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Glenn Albert Baxter
Tel: 207 242 2143
Cell: 207 242 2143

310 Woodland Camp Road
Belgrade, ME 04917
United States

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Baxter, Glenn Albert     (Easy Link:
Professional Engineer, Physicist (Deceased)

Interests: Relativity, Electromagnetic Energy, Gravity, Scientific Journal Editor
Nationality: USA
Member since: 2012
Born: Monday, March 9, 1942
Died: Monday, May 1, 2017 (Age 75)

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The speed of light, relative to any observer, is NOT constant. See (2012-04-24 20:07:09)

Abstracts Online:
2012Time Also Speed Up, Dr. Einstein?

Event Attendence:
2015-03-14Open Debate on Mainstream Cosmology Objections and AlternativesVideo Conference
2015-02-21The GyroscopeVideo Conference
2014-05-24NPA General Membership MeetingVideo Conference
2014-05-10A Possible Theory for Particle Composition of Matter Based on Only Three Functional Quantum ParticlesVideo Conference
2014-04-19The Correct Way to Understand Einstein's RelativityVideo Conference
2014-04-12A Flowing View of the Nature and Geometry of Space, Part 2Video Conference
2014-04-05Emission & Regeneration UFT and Special Relativity without Time Dilatation and Length ContractionVideo Conference
2014-03-29Identifying Scientific Assumptions, Part 2Video Conference
2014-03-22A Generalized Framework for Expressing Classical and Non-Classical Propulsion PhysicsVideo Conference
2014-03-15Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2014-03-08NPA Town Hall MeetingVideo Conference
2014-02-22A Structural Approach to Understanding Nuclear and Sub-nuclear Particles and the Electromagnetic Wave SpectrumVideo Conference
2014-02-15A Flowing View of the Nature and Geometry of SpaceVideo Conference
2014-02-08The Hilbert Book Model ProjectVideo Conference
2014-02-01Mach?s Principle and the Anomalous Acceleration on Pioneer 10 and 11Video Conference
2014-01-25Applying the Riemann Statistical Oscillation to Vacuum FluctuationVideo Conference
2014-01-18Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2014-01-11Significant Findings - Gravitational LensingVideo Conference
2013-07-1120th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
2013-06-01AberrationVideo Conference
2013-05-18Machs Principle and the Concept of MassVideo Conference
2013-04-27Is Gravity Just a Bad Case of Static Cling?Video Conference
2013-04-20Video Conference
2013-04-13Super Principia Unified Gravitational Vortex TheoryVideo Conference
2013-04-06Integrating Vector Particle Physics with the Dodecahedron Quark Ball and the Octahedral Hexagonal FractalVideo Conference
2013-03-30Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2013-03-23Gravitational Deflection of EM Waves Deviates from General RelativityVideo Conference
2013-03-09Metaphysical Approach to Atomic Physics: What They Miss out at University PhysicsVideo Conference
2013-03-02Gravitomagnetism a Fatal Problem for the General Relativity TheoryVideo Conference
2013-02-23The Riemann Hypothesis and the Physics of LightVideo Conference
2013-02-16What is Space Made Out Of and How Does It Work?Video Conference
2013-02-09The Philosophy of Science vs. TruthVideo Conference
2013-01-26Electrodynamic Experiments and Theory: A Kinetic SynthesisVideo Conference
2013-01-19Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2013-01-12NPA Members Meeting - The Future of the NPA: Taking it to the Next LevelVideo Conference
2012-12-29The Poisson Equation, the Cosmological Constant and Dark EnergyVideo Conference
2012-12-22The Fundamental Atomic ModelVideo Conference
2012-12-15The Solution of the Boltzmann ConstantVideo Conference
2012-12-08The Maxwell Approach to GravityVideo Conference
2012-12-01Optimal Electrolyzer Design Assessment Video Conference
2012-11-24The Revolutionary Plasma Power Technology of Josef PappVideo Conference
2012-11-17Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2012-11-10Unified Field Theory: From Boscovich to GeometrodynamicsVideo Conference
2012-11-03Unified Field TheoryVideo Conference
2012-10-27SR Theory of Electrodynamics for Relative Moving ChargesVideo Conference
2012-10-13Non-Moving Earth in the Center of the UniverseVideo Conference
2012-10-06Special Relativity Theory Violates the Causality PrincipleVideo Conference
2012-09-29Neat Stuff Greg Has Worked on LatelyVideo Conference
2012-09-22A Topological Thermodynamic Basis for the Cosmological AetherVideo Conference
2012-09-08A New Light on the Nature of LightVideo Conference
2012-09-01Aether: A Simple Solution for Complex ProblemsVideo Conference
2012-08-25The Anti-Neutron Model of the AtomVideo Conference
2012-08-18Gravity and Revolution Rates within GalaxiesVideo Conference
2012-08-11Transversal Fizeau Effect and the GRT Video Conference
2012-07-2519th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference (Absentia)
2012-07-07Why Relativity is FalseVideo Conference
2012-06-30Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2012-06-23The Misidentification of Newtonian PhysicsVideo Conference
2012-06-16Special Relativity Math Disproof on One PageVideo Conference
2012-05-26Classical Unification of Electromagnetism & GravityVideo Conference
2012-05-26Classical Unification of Electromagnetism & GravityVideo Conference
2012-05-19Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 3Video Conference
2012-05-05Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 2Video Conference
2012-04-28Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Energy TransferVideo Conference


Mr. Baxter has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Rhode Island and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois and Maine. He is a graduate of Vermont Academy, which honored him in 1993 as a Distinguished Alumnus with the Dr. Florence R. Sabin Award. It was at Vermont Academy as a student where Mr. Baxter attended a talk and met the very popular relativity author James A. Coleman. Mr. Baxter has been doing research in relativity and physics ever since and is currently Executive Director of the Belgrade Lakes Institute for Advanced Research. His current interests include physics, philosophy, and theology.

Complete papers at             Also see    


 Belgrade Lakes Institute For Advanced Research


 Editor, Scientific Journal

 310 Woodland Camp Road

 Belgrade, Maine  04917    tel. 207 242 2143  

 To kill an error is as good a service, and sometimes even better than, establishing a new truth or fact.

 Charles Darwin

 "Great causes are never tried on the merits; but the cause is reduced to particulars to suit the size of the partisans, and the contention is ever hottest on minor matters."  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson - From his essay "Nature" 1844


We are now calling for papers and inviting speakers for the 18 August 2012  Physics Colloquium, to be held in Portland, Maine.   The theme for the 2012 Colloquium will be the effect of Special Relativity on Electromagnetic Theory as described by Maxwell's equations.   Reference:  Electromagnetic Theory by Dr. Julius Stratton, McGraw-Hill, New York and London, (Maple Press, York, Pa.), 1941.     (see     The 13 August 2011 Physics Colloquium  scheduled in Portland, Maine focused on the effect of the non constant nature of the speed of light on 21st century physics.    Accepted papers for presentation at the 2012 colloquium will be distributed to all registered attendees before the colloquium so they can be studied and even discussed, which will greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the colloquium itself.   Attendees are cordially invited to dinner in Portland on Friday evening, August 17, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. to informally meet and to also discuss physics.    Please register for the colloquium (free) and/or the dinner (off the menu) by sending an E-mail to      



The Belgrade Lakes Institute For Advanced Research was founded in 1999 to study original scientific work of great thinkers going back as far as possible (even thousands of years) to reexamine ideas in search of hints or inspiration which might apply to current scientific progress in physics. The late Dr. Richard Feynman**** is an Honorary Member of the Institute, and his lectures and publications serve as a corner stone for our work and model for our thinking and efforts. Other examples of  great thinkers and scientists would include people such as Michael Faraday, Maxwell, Euler, Cantor, Lavoisier,  Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn, Bohr, De Broglie, Planck, Avogadro, Boltzmann, Compton, Schrodinger,Dr. Albert Einstein, Newton, Leibnitz, Pythagoras, Descartes, and  many others.   Membership in the Institute is by application and majority of votes timely cast by the general membership.    For more information call the USA number 207 242 2143 or E-mail     Articles for the Scientific Journal are invited.   Our mail address is Belgrade Lakes Institute For Advanced Research, 310 Woodland Camp Road,  Box 440, Belgrade, Maine  04917  USA      


Papers by Glenn Albert Baxter

Time Also Speed Up, Dr. Einstein?


Glenn Albert Baxter
310 Woodland Camp Road, Belgrade, ME 04917, United States;, 207 242 2143,

Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 9, pp. 20-26

2012, 19th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Albuquerque, NM, United States
Keywords: Special Relativity

Lookup: special relativity (125), relativity (390), special (175)


The author shows that the speed of light, relative to any observer, is not constant in [10] and also, by contradiction, in this paper. This leads to mathematical disproof of Special Relativity and its derivatives such as Dr. Einstein's famous mass ? energy equivalence, , which he incorrectly derived. Thus the very foundation of 21st century physics is invalid. This leads to the author's anti-neutron theory/model of the atom [16].

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