmosVideo Conference
2010-09-25Questioning Einstein: Is Relativity Necessary?Video Conference
2010-09-18Dark Energy Mystery Solved?Video Conference
2010-09-11Planetary Scarring in an Electric UniverseVideo Conference
2010-09-04How God Made AtomsVideo Conference
2010-08-28A Testable Electromagnetic and Gravitational InterfaceVideo Conference
2010-08-21The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 2: Ampere's LawVideo Conference
2010-08-14Is Metaphysics the New Frontier of the 21st Century Physics?Video Conference
2010-08-07An Introduction to Electric Universe TheoryVideo Conference
2010-07-31The Ten Assumptions of Science, Part 3Video Conference
2010-07-24Diamagnetism and ParamagnetismVideo Conference
2010-07-17A Solution for the Dark Matter Mystery Based on Euclidean RelativityVideo Conference
2010-07-10Satellite Orbit Perturbations in a Dusty Martian AtmosphereVideo Conference
2010-07-03Proposed and Past Experiments Detecting Absolute MotionVideo Conference
2010-06-2317th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference (Absentia)
2010-06-19Time, Space, Motion, Metaphysics, and Natural PhilosophyVideo Conference
2010-06-12Unified Theory's New Principle of Null ActionVideo Conference
2010-05-22Gravity from the Ground UpVideo Conference
2010-05-15Introduction to the Theory Of DespaceVideo Conference
2010-05-08Polarization EntanglementVideo Conference
2010-04-24Introduction and Acceptance of a Classical Charge Fiber Model (CFM) of Elementary Particles Evaluated by Means of an Online Tutorial-Based SurveyVideo Conference
2010-04-10Antigravity, the Missing Force is Discovered!Video Conference
2010-04-03The Control of the Natural ForcesVideo Conference
2010-03-27Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation and the New Fractal Field ScienceVideo Conference
2010-03-20Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics of Space and the Unified Field Theory - Part 2Video Conference
2010-03-13Fundamental Problems in Electrodynamics and Gravidynamics, Part IVideo Conference
2010-03-06The Conflict Between Action at a Distance and Field TheoriesVideo Conference
2010-02-27The Mole Hill EffectVideo Conference
2010-02-20Realitivistic RelativityVideo Conference
2010-02-13Strategic Approaches To Facilitate Scientific ChangeVideo Conference
2010-02-06The Origin of the Universe and Its Subsequent EvolutionVideo Conference
2010-01-30Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics of Space and the Unified Field Theory - Part 1Video Conference
2010-01-23A Reality-Based Replacement for Quantum MechanicsVideo Conference
2010-01-16The Ten Assumptions of Science, Part 2Video Conference
2010-01-15Relativity GroupVideo Conference
2010-01-02Unified Theory's Non-expanding Universe Replaces Big Bang & Steady State Theories of Expanding UniverseVideo Conference
2009-12-26Relativity Groupoid Instead of Relativity GroupVideo Conference
2009-12-19Charactering Brown's GasVideo Conference
2009-12-12Reference Frame Independent Dynamics, Or How to Get Off Einsteins Train, Part 2Video Conference
2009-12-05Non-Equilibrium Systems and Irreversible ProcessesVideo Conference
2009-11-28Hydrogen Cloud Separation as Direct Evidence of the Dynamics of the UniverseVideo Conference
2009-11-21Expansion Tectonics GroupVideo Conference
2009-11-07The Electrodynamic Origin of the Force of Inertia (F = ma)Video Conference
2009-10-24Relational MechanicsVideo Conference
2009-10-23Relativity GroupVideo Conference
2009-10-03Physics 3.0: Understanding the Foundational Concepts and Mathematics of the Next Physics RevolutionVideo Conference
2009-09-26The Birth of ElementsVideo Conference
2009-09-19Unified Theory Replaces Relativity & Quantum Theories and Uncertainty & Hamilton PrinciplesVideo Conference
2009-09-12Einstein's Unified Field TheoryVideo Conference
2009-09-05Reference Frame Independent Dynamics, Or How to Get Off Einsteins Train, Part 1Video Conference
2009-08-30The Ten Assumptions of Science: First Steps in the Overthrow of the Big Bang Theory (Part 1)Video Conference
2009-08-29Unified Theory Replaces Relativity TheoriesVideo Conference
2009-08-22Improved Relativity Theory and Doppler Theory of GravityVideo Conference
2009-08-15From Aristotle to Einstein to Date: The Same Folly Rules the Paradigm of Special RelativityVideo Conference
2009-08-08Debate Einsteins Special Relativity Postulates True or FalseVideo Conference
2009-08-01From the Photon to AtomsVideo Conference
2009-07-25Room Temp Superconductivity and Magnetic MonopolesVideo Conference
2009-07-18An Approach to Gravity Modification as a Propulsion TechnologyVideo Conference
2009-07-11The Schwarzschild Solution and its Implications for Gravitational WavesVideo Conference
2009-07-04Astrophysical Evidence Clearly Shows No Gravitation-Electromagnetism InteractionVideo Conference
2009-06-27Friendly Advice for DissidentsVideo Conference
2009-06-1339 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 4Video Conference
2009-06-06The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM)Video Conference
2009-05-30Discovering Universal Reality (DUR)Video Conference
2009-05-23Prevent Bernoulli Abuse!: Radial Momentum TheoryVideo Conference
2009-05-16The Twin Paradox: How To Win The DebateVideo Conference
2009-05-09The Universe is Otherwise, Part 2Video Conference
2009-05-0239 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 3Video Conference
2009-04-25Unified Theory & Molecular HomoeopathyVideo Conference
2009-04-18The Universe is Otherwise, Part 1Video Conference


Harry Hamlin Ricker, III, Harry to his friends, was born in Newport News, Va on May 15, 1948. He attended schools in Newport News, and graduated from Homer L. Ferguson High School in 1966. He entered Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University majoring in electrical engineering , following the profession of his father, who was a NASA engineer at Langley Field, VA. His interest in electronics was inspired by his childhood hobby, amateur radio, and this later led to a lifelong passion for the study of electromagnetic theory, antennas, and radio systems. In 1971 he received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1970 he began graduate studies in electrical engineering at The University of New Hampshire, and received his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in 1972.

His first employer was I.I.T. research Institute, a contractor for the Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center in Annapolis, MD. His work performed there was developing models for the analysis of radio interference involving radar and terrestrial communications systems. In 1975 he left to work at the Johns Hopkins Applied physics Laboratory as a contractor doing missile tracking analysis. This involved working in the new field of tracking systems that would become the present GPS. In 1979, he went to work at Communications Satellite Corporation where he worked on systems design for satellite communications. He continued in this business working for GTE Spacenet Corp from 1989 until 1994, when he retired from full time employment and became an engineering consultant. His consulting business is New Millenium Electrodynamics. Harry's expertise in digital communications stressed the setting up of clocks for system timing and the coordination of clocks. A disclipline that would be useful later in studies of special relativity.

While working at Johns Hopkins and living in Columbia Maryland, Harry studied creative writing at the local community college. This initiated a lifelong interest in writing. He has written and published articles on the American Civil War, another of his hobbies. His particular interest is The Peninsula Campaign of 1962. He has writen an extensive historical analysis of the neglected Battle of Williamsburg, May 5, 1862.

Harry Ricker's first dissident scientific paper was titled "Report On The Discovery Of Intellestellar Dust Filaments". It reflects his interest in astronomy and astrophyscs, which was stimulated by his astronomy classes in college. Over the years he has owned a number of telescopes, and he is an active amateur astronomer. The paper on dust filaments was inspired by an interest in collecting astrophotographs, and the study of them. Morphology , the study of forms, had not been systematically applied to interstellar dust formations, and this was systematically studied. Unfortunately, the results were not well received as they contradicted the received view that the interstellar medium is a diffuse gas with interspersed puffy clouds. The filaments discovery contradicts this model. The dust filaments are more like cirrus clouds than the cumulus clouds that are required for star formation.

Around 1990, Harry's interest shifted to electromagnetic theory. This was inspired by the papers of Ivor Catt which appeared in Wireless World, and suggested a different way to view the theory of electricity and magnetism. This inspired an investigation of the history of magnetism and electricity, a study whch has revealed a number of interesting new insights into this history. This includes the discovery of theories of magnetism in the presocratic greek period and the middle ages.

Around 1995, as a result of his studies in electricity and magnetism, Harry began an investigation of the special theory of relativity and discovered that this theory didn't seem to really fit into the electromagnetic theory as claimed by the textbooks. This initiated a detailed analysis of the theory of relativity which has resulted in his disowning that theory as false and misleading. This began a long period of study which culminated in a new approach to that theory which eliminates its contradictions, paradoxes, and absurd conclusions.


Papers by Harry Hamlin Ricker III

Report On The Discovery Of Interstellar Dust Filaments


Harry Hamlin Ricker III
114 Parkway Drive, Newport News, VA 23606, United States;

(17 pages)
Keywords: Dust, Gas, Interstellar Medium

Lookup: dust (6), gas (15), medium (14), interstellar (2)


Observational evidence described reveals the presence of previously unrecognized interstellar dust filaments against the luminous backgrounds provided by: Milky Way starfields, globular clusters, galaxies, supernova remnants, galactic clusters, HII regions, reflection nebulae, and planetary nebulae.

What Is Electricity?


Harry Hamlin Ricker III
114 Parkway Drive, Newport News, VA 23606, United States;

Keywords: Electricity, history of science

Lookup: electricity (8), history of science (5), history (15), science (35)


This is a draft of a history of electricity from the eary Greek period up to the end of the 18th century. it covers the origins of electricity and the early history prior to the advent of electromagnetism.

Battle Of Williamsburg


Harry Hamlin Ricker III
114 Parkway Drive, Newport News, VA 23606, United States;

Keywords: Civil war History, Williamsburg

Lookup: electricity (8), history of science (5), history (15), science (35), history (15)


This is a tactical history of the Battle Of Williamsburg, May 5, 1862. This battle occured during the Peninsula Campaign of 1862.

Empirical verification Of Geometry


Harry Hamlin Ricker III
114 Parkway Drive, Newport News, VA 23606, United States;


A draft paper on the issues of general relativity and the determination of geometry.

Twelve Arguments that Einstein's Theory is False


Harry Hamlin Ricker III
114 Parkway Drive, Newport News, VA 23606, United States;

Keywords: Special relativity

Lookup: special relativity (125), relativity (390), special (175)


This paper presents twelve arguments that conclusively demonstrate that Einstein's theory of relativity is false. They constitute a concise refutation of that theory. Three different arguments are given in each of the following four categories of proof demonstration: mathematical, physical, experimental, and philosophical.

The Changing Nature of Centrifugal Force


Harry Hamlin Ricker III
114 Parkway Drive, Newport News, VA 23606, United States;

Keywords: centrifugal force

Lookup: force (74), centrifugal (3)


A draft on the nature of centrifugal force

Dr. Adrian Sfarti's "Famous Errors"


Harry Hamlin Ricker III
114 Parkway Drive, Newport News, VA 23606, United States;

(4 pages)


This paper shows how traditional defenders of special relativity abuse mathematical rigor and misrepresent the hard work of relativity critics. In his paper ?Famous Errors? Dr. Adrian Sfarti attacks the work of Herbert Dingle and implies that my papers are fallacious because they are subject to the same fallacy. After seemingly demonstrating that Dingle's arguments are fallacious he says ?So, Dingle was wrong and the whole hoopla around his book is unjustified. Variant's of Dingle's argument still surface today?. This is followed by two references to my work and that of three other authors. I have no objection to Dr. Sfarti claiming that my work is erroneous if he can provide rigorous mathematical arguments to prove his case. I object to the implication he makes that my work is erroneous, when it is clear that he has not read my papers. If he had read them, he would not have advanced the fallacious arguments given in his paper, because my papers clearly demonstrate that the method he uses is fallacious. This paper will review the reasons again for readers not familiar with the papers which Dr. Sfarti misrepresents.


The purpose of this paper is to examine the problems of physical time. We will define physical time, as opposed to other kinds or types of ideas regarding time, as time in accordance with the conception of time, which regards time as as an important concept which occurs in theories and problems of physics. So physical time is how time is regarded and conceived in the practice of physics and the technological arts, such as the various types of engineering. Now according to the practice of physics and engineering, time has a specific definition and meaning, it is defined by international agreement, and has specific procedures for its measurement. This physical time has a name. It is called Universal Coordinated Time which carries the standard abbreviation UTC. This UTC time has a specific definition, is standardised, and is sanctioned by national and international law. It is a physical time because it derives from a physical definition, and is regulated, maintained, and distributed by technological practice in accordance with concepts of physical theory.

Empirical Verification of Time Dilation in Special Relativity


Harry Hamlin Ricker III
114 Parkway Drive, Newport News, VA 23606, United States;

Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 8, pp. 473-478

2011, 18th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States


This paper takes a look at the interpretations of the physical concepts of time in special relativity, which is usually interpreted in terms of time dilation. The usual understanding of the theory is that the postulate of the constancy of light velocity implies a change in the structure of space and time, or as it is usually termed ?space-time?. This interpretation is reassessed from a different viewpoint and it is found that with respect to the experimental evidence, the interpretations given within the context of special relativity are not logically consistent or supported by the facts of experiments or by engineering practice in the GPS system. The failure to find a clear and convincing argument which connects the postulates of special relativity with the experimental facts shows that the theory has no substantial empirical verification and should be rejected.

Glenn Baxter Radio Interview


Harry Hamlin Ricker III
114 Parkway Drive, Newport News, VA 23606, United States;


MP3 recording of Radio Interview May 15, 2012

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