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Laurence Hecht

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Hecht, Laurence     (Easy Link:

Interests: Electrodynamics

Edited Journals:
21st Century Science & Technology

Abstracts Online:
1992Potential in a Space of Negative Curvature
1996The Significance of the 1845 Gauss-Weber Correspondence

Event Attendence:
1992-07-01United States Psychotronic s Association ConferenceConference

Journals Edited by Laurence Hecht

Name: 21st Century Science & Technology
Editors: Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., Laurence Hecht, Carol White
Status: Active
Founded: Tuesday, March 1, 1988
Contact Name: Laurence Hecht
Address:21st Century
PO Box 16285
Washington, DC 20041
United States
Telephone: (703) 777-6943

21st Century Science & Technology challenges the assumptions of modern scientific dogma, including quantum mechanics, relativity theory, biological reductionism, and the formulization and separation of mathematics from physics.  We demand a science based on constructible (intelligible) representation of concepts, but shun the simple empiricist or sense-certainty methods associated with the Newton-Galileo paradigms.

Our unique collection of editors and scientific advisors maintain an ongoing intellectula dialogue with leading thinkers in many areas, including biology, physics, space science, oceanography, nuclear energy, and ancient epigraphy.  Original studies by the controversial economist Lyndon LaRouche have challenged the epistemilogical foundations of the von Neumann and Wiener-Shannon information theory, and located physical science as a branch of physical economy.  In science policy areas, we have challenged sacred cows, from the theory of global warming to the linear threshold concept of radiation.

21st Century is the successor to Fusion Magazine (published from 1977 to 1987) and has sister publications in French and German, both called Fusion.

Sample online articles.

Papers by Laurence Hecht

Potential in a Space of Negative Curvature


Laurence Hecht
21st Century Science & Technology, Volume 5, No. 4, pp. 14-22
Keywords: Potential, Space, Negative Curvature

Lookup: space (104), potential (25), negative (8), curvature (4)

The Significance of the 1845 Gauss-Weber Correspondence


Laurence Hecht
21st Century Science & Technology, Volume 9, No. 3, pp. 22-43
Keywords: Gauss, Weber

Lookup: weber (4)


The 1830's experiments of Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber to test Amp?re's electrodynamic theory, led to the conception of the electron and atomic nucleus, more than 50 years before their empirical confirmation.

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