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Norman Silliman
Tel: 830 587 6460
Cell: 830 491-2548

2982 US Highway 87 E
Nixon, TX 87140
United States

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Silliman, Norman     (Easy Link:
Computer Programmer (Retired)

Interests: Aether, Gravity, Fundamental Forces, Light, Interferometry, Gyroscopes, Artificial Vision, Global Warming
Nationality: USA
Age: 80
Born: Tuesday, January 5, 1937

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An Alternate Test Using an Optical Interferometer
Grusenick Effect Replication

Abstracts Online:
1996In Search of a Single Photon
1994Physicists Dilemma: Action at a Distance

Event Attendence:
2012-12-08The Maxwell Approach to GravityVideo Conference
2012-12-01Optimal Electrolyzer Design Assessment Video Conference
2012-09-29Neat Stuff Greg Has Worked on LatelyVideo Conference
2012-09-01Aether: A Simple Solution for Complex ProblemsVideo Conference
2012-05-19Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 3Video Conference
2012-05-05Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 2Video Conference
2012-04-28Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Energy TransferVideo Conference
2012-04-21Relationship between Newtonian and Einsteinian PhysicsVideo Conference
2012-04-14Simhony?s Electron-Positron Lattice Model of the Vacuum of Space - Part 1Video Conference
2012-03-31Newton?s Bucket ?.Another Final Solution!Video Conference
2012-03-24Unified Gravitational Vortex Theory - Part 1Video Conference
2012-03-03A New Approach to Mountain FormationVideo Conference
2012-02-25The Third OptionVideo Conference
2012-01-28On the Origin, Unification and Transmutation of Fields of ForceVideo Conference
2011-10-09Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2011-07-30The Scientific WorldviewVideo Conference
2011-05-21Exploding Wires and the Possibility of Solid State Ion Colliders for Low Energy Lattice Assisted Nuclear TransmutationsVideo Conference
2011-04-16Practicism: The Unifying Body of Understanding for EverythingVideo Conference
2010-12-11The Devil's Advocate of Einstein: History of RelativityVideo Conference
2010-09-25Questioning Einstein: Is Relativity Necessary?Video Conference
2010-08-21The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 2: Ampere's LawVideo Conference
2010-07-31The Ten Assumptions of Science, Part 3Video Conference
2010-06-05Searching for Room Temperature SuperconductorsVideo Conference
2010-05-08Polarization EntanglementVideo Conference
2010-05-01The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 1: Gauss D LawVideo Conference
2010-04-23Aether Group: Research on the Nature of Polarized LightMeeting
2010-04-10Antigravity, the Missing Force is Discovered!Video Conference
2010-04-03The Control of the Natural ForcesVideo Conference
2010-02-27The Mole Hill EffectVideo Conference
2010-02-13Strategic Approaches To Facilitate Scientific ChangeVideo Conference
2010-01-22Gravity GroupVideo Conference
2009-12-12Reference Frame Independent Dynamics, Or How to Get Off Einsteins Train, Part 2Video Conference
2009-12-04Interferometry GroupVideo Conference
2009-11-21Expansion Tectonics GroupVideo Conference
2009-11-07The Electrodynamic Origin of the Force of Inertia (F = ma)Video Conference
2009-10-17Instances of Relativistic Illogic (With a GPS Assist)Video Conference
2009-10-03Physics 3.0: Understanding the Foundational Concepts and Mathematics of the Next Physics RevolutionVideo Conference
2009-09-05Reference Frame Independent Dynamics, Or How to Get Off Einsteins Train, Part 1Video Conference
2009-07-25Room Temp Superconductivity and Magnetic MonopolesVideo Conference
2009-07-18An Approach to Gravity Modification as a Propulsion TechnologyVideo Conference
2009-07-11The Schwarzschild Solution and its Implications for Gravitational WavesVideo Conference
2009-07-04Astrophysical Evidence Clearly Shows No Gravitation-Electromagnetism InteractionVideo Conference
2009-04-12Expanding Earth / We are Currently in the Middle of a Major Scientific RevolutionVideo Conference
2009-03-2139 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 2Video Conference
2009-02-2239 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 1Video Conference
2008-12-21NPA Expanding / Growing Earth Conference Workgroup Planning MeetingVideo Conference
2008-12-14NPA Gravity Conference Workgroup Planning MeetingVideo Conference
2008-12-07NPA Ether Conference Workgroup Planning MeetingVideo Conference
2008-11-30NPA 2009 Conference Planning CommitteeVideo Conference
1997-07-19The First Aether ConferenceConference
1996-06-023rd Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
1994-06-201st Natural Philosophy Alliance ConferenceConference
1994-05-122nd International Symposium on New EnergyConference (Absentia)


Married to JoAnn since 1964, four (4) grown children, one (1) grandson. Degree in General Science from the University of Oregon, 1969, where I studied Accounting, Computer Programing, and Geology.

Worked as a computer programmer on four (4) different machines, in three (3) different languages for forty (40) years. Started using e-mail in 1995, wrote my own web-page in 1998.

Two great disappoints in my life have been in the scientific arena. At one time I had a 50 year subscription to Scientific American, and a 30 year subscription to Science. Not a single breakthrough in physics but grudgingly reporting of breakthroughs in application (engineering) technology. Lots of bragging about magnetic confinement hot nuclear fusion, which never did work.

I have a wide range of interests, some of which I have written illustrated essays about, including the Nature of Light, Magnetism, Gyroscopic Force, Pushing Gravity, Robotic Vision, Global Warming, and Noah's Flood, and recently Michelson's Aether drift experiment

I am an advocate of Aether Physics, but don't have a firm theory.

Experiments by Norman Silliman

An Alternate Test Using an Optical Interferometer
by Norman Silliman
Purpose:To test using an interferometer whether or not aether drift is present.
Outcome:This result is very significant. This device was designed (125 years ago) to detect an Aether flow. This evidence says YES, there is an Aether! And YES, there is a flow! And YES, it is in the vertical plane (z-axis).
Grusenick Effect Replication
by Norman Silliman

Papers by Norman Silliman

In Search of a Single Photon


Norman Silliman
2982 US Highway 87 E, Nixon, TX 87140, United States;, 830 587 6460,

1996, 3rd Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Flagstaff, AZ, United States
Keywords: Photon

Lookup: photon (44)

Physicists Dilemma: Action at a Distance


Norman Silliman
2982 US Highway 87 E, Nixon, TX 87140, United States;, 830 587 6460,

Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on New Energy , pp. 609-620

1994, 1st Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, San Francisco, CA, United States

1994, 2nd International Symposium on New Energy, Denver, CO, United States
Keywords: Action at a Distance

Lookup: action at a distance (2), action (17), distance (13)


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