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Michael D. Riversong
Tel: (307) 635-0900

Tesla Academy
PO Box 2776
Cheyenne, WY 82003
United States

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Riversong, Michael D.     (Easy Link:

Topics: Tesla
Interests: New Energy, Tesla, Environment
Nationality: USA

Related Websites:
Michael Riversong Gateway PESWiki: Michael Riversong Tesla Academy

2006Wheel of Occupations
1996/2008Tesla Dictionary of Advanced Research Terminology
1996Design Ecology
1994, 2005Fundamentals of Harmonic Chemistry

Abstracts Online:
20102009 Extraordinary Technology Conference Summary
2010Electromedicine and its Potential

Event Attendence:
2010-07-29ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2010-07-09Tesla Days and Tesla Science Foundation ConferenceConference
2009-07-30ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2009-07-10Nikola Tesla Energy Independence CelebrationsConference
2008-07-31ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2007-07-26ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2006-07-27ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2005-07-28ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
2004-07-29ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceConference
1989-01-012nd Sympathetic Vibratory Physics SymposiumConference


Michael Doran Riversong has emceed every Extraordinary Technology Conference since the first one in 2004.  Before that he was MC for all the International Tesla Society conferences from 1984-1998.  He has been studying Tesla technology for many years, and applying it to his own teaching in music and healing.  His educational materials are popular with adults as well as children.  He often goes on tour to perform original music on Celtic Harp and other instruments, and teach classes in music, environmental studies, and Tesla research basics.

Books by Michael D. Riversong

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Tesla Dictionary of Advanced Research Terminology

by Michael D. Riversong, J. W. McGinnis

Pages: 19
Publisher: Michael Riversong
Year: 1996/2008

Download and read it now


Dictionary to assist researchers in developing standardized terminology for clear communication.  Available for free download at

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Design Ecology

by Michael D. Riversong

Publisher: Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
Year: 1996
ISBN: 0945685173


How to create healthy living environments. This book has 4 sections:

  • Foundation of the Science
  • Our Invisible Environment
  • Chronic Effects of Household Toxic Chemicals
  • Innovative Solutions

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Wheel of Occupations

by Michael D. Riversong

Pages: 23
Year: 2006

Download and read it now


How an ancient classification of occupations can help with people finding a purpose in life, and create a more healthy economy. Especially recommended for students. Available for free download at

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Fundamentals of Harmonic Chemistry

by Michael D. Riversong

Year: 1994, 2005


Understanding chemistry in terms of harmonic interactions among elements.  Book and CD set, including music demonstrations on the harp.

Papers by Michael D. Riversong

2009 Extraordinary Technology Conference Summary


Michael D. Riversong
Tesla Academy, PO Box 2776, Cheyenne, WY 82003, United States;, (307) 635-0900,
ExtraOrdinary Technology, Volume 8, No. 1, pp. 11-14


Many people came away commenting that the 2009 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque was "The Best Ever!" Some of the comments were made by people who had experienced the excellent teamwork of the old International Tesla Society, so this was a high honor indeed. One of the factors making the conference stand out was the facility, the Nativo Lodge. Not only was it an excellent and beautifully appointed building, but its staff members, particularly Ivan, went out of their way to make sure everything went well...

Electromedicine and its Potential


Michael D. Riversong
Tesla Academy, PO Box 2776, Cheyenne, WY 82003, United States;, (307) 635-0900,
ExtraOrdinary Technology, Volume 8, No. 1, pp. 57-64


Controversy about health cae in recent months has ignored all forms of alternative medicine. It is completely unknown how several methods will fit into the new American system as it is slowlt constructed over the next few years.

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