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Dr. Nick Begich

PO Box 201393
Anchorage, AK 99520
United States

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Begich, Dr. Nick     (Easy Link:

Interests: New Energy, Science Ethics
Nationality: USA

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Earthpulse Press

2003Earth Rising II: The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul
2000Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace
1995Angels Don\'t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology


Dr. Nick Begich is the eldest son of the late United States Congressman from Alaska, Nick Begich Sr., and political activist Pegge Begich. He is well known in Alaska for his own political activities. He was twice elected President of both the Alaska Federation of Teachers and the Anchorage Council of Education. He has been pursuing independent research in the sciences and politics for most of his adult life. Begich received his doctorate in traditional medicine from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines in November 1994.

He co-authored with Jeane Manning the book Angels Don't Play This HAARP; Advances in Tesla Technology. Begich has also authored Earth Rising ? The Revolution: Toward a Thousand Years of Peace and and his latest book Earth Rising II? The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul both with the late James Roderick. He is also the editor of Newtext: The Flashpoints, a bimonthly new energy newsletter, and Earthpulse Flashpoints, a new-science book series. Begich has published articles in science, politics and education and is a well known lecturer, having presented throughout the United States and in nineteen countries. He has been featured as a guest on thousands of radio broadcasts reporting on his research activities including new technologies, health and earth science related issues. He has also appeared on dozens of television documentaries and other programs throughout the world including BBC-TV, CBC-TV, TeleMundo, and others.

Begich has served as an expert witness and speaker before the European Parliament. He has spoken on various issues for groups representing citizen concerns, statesmen and elected officials, scientists and others. He is the publisher and co-owner of Earthpulse Press and is also under contract as Tribal Administrator/Village Planner for the Chickaloon Village Council, a federally recognized American Indian Tribe of the Athabascan Indian Nation. Begich also serves as Executive Director of The Lay Institute of Technology, Inc. a Texas non-profit corporation.

Dr. Begich is married to Shelah Begich-Slade and has five children. He resides just north of Anchorage in the community of Eagle River, Alaska, USA.

Books by Dr. Nick Begich

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Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology

by Jeane L. Manning, Dr. Nick Begich

Pages: 233
Publisher: Earthpulse Press
Year: 1995
ISBN: 0964881209
ISBN: 978-0964881204

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From a rural location in Alaska, controlled by "Big Oil", the US government is blasting billions of watts of high frequency microwave energy at our protective ionospheric shell which surrounds the earth. Their offical reason is "to see what it does". Several acres of Alaskan land have been dedicated to the construction of the HAARP array (you can actually find a picture of it online...)but it's real purpose runs from the practical (earth tomography (X-ray the earth to look for enemy submarines and secret underground bases)) through the hard to believe (transmission of electrical power without wires (Tesla's idea) through the insane (the complete disruption of global communications and mucking with weather patterns by shifting the jet stream).

This book is so well documented, often citing documents published by the US government itself, that it is absolutely convincing and frightening.  - Anthony G. Holland

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Earth Rising II: The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul

by Dr. Nick Begich

Pages: 224
Publisher: Earthpulse Press
Year: 2003
ISBN: 1890693448
ISBN: 978-1890693442

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Over 300 referenced sources highlight new technologies with devastating implications for privacy, security and democracy. Includes:

  • Underwater Sonars/Possible Death of the Seas
  • Energy in the Air: Implications of Cell Phones
  • Dataveillance, Security, Privacy & End of Road
  • Information Overload/Impacts of Technology
  • Implantable Chips and the New Economy

This generation will determine the direction of our technology as either our master or our servant. This challenges us to seek a better direction for the people of the planet!

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Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace

by Dr. Nick Begich

Pages: 304
Publisher: Earthpulse Press
Year: 2000
ISBN: 189069343X
ISBN: 978-1890693435

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As a great admirer of Dr. Begich, I found the book enlightening, intelligent and not a difficult read at all. I'm certainly no scientist, but found it to be most comprehensible. Earth Rising, opens the eyes as well as the mind to how crucial it is to take care of our planet, home and Mother. It is a book everyone should read so the blinders can be removed as to what is going on in this world that so desperately needs protecting. Thank you Dr. Nick!

An outstanding examination of technological/cultural issues., June 5, 2000

Earth Rising: The Revolution - Toward A Thousand Years Of Peace examines the issue of technology in terms of its impact on human culture and behavior, including such basic concepts as freedom human dignity, sovereign individuality, and sel-determination. Nick Begich and James Roderick collaborate to survey the revolution in military affairs and its impact on personal freedom; mind control and the manipulation of human health through the use of drugs, electromagnetic weapons and other means; non-lethal weapons and their use and impact on people; environmental and weather control; new technologies which will virtually eliminate privacy from the world science; militarization of law enforcement around the country; and updates the HAARP story with additional evidence of the military's plans to manipulate the environment. Highly recommended reading for students of human affairs and the influence of technology on modern life, Earth Rising: The Revolution concludes with solutions that could be initiated and change the implications of these technologies from a negative to a positive impact upon human society.

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Begich's introductory "HAARP update" is only the preamble to a long needed assessment of our modern technological development. Earth Rising ist the up to date comprehensive collection of documented information on the "futuristic" devices that already surpassed SciFi, Fantasy and Hollywood. Begich and Roderick have collected thousands of documents and reference about 600 directly in footnotes. The threat to civil liberty, human rights, health and sanity are real and frightening. Begich's plea for new informed and empowered citizenship redefining our democratic values and taking back control of our future deserves the widest attention. The political implications are far reaching and disturbing but also opening the door to a renewed human society. Not only a must read - but a must have especially for politicians.

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