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Lars W?hlin
Tel: (303) 258-7268

P.O. Box 391
Rollinsville, CO 80474-0391
United States

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W?hlin, Lars     (Easy Link:

Topics: Relativity, Cosmology
Interests: Cosmology, Gravitation, Time, Relativity, Quantum Theory
Nationality: Danish / USA
Age: 88
Born: 1929

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1997The Deadbeat Universe
1989Atmosperic Electrostatics
1985The Collapsing Universe

Abstracts Online:
2002Einstein?s Special Relativity Theory and Mach?s Principle
1993Mach's Principle vs. Einstein's Relativity

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Books by Lars W?hlin

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Atmosperic Electrostatics

by Lars W?hlin

Pages: 120
Publisher: Research Studies Press (John Wiley & Sons)
Year: 1989
ISBN: 0471912026
ISBN: 978-0471912026
ISBN: 0863800424


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 "ATMOSPHERIC ELECTROSTATICS" by Lars W?hlin contains chapters on Ben Franklin, lightning, ball lightning, lightning protection, fairweather electricity, and thundercloud charging. The electrochemical model of thundercloud charging is proposed and is shown to be supported by simple experiments. 

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The Deadbeat Universe

by Lars W?hlin

Publisher: Colutron Research Corporation
Year: 1997
ISBN: 0933407033


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"THE DEADBEAT UNIVERSE" by Lars W?hlin, is a textbook on Cosmology, Gravitation, Time, Relativity and Quantum Physics

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The Collapsing Universe

by Lars W?hlin

Pages: 26
Publisher: Johnson Publishing Co. (Colutron Research Corporation)
Year: 1985
ISBN: 0933407009
ISBN: 978-0933407008

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Papers by Lars W?hlin

Einstein?s Special Relativity Theory and Mach?s Principle


Lars W?hlin
P.O. Box 391, Rollinsville, CO 80474-0391, United States, (303) 258-7268,

(6 pages)


Many historical works on Einstein describe his approval of Mach?s philosophy and his effort to incorporate Mach?s Principle into his relativity theories. Einstein eventually abandoned Mach?s Principle but with some reservations. However, Mach?s Principle still persists and its presumed incompatibility with Einstein?s Relativity continues to be an obstacle for many in their attempts to understand Einstein?s theory. This essay intends to resolve the issue by showing that Einstein?s Special Relativity, in fact, is subject to Mach?s Principle and that the proof can be found in the relativistic velocities of atomic orbits.

Mach's Principle vs. Einstein's Relativity


Lars W?hlin
P.O. Box 391, Rollinsville, CO 80474-0391, United States, (303) 258-7268,
Galilean Electrodynamics, Volume 4, No. 3, pp. 63-65
Keywords: Einstein's relativity, Mach's Principle, cosmic redshifts

Lookup: einstein relativity (2), relativity (390), einstein (54), cosmic (14), mach (2), principle (57), redshifts (6)


At the present time the accepted cosmological picture is that of an infinite and expanding Universe based on Einstein's relativity. Cosmic redshifts are interpreted as galaxies receding from us with speeds that increase with distance, reaching velocities approaching c, the speed of light, and it is believed that we occupy the center of the expansion. Placing outselves at the center, and at relative rest, creates mathematical equations that are conceptually impossible. One can compare it to the difficulties our ancestors faced before Copernicus' time, trying to describe planetary orbits mathematically, with Earth at the center and at rest. The problem is solved by adopting Mach's Principle, which turns the picture around so that our frame of reference is moving with c relative to the rest of the Universe and the proof if found in the physics of atomic orbits, a domain where Einstein's relativistic mechanics fail.

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