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Roy Keys

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Keys, C. Roy     (Easy Link:
Publisher, Editor of Apeiron

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1994Progress in New Cosmologies: Beyond the Big Bang

Event Attendence:
2012-12-15The Solution of the Boltzmann ConstantVideo Conference
2009-11-14Walther Ritz, Emission Theory and the Real WorldVideo Conference
2009-10-31A Critical Analysis of Einstein's Non-Conform Analogy Between Rotation And GravitatitonVideo Conference
2009-10-24Relational MechanicsVideo Conference
2009-10-17Instances of Relativistic Illogic (With a GPS Assist)Video Conference
2009-10-03Physics 3.0: Understanding the Foundational Concepts and Mathematics of the Next Physics RevolutionVideo Conference
2009-09-26The Birth of ElementsVideo Conference
2009-09-13The Electric UniverseVideo Conference
2009-09-12Einstein's Unified Field TheoryVideo Conference
2009-09-05Reference Frame Independent Dynamics, Or How to Get Off Einsteins Train, Part 1Video Conference
2009-08-30The Ten Assumptions of Science: First Steps in the Overthrow of the Big Bang Theory (Part 1)Video Conference
2009-08-29Unified Theory Replaces Relativity TheoriesVideo Conference
2009-08-22Improved Relativity Theory and Doppler Theory of GravityVideo Conference
2009-08-15From Aristotle to Einstein to Date: The Same Folly Rules the Paradigm of Special RelativityVideo Conference
2009-08-08Debate Einsteins Special Relativity Postulates True or FalseVideo Conference
2009-07-25Room Temp Superconductivity and Magnetic MonopolesVideo Conference
2009-07-11The Schwarzschild Solution and its Implications for Gravitational WavesVideo Conference
2009-07-04Astrophysical Evidence Clearly Shows No Gravitation-Electromagnetism InteractionVideo Conference
2009-06-27Friendly Advice for DissidentsVideo Conference
2009-06-20Impromptu Meeting of the MindsVideo Conference
2009-06-1339 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 4Video Conference
2009-06-06The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM)Video Conference
2009-05-30Discovering Universal Reality (DUR)Video Conference
2009-05-2516th Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference (Video Audience)
2009-05-23Prevent Bernoulli Abuse!: Radial Momentum TheoryVideo Conference
2009-05-16The Twin Paradox: How To Win The DebateVideo Conference
2009-05-0239 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 3Video Conference
2009-03-01The Sagnac Effect ExplainedVideo Conference
1993-09-27Frontiers of Fundamental PhysicsConference
1992-09-0713th Cracow Summer School of Cosmology on Progress in New CosmologiesConference

Journals Edited by C. Roy Keys

Name: Apeiron
Editors: Roy Keys, Dr. Halton C. Arp, Prof. Andre K. T. Assis, Dr. Peter Graneau
Status: Active
Founded: 1987
Contact Name: Roy Keys

Apeiron is a scientific journal devoted to cosmology and fundamental physics. It publishes only convincingly argued, adequately documented papers in English, as well as English translations of historically important texts.

Apeiron - Wikipedia

Books by C. Roy Keys

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Progress in New Cosmologies: Beyond the Big Bang

by Dr. Halton C. Arp (Editor), Roy Keys (Editor), Prof. Konrad Rudnicki (Editor)

KeyWords: big bang

Pages: 376
Publisher: Springer
Year: 1994
ISBN: 0306446359
ISBN: 978-0306446351

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Proceedings of the Thirteenth Cracow Summer School of Cosmology on Progress in New Cosmologies, held under the auspices of the Omega Foundation and Apeiron, September 7-12, 1992, at the Physics Institute, University of L?d?, L?d?, Poland.

Halton Arp is the last of the creative thinkers in astronomy today. Being an astronomer, he is always careful to provide his readers with facts to back up his conclusions. This is another good, informative book. - Amazon customer

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Are the Galaxies Really Receding? Fred L. Walker
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