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Dr. Robert G. Adams

91 Domain Road
Whatakane, Bay of Plenty
New Zealand

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Adams, Dr. Robert G.     (Easy Link:
Electrical Engineer, Inventor (Deceased)

Topics: Expansion_Tectonics
Interests: Aether, New Energy, Biophysics, Wilhelm Reich
Nationality: New Zealander
Born: Thursday, September 2, 1920
Died: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 (Age 85)

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2001/2003The Transistor Enigma and Adams Early Days of Wireless
2001Applied Modern 20th Century Aether Science (Special Update 2001 edition)

Abstracts Online:
1996The Adams & Aspden Motor Patent
1993The Adams Motor


Dr. Robert George Adams

  • Doctor of Science (Hon).
  • The Ancient Royal Assyrian Order of Merit.
  • Founder of the New Zealand Section of the Institute of Electracial and Electronic Engineers Inc., New York (IEEE) 29.5.1968
  • Elected Chairman of Region 10, N.Z.I.E.E.E. (1969 and 1970).
  • Elected Fellow of the New Zealand Electronics Institute 1969.
  • Mumber of Auckland Institute and Museum.
  • Member of The Scientific and Medical Network, U.K.
  • Member of New Zealand Electrical Institute Inc.
  • Member of Royal Society of New Zealand.
  • 1969 - Invented the Adams Switched Reluctance Motor Generator
  • 1975 - Discoverer of the Impulse method of charging batteries
  • 1993 - Discovered a procedure to engineer magnetic polarity reversal
  • 1995 - Invented the Adams Super Power Four Pole Permanent Magnet
  • 1996 - Invented the Mark 024 Thermo Switched Reluctance Motor which resulted in the discovery of anomalous unforseen massive heat energy in addition to electric power generation

Current and Immediate Past Position

Involved in research and development of the Adams Super Power Thermo Impulse Salient Pole Open Magnetic Circuit Reluctance Electric Motor/Generator which incorporates the development of the science and technology involved in the hornessing of aether energy via electromagnetics.

Other Interests and Research:

Seismology and alternative medicine, together with Dr Wilhelm Reich's and Dr Ruth Drown's biophysics.

Interests and Concerns

Surround the imperative requisite that mankind cease and desist confounding the balance of his planets' ecology and focus with urgency upon the sources of clean energy which surrounds him at all times and is free for the taking. Pollution is now unnecessary, as is the wanton destruction of rain forests, waterways and our oceans. Concentration on the pollution of the human body and a reversal to natural medicine accompanied by a sane diet might perhaps be the best first step.

      The Robert Adams Foundation Charitable Trust,
      91 Domain Road,
      Bay of Plenty,
      New Zealand


Books by Dr. Robert G. Adams

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The Transistor Enigma and Adams Early Days of Wireless

by Dr. Robert G. Adams

KeyWords: T. Henry Moray

Year: 2001/2003
ISBN: 0473066785

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Dr. Robert Adams of New Zealand tells all in this intriguing narrative as to who was the original inventor of this device. Adams settles this dilemma for all time in 2001.

Important papers written by a world authority in matters pertaining to Aetheric Energies is included to assist readers not conversant with this important knowledge of factors which explain the Aether and the vital role it plays in crystallography, this author was Ralph Stranger of the United Kingdom, official writer for the B.B.C's World Radio technical Journal of the 20's and 30's (These particular papers were written in 1932). Most of the papers published in this Second Edition are of significance to those who may question the historical truths surrounding the mighty transistor. Much mystery, speculation, intrigue and outright sleaze comes into play as we journey throug the corridors of its birth and subsequent biography. Who, on planet Earth, was it's real inventor and why has it's past become so bogged down in such a veil of ignominy?

View count: 2208
Applied Modern 20th Century Aether Science (Special Update 2001 edition)

by Dr. Robert G. Adams

KeyWords: aether

Year: 2001

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Dr Robert Adams of New Zealand reveals the truth of the history of the transistor/silicon chip - a revelation of monumental significance

IMPORTANT: This publication is no longer in print. The table of contents and selected articles remain browsable online.

The reader is referred to the publication in Nexus New Times magazine of Australia, Vol6, No. 4, June/July issue, of Jack Shulman of the American Computer Company, USA, regarding his "Reverse Engineering Roswell UFO Technology" paper.

Jack Shulman's article addresses certain hypotheses regarding the origin of the "transistor" including such theories which involve Roswell, extraterrestrials and Government agencies alike.

The historical path of intrigue which follows this little device is still causing controversy today - and shouldn't! Who in fact WAS the original inventor of this forerunner to the mighty Silicon Chip? And where and when was it first invented here on planet Earth?

Dr. Adams, in his earlier years, spent much time over the design and construction of vacuum tube amplifiers including experimental experience of discovering similarity in crystallography to vacuum tube technology.  He conceived and achieved considerable success in the application of crystal compatibility in relation to crystal amplification of radio frequency signals.  All this, and more, before the time of the Bell boys. And speaking of crystallography and vacuum tubes, Henry Moray carried out pioneering work on use of crystal plates in vacuum tubes for his Tesla Radiant Energy device in the early 1930's.

Read all about this intriguing enigma of the 'true' history of the transistor in Dr. Adams' 'Second Edition' of Special Update 2001 edition of Applied Modern 20th Century Aether Science.

Other intriguing topics addressed in the Adams book surround all relevant issues pertaining to new energy, aether energy, etc, and deal, in one interesting article, with the myths surrounding claims of 'unity', 'over unity', 'negative point energy', 'zero point', terms used loosely in many new energy publications of the day. He also brings claims of 'over 100% efficiency' of new energy devices into perspective with reality!

Papers by Dr. Robert G. Adams

The Adams & Aspden Motor Patent


Dr. Harold Aspden
Acres High, Hadrian Way, Chilworth, Southampton, Hampshire 5O1 7HZ, United Kingdom;, +44 (023) 8076-9361,
Dr. Robert G. Adams
91 Domain Road, Whatakane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand,

New Energy News, Volume 4, No. 8, pp. 1-7
Keywords: New Energy, Magnetic Mototr

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I first heard of Robert Adams and his motor at a mountain retreat west of Denver, Colorado during the days just before a New Energy Symposium. That was in April 1993. A benefactor [Bill & Lynda Beierwalts] interested in knowing the truths about "free energy" and its potential for solving the world's pollution problems had funded the expenses of the invited speakers and the preliminary "think tank" event at that retreat. My talk was about magnetism and the aether as an energy source, but our "think tank" groups each had an allocated theme. We were expected to point the finger at the best candidate for onward investigation, from the vague information and reports we had about discoveries and claims pertaining to the new energy world.

The Adams Motor


Dr. Robert G. Adams
91 Domain Road, Whatakane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand,

Nexus, Volume 2, No. 11
Keywords: Adams Motor, Magnetic Motors

Lookup: magnetic motors (2), magnetic (55), motor (18), motors (3)

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