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Peter C. M. Hahn

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Hahn, Peter C. M.     (Easy Link:
Electronics Engineering Technologist (Retired)

Topics: Gravity, Aether, Relativity, Unified_Theory, Cosmology
Interests: Ether, Aether, Gravitational Waves, Gravity, Unification, Seti, Relativity
Nationality: German/Canadian

ALL forms of energy (including particles) can be described as distortions, activities or structures of the foamy ether. (2015-02-12 23:46:37)
Our universe is a sphere of foamy ether that is either expanding or collapsing in an empty void. (2015-02-12 23:47:08)
The entire universe is composed of ONE substance: foamy ether. (2015-02-12 23:46:13)

Particle:A knot in the foamy ether that causes an 'inflow' of the surrounding ether.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Antiparticle:A knot in the foamy ether that causes an 'outflow' of the surrounding ether.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Energy:A static or dynamic distortion of the foamy ether. Energy can be converted from one ether distortion type to another, i.e. a particle (knot in the foamy ether) if undone, will convert to gamma rays (waves in the foamy ether).(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Gravity:An accelerating inward flow of foamy ether. (Velocity at Earth's surface = -11.2 km/sec). Gravity from antimatter is an decelerating outward flow.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Time:Is the measure of relative ether flow; either you are moving through the ether, or the ether is moving through you.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Planck Time:The time it takes to traverse one foamy ether cell.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Planck Length:The width of one foamy ether cell.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)
Strong Force:This is caused by the surface tension (or stickiness) of the foamy ether. The surface tension prevents a particle from breaking apart once a knot is formed. It takes energy of E=mc^2 to undo the knot.(2015-02-04 09:19:23)

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Analyze gravitational waves to verify ether inflow
Interferometers Will Fail to Detect Gravitational Waves
Unique design for a 'Time Variance' gravitational wave detector

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2008Searching Gravitational Waves for Intelligent Messages
2009Time Variance Gravitational Wave Detector
2012The Persistent Failure of a Two Substance Paradigm

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2010-02-13Strategic Approaches To Facilitate Scientific ChangeVideo Conference
2009-11-06Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2009-10-23Relativity GroupVideo Conference
2009-10-17Instances of Relativistic Illogic (With a GPS Assist)Video Conference
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As a teenager, I had a high interest in science fiction. I marveled at how the space ships (and flying saucers) could fly around without using primitive rockets (they obviously had mastered gravity). I often wondered why we weren't using flying saucers ourselves.

This put me on a journey of trying to understand what gravity really is. I began reading books on relativity, but each one resulted in disappointment. I was getting tired of the bowling ball distorting a stretched sheet of rubber' analogy. It was becoming painfully apparent that nobody really new what gravity actually is. The mathematics didn't help either. I wanted to know what gravity actually looked like down at the quantum level. This, of course, led me to the world of (A)ether.

Using ether to describe empty space appealed to me, but it didn't seem like there were any successfully developed ether models that could compete with (or replace) relativity. In the late eighties, I had my first flash of intuition where I decided to use foamy ether to describe empty space. This helped me tremendously in visualizing gravity where massive particles somehow cause distortions in this foamy ether. This model, however, was still unsatisfactory because it still had the universe filled with two substances (particles and foamy ether). It wasn't until the late nineties that I had my second flash of intuition and realized that I could eliminate the particles altogether and replace them all with distortions in the foamy ether. Now the universe contained only one substance (foamy ether) and all the particles in it were mere distortions of the ether. This solved the problem of massive particles having to move through the ether; instead, it was the ether distortion itself that moved.

This ether model worked so well for me that I had to share it on a web site. But before I could do that, I had to find some 3D graphics software that would test my foamy ether model and visually demonstrate this to the reader. This is where ThreeDimSim came in. This 3D simulation software allowed me to build a working model of foam and use it to demonstrate how forces like gravity and electromagnetism work in the ether.

I invite you to view the site: Foamy Ether - A Framework for a Theory Of Everything

1975 - Graduated from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology: with honors in Electronics Engineering Technology

1975 to 2009 - Worked for TELUS Communications Inc. in various roles: Network Switch Maintenance, Fibre Optics Maintenance, Network Switching Engineering, Technology Strategy, Web Development.

1979 - Received Journeyman Certificate for: Communication Electrician

1989 to Present - Member of ASET (The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta)

2000 - Received Web Developer Certificate (Programming Option)

2005 - Developed foamy ether theory and posted article "Foamy Ether- A Framework for a Theory of Everything".

2008 - Attended the AbSciCon 2008 conference and presented a poster entitled "Searching gravitational waves for intelligent messages".

Experiments by Peter C. M. Hahn

Unique design for a 'Time Variance' gravitational wave detector
by Peter C. M. Hahn
Purpose:The purpose of this device is to detect gravitational waves that are proposed to originate from various sources such as: - Pulsars, Supernova, Inspiraling neutron stars, Coalescing black holes - Advanced extra terrestrial civilizations (if they exist) This device will also verify the ether 'inflow' that is predicted by foamy ether theory.
Interferometers Will Fail to Detect Gravitational Waves
by Peter C. M. Hahn
Status:In Progess
Purpose:Build a large interferometer to measure the distortions in space-time as a gravitational wave passes through the earth. Interferometer based gravitational wave detectors, such as LIGO, GEO600 and Virgo, have been in operation for some time trying to measure such distortions. Foamy ether theory states that this technique is fundamentally flawed and these detectors will continue to produce null results even though enhancements to their sensitivity levels are continuously being made.
Outcome:Although interferometer based gravitational wave detectors have been in operation for some time, none have been successful. LIGO is scheduled for an upgrade in 2014 to Advanced LIGO, which will substantially increase its sensitivity, but it will still continue to produce NULL RESULTS.
Analyze gravitational waves to verify ether inflow
by Peter C. M. Hahn
Purpose:The purpose of this experiment is to measure ether inflow. Foamy ether theory states that ether is flowing in towards the earth at a rate of 11.2km per second (at the earth's surface). This can be done by analyzing the output of multiple 'time variance' gravitational wave detectors and looking for a 'time dilation' phase shift between detectors as the gravitational waves pass through the earth.

Papers by Peter C. M. Hahn

Searching Gravitational Waves for Intelligent Messages


Peter C. M. Hahn,

Astrobiology, Volume 8, No. 2, pp. 385
Keywords: SETI, Gravitational Waves, AbSciCon, Astrobiology, Ether

Lookup: aether (102), gravity waves (2), gravity (124), waves (40)


Gravitational waves, like EM waves, can be used to transport intelligent signals. Alien civilizations may be advanced enough to have discovered how to generate (and/or modulate) gravitational waves. These waves could be detected using gravitational wave detector technology.

Gravitational waves would probably be the preferred method of extraterrestrial communication for the following reasons:

  1. They can be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions.
  2. Gravitational waves are more like sound waves, which can be detected (or heard), regardless of detector orientation.
  3. Gravitational waves are not impeded by interstellar dust.
  4. Gravitational waves produced by natural sources have a relatively low frequency (< 5 kHz). Intelligent signals are likely to be much higher.
  5. Only the most advanced civilizations would have the technology to receive gravitational waves.
  6. Currently, there are no terrestrial sources of gravitational waves that we know of.
  7. Since the demand for wireless (EM) services is constantly growing, radio interference will become more and more of a problem. Satellites orbiting the earth also cause major interference. For this reason, advanced civilizations will be forced to use gravitational waves as a method of extraterrestrial communication and reserve EM waves for terrestrial communication. I predict that once we develop the technology to transmit and receive gravitational waves, we will also use it for interplanetary communication.

Since the Einstien at Home project is based on SETI at Home software, SETI scientists can also analyze the output of gravitational wave detectors for intelligent signals. A Time Variance detector would be the most suitable for SETI since it is designed to detect high frequency gravitational waves.

Detection of intelligent signals may be achieved by implementing the following:

  1. Design and build a Time Variance gravitational wave detector.
  2. Send the data output of the gravitational wave detector to the SETI team.
  3. SETI processes this data and converts it to a format that is compatible with the SETI@Home desktop application.
  4. Modify the SETI@Home application to analyze gravitational waves for intelligent signals.

Time Variance Gravitational Wave Detector


Peter C. M. Hahn,
Click here to read an online version of the paper or slide presentation
(1 pages)
Keywords: Gravitational Waves, Amaldi, Relativity, ether

Lookup: relativity (390), aether (102), gravity waves (2), gravity (124), waves (40)


On Feb. 22, 2009 I submitted an abstract for a poster session to the 8th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves. The request was to present a poster entitled "Time Variance Gravitational Wave Detector" under the topic "Innovative Approaches to Gravitational Wave Detection". The abstract is as follows:

"A new design for a 'Time Variance' Gravitational Wave Detector is proposed. Instead of measuring spatial deformations, this detector will measure the fluctuations in the rate of flow of time caused by a passing gravitational wave. This can be accomplished by placing a triangular array of ultra-finely tuned lasers on the surface of the earth. These lasers will be separated by large geographical distances and connected to a centrally located spectrum analyzer through a fiber optics network. Variances in time dilation, caused by the gravitational wave, will create minute fluctuations in the laser's frequency or wavelength. These variances in wavelength will be observed by the central spectrum analyzer."

I emailed several inquires to the Amaldi contacts asking for a status update on my submission. On June 11th I finally received a letter of rejection (twenty seven days past the conference registration deadline). Their response was "After review it seems that the topic of your submission is not a good match".

The Persistent Failure of a Two Substance Paradigm


Peter C. M. Hahn,

Unpublished, (8 pages)
Keywords: Ether, TOE, Indra's Net, Paradigm, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics

Lookup: relativity (390), aether (102), quantum mechanics (56), paradigm (8), quantum (151), mechanics (76)


The assumption that matter and space are two separate entities (or substances) has resulted in the creation and development of two mutually exclusive theories of reality: quantum mechanics and relativity. The power of these two theories is undeniable, however they are incompatible and there are many questions which cannot be resolved. The belief that reality is comprised of two substances is the root cause of our continual failure to build a workable unified quantum theory of gravity (or theory of everything).

This dual substance world view has also led us to the unfortunate philosophical interpretation that we are separate entities (particles of matter) living in the universe rather than beings that are part of the universe as a whole, where all the parts are intrinsically connected.

This essay proposes an essential change in mindset that creates a pathway to a holistic, interconnected paradigm.

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