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Galilean Electrodynamics (ISSN 1047-4811) Active United States
General Relativity and Gravitation (ISSN 0001-7701) Active Select Country
(5 Abstracts),, Editors: G.F.R. Ellis, H. Nicolai, A. Ashtekar, R. Maartens
General Science Journal (ISSN 1916-5382) Active Canada
Geophysical Research Abstracts Active Select Country
Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Physics and Space Science (ISSN 2249-4626 (Print ISS) Active Select Country
(1 Abstracts)
Hadronic Journal Active United States
(23 Abstracts), Founded 1978,, Editors: Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli
Hadronic Journal Supplement Active United States
(4 Abstracts), Editors: Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli
High Tc Update Discontinued 2003 United States
ICFAI University Journal of Physics Active India
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (ISSN 0093-3813) Active Select Country
(8 Abstracts), Founded 1973
Il Nuovo Cimento Discontinued Italy
(10 Abstracts)
Implosion Active Austria
Founded 1961, Editors: Aloys Kokaly, Klaus Rauber
Indian Journal of Science and Technology (ISSN 0974-5645) Active Select Country
(6 Abstracts), Founded 2008,
Indian Journal of Theoretical Physics (ISSN 0019-5693) Active India
(4 Abstracts), Founded 1953, Editors: Kulesh Chandra Kar (Founder)
Infinite Energy Active United States
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (ISSN 0974-8059) Active Select Country
Founded 2009,, Editors: Adel A. Megahed
International Journal of Fusion Energy (ISSN 0146-4981) Discontinued United States
(4 Abstracts), Founded 1983, Editors: Dr. Robert J. Moon, Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., Dr. Winston H. Bostick
International Journal of Theoretical Physics (ISSN 0020-7748) Active United States
Journal for the Study of Consciousness Discontinued 1973 United States
Founded 1968, Editors: Dr. Charles A. Muses
Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy (ISSN 0250-6335) Active India
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1980,, Editors: Rajaram Nityananda
Journal of Borderland Research Discontinued 1998 United States
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1959,, Editors: Meade Layne (Founder), Eric P. Dollard
Journal of Classical Physics (ISSN 0730-2886) Discontinued 1988 United States
(9 Abstracts), Founded 1982, Editors: Dr. Ralph Sansbury
Journal of Consciousness Studies Active Select Country
(2 Abstracts)
Journal of Lightning Research (ISSN 1652-8034) Active Select Country
Journal of Modern Physics (ISSN 2153-1196) Active Select Country
Journal of New Energy Discontinued 2003 United States
(143 Abstracts), Founded 1996,, Editors: Hal Fox
Journal of Scientific Exploration (ISSN 0892-3310) Active United States
(9 Abstracts), Founded 1982,, Editors: Ronald Howard, Bernard Haisch, Prof. Henry H. Bauer
Journal of Sympathetic and Vibratory Physics Discontinued United States
Editors: Dale Pond
Journal of the British-American Scientific Research Association (BASRA) (ISSN 0141-6413) Discontinued 1993 Canada
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1965, Editors: Dr. J. C. Edwards
Journal of Theoretics (ISSN 1529-3548) Discontinued 2004 United States
(59 Abstracts), Founded 1999,, Editors: Dr. James P. Siepmann
Journal of Vectorial Relativity (ISSN 1856 - 6847) Active Select Country
(3 Abstracts), Founded 2006,, Editors: J. G. Quintero
Kronos (ISSN 0361-6584) Discontinued 1988 United States
Founded 1975,, Editors: Lewis M. Greenberg, Dr. C. J. Ransom
Kybernetes Active 1981 United States
Founded 1970, Editors: Dr. Charles A. Muses
Les Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie Active France
Lettere al Nuovo Cimento Active Select Country
(4 Abstracts)
Magnets in your Future (ISSN 0887-5707) Discontinued 2003 United States
(7 Abstracts), Founded 1986, Editors: Tom Valentine, Les Adam, Gloria Genne, Harley Adam, Bill Beaty (Preservation)
MetaResearch Bulletin Active United States
Misaha Discontinued 2004 United States
New Advances in Physics (ISSN 0974-3553) Active Select Country
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter (ISSN 1833-2560) Active Australia
New Energy News (ISSN 1075-0045) Discontinued 2005 United States
(43 Abstracts), Founded 1994,, Editors: Hal Fox, Dr. Patrick G. Bailey
New Energy Technologies (ISSN 1684-7288) Discontinued 2005 Russian Federation
(1 Abstracts), Founded 2001,, Editors: Alexander V. Frolov
New Energy Technology Journal (ISSN 1420-9292) Active Germany
(2 Abstracts), Founded 1996, Editors: Adolf Schneider, Inge Schneider
New Energy Times Active United States
Nexus Active Australia
(9 Abstracts), Founded 1987,, Editors: Callum Coats
Noetic Journal Active Select Country
(3 Abstracts)
Nova Astronautica Active Select Country
(4 Abstracts)
Old and New Concepts of Physics (ISSN 1897-2357) Active Poland
(1 Abstracts), Founded 2004,
Omni Active Select Country
(2 Abstracts)
Open Astronomy Journal (ISSN 1874-3811) Active Select Country
(3 Abstracts), Founded 2008
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