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Dr. Enrique Morales-Riveira
Tel: +57 (1) 218-4633

Carrera 6a NO 86-05, Apto. 403

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Morales-Riveira, Dr. Enrique     (Easy Link:
Industrial Engineer

Nationality: Columbian

2006Was Einstein Wrong?
2000Einstein Was Not Right

Abstracts Online:
2005Classical Physics Explanation of Electromagnetic Quanta

Event Attendence:
2005-05-2312th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference (Absentia)


Enrique Morales-Riveira is a Colombian industrial engineer who totally devoted four years of his life to seriously study and research the subjects of this book, to come out with a work in which he seeks to present to the general public, and to the international scientific community, the fundamental scientific truth that he has come to understand regarding time, space, energy and matter. non-operational as of 4/09.

Books by Dr. Enrique Morales-Riveira

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Was Einstein Wrong?

by Dr. Enrique Morales-Riveira

KeyWords: einstein

Pages: 210
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Year: 2006
ISBN: 1412022436
ISBN: 978-1412022439

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The author explains for us, in this exhilarating, epistemological discourse, how the theory of relativity and the standard model for the physics of subatomic particles is leading modern physics down an ominous dead-end street where irrationality and the inadequate, indiscriminate use of mathematics and of field experimentation, without the support of substantial theoretical bases, is creating a new physics where common sense and reality seem to have no place whatsoever and where everything, absolutely everything, has an explanation, no matter how absurd it may appear, if one may develop mathematical models ad hoc which, with time, take on the connotation of irremovable axioms.

This book is quite controversial and very surely will raise lively discussions and deep intellectual restlessness in lay circles, as well as at the bosom of the international scientific community, because the author's discoveries give a lost symmetry back to modern physics, removing it from the marshy, moving lands across which it has been traveling throughout the past 90 years.

View count: 5159
Einstein Was Not Right

by Dr. Enrique Morales-Riveira

KeyWords: einstein

Pages: 164
Publisher: Enrique Morales-Riveira
Year: 2000
ISBN: 958332020X
ISBN: 978-9583320200

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The author describes and explains, widely but succinctly, a new theory on relativity and gravitation that is substantially at odds with the original focus given to these two exciting topics of classical physics by Albert Einstein, and later on by his followers. He demonstrates what is wrong with special and general relativity, and suggests at the same time various experiments to test his theory of Universal Gravitation. He also explains how to use his theory to predict phenomena that can be observed by controlled experiments (which is, of course, the only true test of validity for any scientific theory).

This book is quite controversial and very surely will raise lively discussions and deep intellectual restlessness in lay circles, as well as at the level of the international scientific community, because the author?s discoveries return to classical physics a lost symmetry, removing it from some marshy and moving lands through which it has been traveling throughout the past 85 years.

This book is specially conceived for a wide audience of people with genuine and enthusiastic interest for these topics, but not necessarily with scientific training. The author has attempted to make his work understandable to a lay reader having only a casual background in mathematics and physics, sparking his(her) interest and encouraging him(her) to further explorations into the field of relativity and gravitation.

The topics and discussions of the book are highly organized and structured, following a planned logical sequence and using figures to make everything easy and pleasant for the reader, looking for simplicity and meaning. The language used is deprived of technical jargon, and all explanations, and demonstrations, are without mathematical difficulties.

This book certainly could on-set what probably will be the most exciting and important scientific controversy of the 21st Century, which is none other than the epistemological absurdity of the still unproven current fundamental scientific postulates about time, space energy and matter; bringing Physical Science to the next plateau. This unique book has the potential to become a historical scientific document for generations to come.

Papers by Dr. Enrique Morales-Riveira

Classical Physics Explanation of Electromagnetic Quanta


Dr. Enrique Morales-Riveira
Carrera 6a NO 86-05, Apto. 403, Bogota, Colombia, +57 (1) 218-4633

2005, 12th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Storrs, CT, United States
Keywords: non-quantum, electromagnetic quanta, Copenhagen interpretation

Lookup: quantum (151), quanta (4), electromagnetic (46), copenhagen (11), interpretation (2)


This paper deals with a non quantum physics derivation and demonstration of the real physical origin of electromagnetic quanta, eliminating for good all the paradoxes, the confusion and the irrationality of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, which states that electromagnetic quanta and ponderable subatomic particles are dual physical objects behaving sometimes as particles, and other times as waves, depending on the characteristics and specifications of the corresponding experimental set-ups. Consequently, according to that interpretation, it is meaningless, for example, to ask what a photon or a particle really is. What really matters is what we can say about the physical phenomena observed. Physicists then have clear choices: either they can experimentally leave the subatomic particles and the photons alone and observe the interference patterns; or visually observe the particles? trajectories in space, washing out the corresponding interference patterns. The two situations are complementary. Similarly, according to same physical interpretation of quantum mechanics, there also exist position and linear momentum complementarities in such a way that if the position of a particle is determined, then, its linear momentum is uncertain, and vice versa. The time and space contraction of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by spinning and rotating electrically charged particles, such as electrons and protons, explains without any ambiguity whatsoever the origin and nature of photons or quanta of electromagnetic radiation; and rationally solves, once and for all, the mystery of the wave-particle duality of quantum physics, just as will be demonstrated throughout this paper without beating about the bush.

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