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2013Decoding the Electromagnetic Induction Process by
2014Pair Production - 2 Photons by
2016My Discoveries and Inventions - 1978 to 2016 by
1986Simple pulsed ignition coil circuit for the production of high-voltages by
2016The Theory of Reality by
2014Unity of G with EM by
2016Earth Expansion Major Objections Solved by
2016Maxwell's Aether: A Solution to Entanglement by
2014The Claim that Neumann’s Induction Law Is Consistent with Ampère’s Law Rejected by
2014PR The Use of Coulomb’s Law can Account for the Attractive Force between Electromagnets by
2015The Repulsive Force Within Ampère’s Bridge Explained by Coulomb’s Law and Special Relativity Theory, Taking into Account the Effects of Propagation Delay, by
2015The Electromagnetic Force between Two Parallel Current Conductors Explained Using Coulomb’s Law by
2016 Wesley’s Explanation of Graneau’s Exploding Wires Using Ampère’s Law Questioned by Analysis Based upon Usage of Coulomb’s Law by
2016Analyzing Special Relativity’s Time Dilation Within The Context of Lorentz Relativity by
2016Why the free Electron Mass Plus Free Proton mass Exceeds the Bohr Hydrogen Mass by
2016The Trouble with Modern Physics and the Solution Based on Logic and Metatheory by
2016Aberration of Electric Field and Velocity of Transmission of an Electrical Force by
2016An Explanation for the Cause of Force of Gravity outside General Relativity by
2016Microwaves from Extra Galactic Radio Sources found to Deflect only at Minimum Impact Parameter Corresponding to the Solar Plasma Limb by
2016Special Relativity is Not Needed by
2016Improving CNPS effectiveness through structured communication by
2016Tidal Asymmetry by
2016A Test of Relativistic Simultaneity by
2016A Proposed Fork in the Road of Relativity: Riemann's Euclidean Plane With Constant-Speed-of-Light Relativity VS. Integral Geometry and Wave Relativity by
2016Growing Earth / Expanding Universe by
2016The Tron Theory: A novel concept for the Ether and Matter by
2016Non-Conservativeness of Natural Orbital Systems by
2016Call for a Repel of Physical Theories of the 20th Century by
2016Physical Explanation for Greater Earth Expansion in the Southern Hemisphere by
2016Relativity Is Self-Defeated(1 of 3) —In Terms of Mathematics by
2016Relativity Is Self-Defeated(2 of 3) —In Terms of Physics by
2016Relativity Is Self-Defeated(3 of 3) —Lorentz Factor, Aberration, and Ether by
2016Newton’s Gravitational Law over Dark Matter by
2016Implosion of Aether and Universal Energy Theorem by
2016The Forbidden Equation: i = qc by
2016The Solution to the Ice Age Extinctions by
2016The Forbidden Equation: i = qc by
2016The Solution to the Ice Age Extinctions by
2016Creation of Energy by
2016Physics without Paradoxes by
2016Proposal for Wavelength Meter in Motion to Test the Invariance of Light Speed by
2017Extended Call to Repel the Physical Theories of the 20th Century by
2016A Tragedy in Physics by
2017Einstein’s Repudiation of His Own Theory of Relativity After 1920 by
2017Abolishing the Lorentz Factor by
2017The Candle, The Light Bulb, and The Radio by
2017Experiment and Theory Removing all that Quantum Photon Wave-particle-Duality Entanglement Nonsense by
2017Space Lattice Theory by
2017IMPROVING CNPS EFFECTIVENESS Through Structured Communication: Year 2 by
2017The Highly Collimated Jet Streams of Quasars by
2017The Solar System Resulted by Random Collision by
2016Relativity Is Self-Defeated (3 of 3) - Lorentz Factor, Aberration, and Ether by
2017Aether Concept of Gravity by
2017A Proposed Experiment to Disprove Special Relativity by
2017The Aether: A Balanced Electric Field Medium for Radiation and Gravitation by
2017Comparing Models by
2017Sunspot Cycle, Gravity, and Magnetism by
2017Can Varying Light Speed Explain Photon-Particle Interactions? by
2017The Mandelbrot Set as a Quasi-Black Hole by
2017A Medium for the Propagation of Light Revisited by
2017Comparing Aether with the Particle Model by
2017The 'Ponderable' Aether by
2017The Ionic Growing Earth by
2017Two Experimental Measurements to Define the Laws of Gravitational Force and Motion by
2017How to Win the Nobel Prize by Finding the Mysterious and Much Maligned Aether by
2017Einstein’s Destruction of Physics and Scientific Principles by
2017Physics without Mathematics by
2018Fundamental Errors in Physics by
2003No 'Cloud-Cuckoo-Lands' Any More: Nature Works on the Absolute Ground bySadanand S. Savarkar
2007'It Ain't Necessarily So': Nature's Little Surprises and How to Accept Them (The John Chappell Memorial Lecture) byDr. Peter Marquardt, Dr. Georg Galeczki, Dr. Paul Wesley
1997'Light' is the Subject, not the Object! byDr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney
2008How 'Many Infinities' Are There in Mathematics? byProf. Dr. Velimir Abramovic
1999'New Energy' and Hodowanec's Rhysmonic Cosmology byBill Ramsay
2012'On Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies' is Based on Trickeries byMohammad Shafiq Khan
2011Get 'Real' About Gravity byPaul Schroeder
2006What's Behind Faraday's Magnetic Lines of Force? byIonel Dinu
1985What's the Matter With Matter? byArnold G. Gulko
2009What's Ultimately Possible in Physics? - A Logical Physical Theory byNainan K. Varghese
2001What's Wrong With Newton's Theory of Gravity? byLee Shimmin
1992What's Wrong With Standard Relativistic Fields? byDr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney
2008'Time is the Other Name of 'Space' (Summarized Approach) byProf. Bernard Guy
1911 - 2011 Hundert Jahre Zwillingsparadoxon byLuitpold Mayr
201115.07.2011 - Open letter from Ekkehard Friebe to Prof. Dr. Hermann Nicolai, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics / Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam/Golm byDipl. Ing. Ekkehard Friebe
19751975 - A Space Odyssey: Electrical Phenomena 26 byProf. Eric R. Laithwaite
1984On (3+3)-Dimensional Discrete Space-Time byDr. Ari Lehto
2011186-Ether Transmits the CMBR Frequency byFrancis Viren Fernandes
1994The 1-Watt Challenge byDr. Harold E. Puthoff
1997An A-B-C Preon Model byDr. Delbert J. Larsen
2009Aanand Yoga: The Immanant Yoga for All byProf. Rati Ram Sharma
1995The Aarau Question and the de Broglie Wave byDr. Georg Galeczki
1956Have We Abandoned the Physical Theory of Nature? byBurniston Brown
2004Abandoning the Idea of Relativistic Length Contraction in Relativistic Electrodynamics byNizar Hamdan
2003Abandoning the Ideas of Length Contraction and Time Dilation byNizar Hamdan
2013Aberration by
1991Aberration and the Electric Force on a Moving Charged Particle byProf. David M. Drury
1992On the Aberration, Reflection, Drift and Drag Effects of Terrestial and Stellar Light byProf. Jozef S. Wilczynski
2010Abolishing the Wave-Particle Duality Nonsense byIng. Xavier Borg
2006About Albert Einstein and on the Meaning of his Relativities byDan Romalo
2003Absence of the Relativistic Transverse Doppler Shift at Microwave Frequencies byDr. Hartwig Wolfgang Thim
2009Towards an Absolute Cosmic Distance Gauge by using Redshift Spectra from Light Fatigue byThierry De Mees
6566 (201 to 300)<< 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 >>
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