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Marko Rodin
Tel: 760-270-9690

44299 Dakota Trail
Indian Wells, CA 92210
United States

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Rodin, Marko     (Easy Link:
Independent Researcher, Inventor

Interests: Vortex Mathematics, Toroidal Pinch, Toroidal Ring, Vortex Theory
Nationality: USA

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Naudin: The Rodin Coil Test Vortex Based Mathematics

AERODYNAMICSSS - The Dandelion Puff Principle - Point Energy Creation Physics

Abstracts Online:
2010Vortex Based Mathematics... Basis for the ExtraOrdinary Rodin Coil
2010The Rodin Number Map and Rodin Coil

Event Attendence:
2013-07-24ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference will attend
2012-07-27ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2012-07-26The Rodin CoilDemonstration
2012-07-2519th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2011-07-29ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2010-08-21The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 2: Ampere's LawVideo Conference
2010-07-29ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2010-06-25Sagnac Awards BanquetAwards
2010-06-2317th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2010-01-22Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2009-11-14Walther Ritz, Emission Theory and the Real WorldVideo Conference
2009-09-05Reference Frame Independent Dynamics, Or How to Get Off Einsteins Train, Part 1Video Conference
2009-07-30ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
1993-07-01United States Psychotronic s Association ConferenceConference


Marko Rodin identified the longest free-flowing path of the electron & path of least resistance. He creates toroidal pinch, using Vortex-Based Mathematics, and can create radical new THERMAL NUCLEAR FUSION REACTOR designs that eliminate all the peripheral equipment currently used, such as cryogenics and massive correcting magnets.

Some Rodin Coil applications:

  • Toroidal Pinch & Mirror Symmetry coils fusion research.
  • Brushless & without commutator motors.
  • AI computer processor, memory, and fractal data storage systems.
  • Reactionless Drive engine space power propulsion system.
  • Power generation from plasma coils.
  • Extremely High Sensitivity Antennas
  • Microbiology Bioaetheric Morphogenitic Field DNA Intelligent Design

Rodin published, "The Quantum Mechanic State of DNA Sequencing", in the proceedings of the International Bio-Technology Expo (IBEX), which is the largest genetic engineering conference in the world and is heavily attended by the Japanese. He was also invited to present his paper, "Low Cost Propulsion Systems Based Upon the Re-evaluation of the Physics of Matter", at the Air Space America convention, the largest U.S. convention of its type. The Rodin Coil Antenna won a U.S. military design contest as the most powerful antenna with the greatest pickup over the longest distance and was awarded a government contract for incorporation into the nation?s first alert warning system.

Rodin has standing offers from top engineers and scientists at high-tech corporations and agencies, including Microsoft, NASA, Boeing, as well as leading university academics. They all say the same thing ? that their existing work has little meaning to them in light of the Rodin Solution and that what they most desire is to dedicate themselves fulltime to working on the Rodin Solution. As a result, Rodin is capable of assembling a team of the finest scientists, mathematicians, engineers and academics from the ranks of the most advanced scientific and technology companies and universities in America.

Rodin has been an instructor in state of Hawai?i schools designing new math curriculum from elementary to higher education school students.

Books by Marko Rodin

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AERODYNAMICSSS - The Dandelion Puff Principle - Point Energy Creation Physics

by Marko Rodin


Papers by Marko Rodin

Vortex Based Mathematics... Basis for the ExtraOrdinary Rodin Coil


Marko Rodin
44299 Dakota Trail, Indian Wells, CA 92210, United States;, 760-270-9690
ExtraOrdinary Technology, Volume 8, No. 1, pp. 19-30


Marko Rodin has discovered the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron. Although scientists know that all electrons in the universe spin they have never discovered the source of the spin.

The Rodin Number Map and Rodin Coil


Marko Rodin
44299 Dakota Trail, Indian Wells, CA 92210, United States;, 760-270-9690
Greg Volk
1153 Tiffany Circle N, Eagan, MN 55123, United States;, 651-452-5827

Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 7, pp. 437-443

2010, 17th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Long Beach, CA, United States


The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) sponsors regular international conferences for presenting high-quality papers discussing aspects of philosophy in the sciences. Many papers offer challenges to accepted orthodoxy in the sciences, especially in physics. Everything from the micro-physics of quantum mechanics to the macro-physics of cosmology is entertained. Though the main interest of the NPA is in challenging orthodoxy in the sciences, it will also feature papers defending such orthodoxy. Our ultimate purpose is to enable participants to articulate their own understanding of the truth. All papers are reviewed by society officers, and sometimes by other members, before presentation in conferences, and they are edited, sometimes very significantly, prior to publication in the Proceedings of the NPA. NPA is, in turn, the only component of the non-profit corporation: The Natural Philosophy Foundation, Inc., (NPF). The NPF was incorporated in the State of Maryland on July 17, 1995 with the intent to become a long-term science fostering charity organization

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