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Prof. Francis E. Nipher

St. Louis, MO
United States

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Nipher, Prof. Francis E.     (Easy Link:

Interests: Antigravity
Nationality: USA
Born: Friday, December 10, 1847
Died: 1926 (Age 78)

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1914/2007Experimental Studies In Electricity And Magnetism

Abstracts Online:
1993Gravitation and Electrical Action


(Encyclopedia of the History of St. Louis, vol.3, 1899)
Nipher, Francis E., scientist, was born December 10, 1847, at Fort Byron, New York. With his father he came west to Iowa City in 1864, where he entered the University of Iowa two years later, graduating in 1870 with such high honors that he was immediately called to a tutorship in that institution, remaining as an educator in scientific branches for a period of four years. He was then offered a professorship in Washington University, at St. Louis, and took the chair of physics. During the next few years, while attending to his duties at the University, he wrote and published a number of valuable papers on "Animal Mechanics." he also contributed to the St. Louis Academy of Science and to the "American Journal of Science" articles on the distribution of errors in numbers written from memory, "A New Form of Lantern Galvanometer", etc. On private means he conducted a magnetic survey or Missouri from 1878 to 1882. In 1877 he organized the Missouri Weather Service on the same system then prevailing in Iowa, and which was afterward adopted by most of the other states ...

Professor Nipher was for several years president of the Academy of Science and also president of the Engineers' Club, writing the reports of the transactions of the former for five consecutive years ... He has also contributed numerous papers to scientific journals, American and European, on "Electricity", "The Steam Engine", etc. His "Theory of Magnetic Measurements," published by Van Nostrand in 1886, and "Electricity and Magnetism, 1895, are standard works on these subjects. -

Books by Prof. Francis E. Nipher

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Experimental Studies In Electricity And Magnetism

by Prof. Francis E. Nipher

KeyWords: Electricity, Magnetism

Pages: 84
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC
Year: 1914/2007
ISBN: 0548618569
ISBN: 978-0548618561

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Papers by Prof. Francis E. Nipher

Gravitation and Electrical Action


Prof. Francis E. Nipher
St. Louis, MO, United States
Electric Spacecraft Journal, No. 9, pp. 14-20
Keywords: electrogravitics, electrostatics, gravitation, T. T. Brown

Lookup: gravity (124), electrostatics (3), electrogravitics (3), brown (4)


Oliver Nicholson has graciously provided copies of little-known publications on the research of Dr. Francis E. Nipher. Dr. Nipher did experimental studies in the 1911 to 1920 period in an effort to find a connection between electricity and gravity. These studies were financed by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC. This work predated that of T. Townsend Brown and was known to him. The text of Dr. Nipher's work is herein presented verbatim (from Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis, vol. XXIII, pp. 163-175, issued July 28, 1916) with annotation in the form of figures by Electric Spacecraft Journal.

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