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Dr. Hector L Bonilla

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Bonilla, Dr. Hector L     (Easy Link:
Recycling Engineer

Topics: Expansion_Tectonics, Gravity, New_Energy, Aether, Unified_Theory, Cosmology, Electric_Universe, Electrodynamics, Philosophy
Interests: 5756527629
Nationality: Puerto Rico
Age: 68
Born: Wednesday, April 6, 1949

Abstracts Online:
1997Is Magnetism the Reason of the Existence of Gravity?
1996Is the Aether the Reason for the Existence of Magnetism?
1996On the Illusion Derived from Timeless Systems

Event Attendence:
2017-07-19CNPS 2017 International ConferenceConference will attend
1997-06-094th (B) Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
1996-06-023rd Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference


Creator of the Unified Space Theory, the author is a recycling engineer from Philadelphia. He currently lives in South Dakota. Eng. Bonilla attended Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, Massachusetts, in the 70s, and endeavors in unified space research. Bonilla is in the initial phases of creating the Rising Scientists Elite group. He believes the term "dissident" needs to go and replaced by "Rising." We are Rising Scientists, not dissidents of any sort. Hector is also the leader of a Spanish political group called Pueblos Patriotistas Espanios, and has written a Spanish-language manual calledĀ Espania Despierta Gigante!! for the creation of a capitalist state in Spanish-speaking America. There are nineteen Spanish countries in the American Continent. Mr. Bonilla want to unite them into Las Patrias Unidas de America, Espania. As an Ordained Minister, Dr. Bonilla has created the Holy Humanity Faith, which states that nature is God, and therefore everything in the universe is holy. Hector is married, has two children, and considers himself a religious philosopher. He believes nature is a transformer system of three regions of space where two of the three space regions constantly transform into one another while the whole remains eternally the same. Mr. Bonilla has presented oral papers on his behalf at various scientific meetings sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Chappell Natural Philosophy Society, formerly theĀ Natural Philosophy Alliance. He published his first printed paper on the Journal of New Energy, Salt Lake City, in 1996. He also writes fiction and alternative non-fiction.

Cell 1-575-652-7629

Papers by Dr. Hector L Bonilla

Is Magnetism the Reason of the Existence of Gravity?


Dr. Hector L Bonilla

1997, 4th (B) Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Storrs, CT, United States
Keywords: Magnetism, Gravity

Lookup: gravity (124), magnetism (14)


The author proposes to have the Earth's magnetic field studied insisting that the field is actually rotating many times faster than the planet, thus causing it to spin. It is suggested that the fast rotational motion of this field also causes the atmosphere to move as it does from East to West. It is further suggested that via a negative pressure gradient this fast-rotating magnetic field causes the force of gravity. It is shown that the source of this field must be located not at the center but outside the solid core, within the molten section of the Earth.

Is the Aether the Reason for the Existence of Magnetism?


Dr. Hector L Bonilla

1996, 3rd Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Flagstaff, AZ, United States
Keywords: Aether, Magnetism

Lookup: aether (102), magnetism (14)

On the Illusion Derived from Timeless Systems


Dr. Hector L Bonilla

Journal of New Energy, Volume 1, pp. 92-94
Keywords: Time

Lookup: time (100)

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