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Lester J. Hendershot

United States

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Hendershot, Lester J.     (Easy Link:

Nationality: USA
Born: Friday, June 3, 1898
Died: Wednesday, April 19, 1961 (Age 62)

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1995From the Archives of Lester J. Hendershot
1988The Hendershot Motor Mystery


Lester Jennings Hendershot (1898-1961), born in West Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, was the inventor of the so-called Fuelless Motor (1928). In the 1920's Lester Hendershot was working on a new type of aviation compass. He stumbled across a method of generating energy. His "Hendershot magnetic motor" drew attention of the press and attracted big name investors as Charles Lindbergh. He got into political trouble promoting his device and consequently tried to take his business to Mexico. He is reported to have accepted an offer he couldn't refuse being paid never to work on his device again.

In 1961 Dr. Ed Skilling, from Columbia University, successfully built and tested a Hendershot free energy device, out of which he got 300 watts. Skilling had been associated with Hendershot and learned of the device through him. The generator was self-resonant at 500 kHz. - PESWiki

His son Mark M. Hendershot wrote what he knew about the Hendershot motor in his book, From the Archives of Lester J. Hendershot.

Books by Lester J. Hendershot

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The Hendershot Motor Mystery

by Tom Brown (Editor), Lester J. Hendershot (Subject)

Pages: 55
Publisher: Borderland Sciences
Year: 1988

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Lester Hendershot developed a device that would draw usable energy from the ethers and convert it to electricity. Hendershot?s secret died with him, but here are our files on this mysterious inventor. Included are the research notes of Jerry Gallimore who claimed to get several watts of power from his design.

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From the Archives of Lester J. Hendershot

by Mark M. Hendershot, Lester J. Hendershot (Subject)

Publisher: Mark M. Hendershot
Year: 1995


My name is Mark Hendershot, Lester J. Hendershot was my Father. Lester was an inventor and in his many attempts at producing practical items, he had a moderate success a few times with electronic toys, and had sold some of his ideas to small manufacturers. His biggest idea, however, was so revolutionary that it embarrassed the nation's top scientists because they couldn't explain it, and if it could be perfected, it would possibly eliminate the need for public electric utilities in many instances, and it would completely change most of our present concepts of motivation...
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