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William Baumgartiner

Victoria, BC

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Baumgartiner, William     (Easy Link:

Interests: Viktor Schauberger, Implosion
Nationality: German / USA
Age: 87
Born: 1930

Edited Journals:
Energy Unlimited

Abstracts Online:
1993Energy Extraction from the Vortex

Event Attendence:
2001-03-091st International Workshop On Natural Energies (IWONE)Conference
1993-04-161st International Symposium on New EnergyConference


"William Baumgartiner of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is carrying on the [Viktor] Schauberger legacy. Baumgartiner was born in Germany, and was schooled there and in Switzerland... In 1954, he moved to Canada with a dream of living off the land in a trapper's hut out in the bush... In the 1970s, Baumgartner began to develop what he called Twistor Pipes - his version of Schauberger's equipment... Once he perfected his Twistor Pipes, Baumgartiner started arranging them inside of a turbine. The theory is that the pipes create a three-dimensional spiral of tremendous energy - in  effect, a tornado. When the air moves through the pipes its inward-spiralling movement pulls the air or water forward at a tremendous speed. This force can turn the shaft of a machine, and thus do useful work." - Jeanne Manning, The Coming Energy Revolution, Avery Publishing Group, pp. 135-138 (1996).

William Baumgartiner is the same person as Walter Baumgartner.

Journals Edited by William Baumgartiner

Name: Energy Unlimited
Editors: Dr. Kathleen H. Joyce, William Baumgartiner
Status: Discontinued
Founded: 1978
Ended: 1983
Contact Name: Dr. Kathleen H. Joyce

Name: Causes
Editors: William Baumgartiner
Status: Discontinued
Contact Name: William Baumgartiner
Description: Newsletter for vortex mechanics and Schauberger technologies.

Papers by William Baumgartiner

Energy Extraction from the Vortex


William Baumgartiner
Victoria, BC, Canada

Proceedings of the International Symposium on New Energy

1993, 1st International Symposium on New Energy, Denver, CO, United States
Keywords: New Energy, Vortex

Lookup: new energy (112), vortex (20), new (119), energy (303)

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