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Thomas Findlay

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Findlay, Thomas     (Easy Link:

Interests: Electric Universe, Honest Science
Nationality: Scottish
Member since: 2010

2013A Beginner\'s View of Our Electric Universe

Abstracts Online:
2011Introductory Guide to the Electric Universe

Event Attendence:
2013-03-09Metaphysical Approach to Atomic Physics: What They Miss out at University PhysicsVideo Conference
2013-02-09The Philosophy of Science vs. TruthVideo Conference
2013-01-12NPA Members Meeting - The Future of the NPA: Taking it to the Next LevelVideo Conference
2011-11-12The Electromagnetic Nature of Gravity and InertiaVideo Conference
2011-10-29The Field Approach to Thermodynamics and the Carnot Cycle, Part 1Video Conference
2011-09-24The ALFA Model: The Beginning of the End for MS Physics?Video Conference
2011-07-30The Scientific WorldviewVideo Conference
2011-07-0618th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2011-06-04Does Faraday Allow Superposition?Video Conference
2011-05-14The Rational Definitions of Time, Space, and ForceVideo Conference
2011-05-07The Future of Science under an Electric Universe ParadigmVideo Conference
2011-04-30Plasma Redshift CosmologyVideo Conference
2011-04-02The Natural Philosophy of the Electric UniverseVideo Conference
2011-02-19Advances in Brown's Gas TheoryVideo Conference
2011-01-22Unified Theory Composition - Structure of Electron, Proton & NeutronVideo Conference
2010-12-11The Devil's Advocate of Einstein: History of RelativityVideo Conference
2010-11-27The Natural Philosophy of the Electric UniverseVideo Conference
2010-11-13Maxwell, Maxwell and Maxwell: Collapse of Relativity, Special & GeneralVideo Conference
2010-10-23The Alpha-Beta Model of the Atomic NucleusVideo Conference
2010-09-25Questioning Einstein: Is Relativity Necessary?Video Conference
2010-09-18Dark Energy Mystery Solved?Video Conference
2010-09-11Planetary Scarring in an Electric UniverseVideo Conference
2010-08-21The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 2: Ampere's LawVideo Conference
2010-08-14Is Metaphysics the New Frontier of the 21st Century Physics?Video Conference
2010-08-07An Introduction to Electric Universe TheoryVideo Conference


I spent my extremely happy childhood in a small Scottish mining village, where I went through the primary and secondary education system of the 60's and 70's. My first significant job was as an apprentice electrical engineer with the National Coal Board; a training period that gave me an excellent grounding in theory, safety, and resourceful thinking. I then spent one year as a volunteer, teaching electrical theory and English language in a technical secondary school in Wad Medani, Sudan, where I dropped any notion of having prejudice in my life and picked up the moral guidelines that have been with me ever since. I married Nora, the love of my life in 1977, and we have two sons together, Ben and Jon, both good and healthy men now. I was employed by the American mini-computer company Digital Equipment (Scotland) Ltd. for 15 years, where I worked in the areas of training, manufacturing and design, before leaving to set up my own business in 1992. Since then until recently I have run as sole-proprietor the NaT systems business, an Information Technology support service to small businesses and private individuals. My hobbies have mainly always been technical and I have been a radio amateur with the callsign GM4DOZ since 1972. In more recent years since our boys left home, I have found myself studying; astronomy, cosmology, physics, quantum theory, relativity, time, philosophy and parapsychology. Most recently, I have come across a set of theories that I bought in to rapidly and fully and which I shall remain a supporter of for the rest of my life; these theories are those of our Electric/Plasma Universe. I now consider that I have the job of educating myself fully on these theories, and of spreading the word to those who are prepared to listen.

Books by Thomas Findlay

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A Beginner's View of Our Electric Universe

by Thomas Findlay

Pages: 194
Publisher: Tom Findlay
Year: 2013

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I was so impressed by what I found described within the Electric Universe (EU) model when I first came across it that I decided to write a book about it. I made this decision not for personal gain, but instead, so that others like me could also have the chance to understand the important things that model proposes. In short, the EU model stands as a basis on which to explain how our universe actually does work. It is a set of alternative theories to those we have all been told for so long are true by mainstream astro-science and by the media.

I came across the Electric Universe model in early 2010, and as a layman, having previously studied the already available science of the universe quite deeply, I immediately wondered why I had never seen or heard anything about these alternative theories before. Also, as I delved into the EU model's historical background and current status, I began to uncover associated information that was new to me and which made me realise that all is not well in the world of astro-science research, and that things have not been okay there for a very long time.

Being the way I am, and based on my past experience, my education and natural interests, what emerged was a picture that I found hard to contemplate. This picture, constructed from the credible work of many honourable, but for some apparently odd reason, relatively unknown scientists and researchers, was one which I just had to provide for others an opportunity to understand. The story this picture presents is that today's scientific research into astronomy and the physics of our universe has basically got it wrong, and that there has existed for quite some time alternative theories that appear to be far more logical and correct. In short, our universe seems not to work primarily on gravity, as we have been brainwashed to believe; instead, it seems to work on electricity, or more precisely, the electromagnetic force. The ramifications that emerge from this are very wide, very deep and very important indeed.

The book "A Beginner's View of Our Electric Universe" starts off with my discovery of the EU model then goes on without recourse to mathematics or difficult language to explain the background to that model and to highlight its superior position in relation to the current gravity-based Standard Model with its insurmountable problems. It then covers some basic theory before introducing a few of the important scientists and researchers who have been involved historically in the theories that underpin the EU model, and also some of those who remain to take it forward today. Finally, it provides easy to understand explanations for the theories upon which the EU model is built, while describing where and how these fit in terms of what we observe in space today. I then finish with a few additional thoughts of my own at the very end.

My book is not aimed at the uninterested man or woman on the street. It is aimed instead at three main areas of open-minded, technically interested people: the naturally curious who are careful how they investigate and who are uninitiated in such things as the workings of space but who want to get to know; those who through their own way of thinking have already become suspicious of the stories from mainstream astro-science and the media of how the universe works, and those who already know that the gravity-based Standard Model of the universe is not correct and who are now actively searching for better theories. By finding your way to this website you may fit into one or other of these categories, and so I invite you, with the option of no financial cost, to download my book, read it and think for yourself of what it presents.

?We should not surrender our judgement to others;
we must reclaim our ability to doubt and think for ourselves.

Tom Findlay

Papers by Thomas Findlay


We consider major precepts of today's Standard Model of the Universe, comparing them to the precepts of the alternate "Electric Universe" Model. Written from a non-professional vantage point, this paper highlights aspects of the electric model that can be readily comprehended by the lay reader. It is no longer reasonable to treat the vacuum of space as either ?empty? or electrically neutral. Evidence at every scale of observation indicates that electric currents flow across interstellar and intergalactic space to produce elaborate structure and powerful electromagnetic events. The possibility that even stars are powered by electric currents can no longer be ignored.

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