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Dr. L?szl? K?rtvely?ssy

Klever Berg 21
D-47533 Kleve

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K?rtvely?ssy, Dr. L?szl?     (Easy Link:
Physicist (Retired)

Topics: Electric_Universe
Interests: Electrodynamics, Solar system, Electric Universe
Nationality: Hungarian

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1998The Electric Universe

Abstracts Online:
2002Ion Jets in the Fifth State of Matter


Born and raised in Budapest. He worked first as physicist for high temperature measurements with thermoelements and later as a scientist of high temperature process technics in the industry. He is a known expert of the thermoelements and oxygen probes, his scientific thermoelement-book is now in the third edition (6 000 copies). He owns a factory, where he builds and sells one of the best thermoelements worldwide. His patented thermoelements and oxygen probes are based on his discovery of a new thermoelement-law, which happens to be the base for the model of his "Electric Universe". He also is a candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciencess, since 1991. He is married and has four sons. It is not very difficult to guess, what "hobbies" he has. As you can see on the photo, he has a telescope of a diameter of 360 mm in his own house. He searches for sunspots, flares and loops on every sunny day.

Books by Dr. L?szl? K?rtvely?ssy

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The Electric Universe

by Dr. L?szl? K?rtvely?ssy

Pages: 704
Publisher: EFO Budapest
Year: 1998
ISBN: 9638243198

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The author Dr. L?szl? K?rtv?lyessy, a specialist in thermocouples with a world wide well known reputation, takes a look at the modern Astrophysics from the engineerings point of view. Alway prefering easy and direkt solutions in the industry, Dr. K?rtv?lyessy discovered that the Universe contains many unsolved "mystries" for which scientists create things like "dark matter" or "magnetic generators". Simple calculations reveal that there is a very simple solution which unlocks almost all modern mysteries...

Karry Mullis (Nobel laureated in 1993) wrote:
" I am absolutely fascinated. It is high time that someone with engineering skills looked at astronomy. You have clearly found something exciting.  I was never comfortable with astrophysics, but for some dumb reason did not understand that it was the electrical aspect of matter that was missing.  I have been away from physics, in another field for a number of years, but I know new intuitions in any scientific realm when I see them, and I see them in your work. Relax in the notion that someone a continent away is taking great pleasure in your work."

Papers by Dr. L?szl? K?rtvely?ssy

Ion Jets in the Fifth State of Matter


Dr. L?szl? K?rtvely?ssy
Klever Berg 21, D-47533 Kleve, Germany;,
Eric W. Crew
United Kingdom
Electric Spacecraft Journal, No. 33, pp. 5-10
Keywords: electric filamentary state, fifth state of matter, ion jets

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Matter exists in several states: (1) solid, (2) liquid, (3) gaseous, (4) plasma, and (5) electric filamentary. Plasma, matter at very high temperatures, is comprised of approximately equal numbers of positively and negatively charged particles, so it does not produce a strong circumferential magnetic field or form filaments. The fifth state of matter consists of very high energy, nonthermal particles with an electric charge of mainly one sign: positive or negative. These particles move as an electric current, and the resultant magnetic field compresses the matter in the discharge channel, forming one or more filaments, like lightning in the earth's atmosphere. ? Eric Crew

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