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Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories

by Dr. Alphonsus G. Kelly

Pages: 320
Publisher: Brown Walker Press
Year: 2005
Kant gegen Einstein

by Dr. Salomo Friedlaender

Pages: 208
Publisher: Book on Demand
Year: 1932/2008

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The Cosmologist's Second: The Riddle of Time in Theories of the Universe (Anomalies : Alternatives to Contemporary Orthodoxies)
     (1991) by Prof. Konrad Rudnicki, 94 pages, Published by Lindisfarne Books
by Nikolay A. Zhuck
     (1952/1960/1961) by Sir Hermann Bondi, Published by Cambridge University Press
Cosmology: Evolution of and in the Universe
by Adolf Duesterhus, 348 pages
Cosmology in a Nature Consisting of Energy
     (1986) by Arnold G. Gulko, 96 pages, Published by Vortex Unlimited
Creation: The Physical Truth
     (2006) by Dr. Harold Aspden, 216 pages, Published by Book Guild Publishing
Creation Solved?
     (2010) by Ron Pearson, 264 pages, Published by Lulu Enterprises
The Crisis of Theoretical Physics
     (1997) by Prof. Philipp M. Kanarev, B. N. Soulimovsky (Translator), Robert J. Hannon (Editor), 140 pages, Published by Krasnodar; Topan Printing Co.
Critical Aspects of the Plate Tectonics Theory, Vol II: The Importance of Transcurrence Phenomena in Mountain Building
     (1990) by Dr. Carl Strutinski, 141 pages
A Critical Look at the Theory of Relativity
     (1976) by Fritz K. Preikschat, 34 pages, Published by Fritz K. Preikschat
A Critical Review of the Available Information Regarding Claims of Zero-Point Energy, Free-Energy, and Over-Unity Experiments and Devices
     (1993) by Dr. Patrick G. Bailey, Toby Grotz
Critical Thoughts and Notions
     (1988) by Duane L. Whitlock, 270 pages, Published by Omega Publishing Service
Criticism of the Foundations of the Relativity Theory
     (2003) by Dr. Sergey N. Arteha, 224 pages, Published by Editorial URSS, Moscow 2004; Publishing House LKI, Moscow 2007
Critique of Physics
     (1931) by Lancelot Law Whyte, 196 pages, Published by W. W. Norton & Co.
Critique of Radiometric Dating (ICR Technical Monograph, No. 2)
     (1973) by Prof. Harold S. Slusher, 58 pages, Published by Master Books
Crustal development and sea level : with special reference to the geological development of southwest Japan and adjacent seas
     (2007) by Michihei Hoshino, Published by E.G. Service
CTG: Capacitance Theory of Gravity, Book II
     (1993) by Morton F. Spears, 120 pages, Published by Quill Publications, Inc.
The Cult of the Big Bang: Was There a Bang?
     (1994) by William C. Mitchell, 240 pages, Published by Cosmic Sense Books
The Curious Man: The Life and Works of Dr. Hans Nieper
     (1998) by Dr. Hans Nieper, 188 pages, Published by Avery
Current Issues in Cosmology
     (2006) by Prof. Jean-Claude Pecker (Editor), Prof. Jayant Vishnu Narlikar (Editor), 278 pages, Published by Cambridge University Press
Curso de Eletrodinamica de Weber
     (1992) by Prof. Andre K. T. Assis, 140 pages, Published by Setor de Publicacoes do Instituto de Fisica da Universidade Estadual de Campinas
The Cycle of the Universe - Further Considerations
     (1992) by Arnold G. Gulko, 84 pages, Published by Vortex Unlimited
Dale Pond, Speaking Freely
     (2006) by Dale Pond, 144 pages, Published by Delta Spectrum Research
The Dance of the Muses: Choral Theory and Ancient Greek Poetics
     (2006) by A. P. David, 304 pages, Published by Oxford University Press
Dark Energy Mystery Solved
     (2010) by Ron Pearson, 312 pages, Published by Lulu Enterprises
Dark Energy Mystery Solved by Big Breed Theory
     (2010) by Ron Pearson, 312 pages, Published by Lulu Enterprises
Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets: Paradoxes Resolved, Origins Illuminated
     (1998) by Dr. Tom Van Flandern, 514 pages, Published by Random House Inc
Dark matter mystery explained by euclidean version of relativity
     (2010) by Frederic Lassiaille, 31 pages, Published by CreateSpace
Das elektrische Einheitsgesetz
     (1966) by Karl D?rr, 32 pages, Published by Schritt Verl.
Das Ma? der Dinge: Protophysik von Raum, Zeit und Materie
     (1997/2002) by Prof. Peter Janich, 340 pages, Published by Suhrkamp
Das neue Weltbild
     (1947) by Ludwig Br?sske, 22 pages, Published by Sanus-Verl.
Das Prinzip des Seins: Ursache und Funktion des Universums?
     (1987/2003) by Harald Maurer, 512 pages, Published by Mahag-Verlag
Das Universum funktioniert anders - Realit?t kontra Relativit?t
     (1998) by Dipl. Ing. Eduard Krausz, 256 pages, Published by Corona Verlag
The Deadbeat Universe
     (1997) by Lars W?hlin, Published by Colutron Research Corporation
Dean Drives and David Mechanics: Inertial Propulsion and the Manipulation of Time in Symmetrical Systems
     (2011) by Steven M. Hampton, Published by Steven M. Hampton
A Debate on the Theory of Relativity
     (1927) by Robert D. Carmichael, Harold T. David, William D. MacMillan, Prof. Mason E. Hufford, William Lowe Bryan, 154 pages, Published by Open Court Publishing Co.
Debunking Physics and Discovering Forever
     (2007) by Stephen Mooney, 12 pages
Decoding the Message of the Pulsars: Intelligent Communication from the Galaxy
     (2006) by Dr. Paul A. LaViolette, 224 pages, Published by Bear & Company
The Deep Hot Biosphere
     (1998) by Prof. Thomas Gold, 235 pages, Published by Springer; 1 edition
Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown
     (2009) by Paul Schatzkin, Published by Paul Schatzkin
DePalma, Free Energy & The N-Machine
by Bruce E. DePalma, J. Nayer Hardin, Published by J. Nayer Hardin
Der fundamentale wissenschaftliche Irrtum der Gegenwart und Erlebnisse bei seiner Korrectur
     (1987) by Dr. Ing. Martin M?ller
Der gigantische Betrug mit Einstein - Historisch und mathematisch
     (1987) by Gotthard Barth, 96 pages, Published by Wissen im Werden
Der S?ndenfall der Physik
     (1990) by Dr. George A. Bourbaki, 206 pages, Published by ?ther-Verlag M?nchen
Der Teil des Ganzen - Kosmologie - Philosophie
     (1980/2006) by , 120 pages, Published by Karlheinz Baumgartl
Der ?ther im Wattebausch
     (1993) by Dr. George A. Bourbaki, Published by Georges Bourbaki
Design Ecology
     (1996) by Michael D. Riversong, Published by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
Design Vs. Chaos: A New Model of the Atom Based on Classical Science and a Biblical World View
     (2003) by Russ McGlenn, 139 pages, Published by Adventure Safaris
The Detection of Ether
     (2002) by Webster Kehr, 164 pages, Published by R. Webster Kehr
Developments in Quantum Physics
     (2004) by Frank H. Columbus (Editor), Dr. Volodymyr V. Krasnoholovets (Editor), 280 pages, Published by Nova Science Publishers
A Diagnosis of Special Relativity
     (2001) by Vertner Vergon, 85 pages, Published by Vertner Vergon
Dialectical Materialism vs. The New Physics
     (2011) by Mike A Gimbel, 96 pages
Dialogues on Modern Physics
     (1998) by Prof. Mendel Sachs, 148 pages, Published by World Scientific Pub. Co. Inc.
Did Einstein Get it Wrong?
     (2006) by Michael J. Kelly, 80 pages, Published by Trafford Publishing
Die Beurteilung der Lichtgeschwindigkeit, Eine Abrechnung mit der Relativit?tstheorie
     (1961) by Ernst Kammerer, 78 pages, Published by Ernst Kammerer
Die Debatte um die Quantentheorie (The Debate on Quantum Theory)
     (1983/1990) by Prof. Franco Selleri
Die Entzauberung Einsteins
     (2005) by Reinhard Rohmer, 286 pages, Published by Naturphilosophischer Verlag Reinhard Rohmer
Die Geschichte des Fachlehrers A. E.
     (1987) by Gotthard Barth, 142 pages, Published by Wissen im Werden
Die Gravitation ist keine Massenanziehungskraft: ?ber Gravitation und Antigravitationseffekte
     (2000) by G?nther H. Baer, 68 pages, Published by Spur Dresden
Die Hin-Krieger
     (1996) by Dr. George A. Bourbaki, Published by Georges Bourbaki
Die im Inneren erd?hnliche Sonne: Eine neue Anschauung von ?ther, Schwerkraft und Sonne
     (1934) by Dr. Hermann Fricke, 70 pages, Published by Verlag Rudolf Borkmann K.-G. Weimar
Die Invarianz der Lichtgeschwindigkeit
     (1957) by Ernst Kammerer, 23 pages, Published by Ernst Kammerer
Die Kultur in Gefahr
     (1928) by Emanuel Lasker, 64 pages, Published by Siedentop, Berlin
Die Linien des Alten
     (2009) by Helmut Hansen, 230 pages, Published by Freie Universitaet Berlin
Die Methode Der Physik
     (1938) by Hugo Dingler
Die Notwendigkeit sanfter naturordnungsgem?sser Erfindungen
     (2000) by Dr. Hans Kaegelmann, 34 pages, Published by Verlag Kritische Wissensch.
Die Physik des Mandala: Ein Archetypus wird entschluesselt
     (2007) by Helmut Hansen, 136 pages, Published by Windpferd
Die ratselhafte Natur - The Puzzling Nature
by Andre Waser, Published by AW Verlag (Luzern)
Die Relativgeschwindigkeit des Lichtes
     (1963) by Wilhelm Fritsche, 179 pages, Published by Selbstverl.
Die Relativit?tstheorie: Eine wissenschaftliche Massensuggestion
     (1920) by Prof. Ernst Gehrcke, 31 pages
Die Relativit?tstheorie: Lehre-Wirkung-Kritik
     (1977/2005) by Dr. Walter Theimer, 200 pages, Published by Mahag, Graz / Francke, Bern und M?nchen
Die spezielle und allgemeine Relativit?tstheorie Albert Einsteins
     (2002) by Dr. Reiner Georg Ziefle, 128 pages, Published by Frieling Verlag Berlin
Die Urknalltheorie faellt. Was von moderner Physik bleibt und faellt. Band 3
     (2005) by Prof. Dr. Gottfried Anger, Dr. Paul Wesley, Dr. Hans Kaegelmann, 64 pages, Published by Argo / Verlag Kritische Wissenschaft
Die Verbindlichkeit frei gesetzter Intentionen
     (1990) by Dr. Bernardo Gut, 255 pages
Die vieldeutige und irref?hrende "Konstanz der Lichtgeschwindigkeit": Weshalb Lichtgeschwindigkeit gr?sser als Lichtgeschwindigkeit sein kann
     (1999) by G?nther H. Baer, 56 pages, Published by Spur Dresden
Die wahre Geschichte der Zeit: Das Weltbild des gesunden Menschenverstands
     (1998) by Reinhard Rohmer, Published by Naturphilosophischer Verlag Reinhard Rohmer
A Different Approach to Cosmology: From a Static Universe through the Big Bang towards Reality
     (2000/2005) by Fred Hoyle, Prof. Geoffrey Ronald Burbidge, Prof. Jayant Vishnu Narlikar, 372 pages, Published by Cambridge University Press
Digital Electronic Design, Volume 1
     (1978) by Ivor Catt, David S. Walton, Malcolm Davidson, Published by C.A.M. Publishing
Digital Electronic Design, Volume 2
     (1978) by Ivor Catt, David S. Walton, Malcolm Davidson, Published by C.A.M. Publishing
Digital Hardware Design
     (1979) by Ivor Catt, David S. Walton, Malcolm Davidson, 104 pages, Published by Macmillan
The Digital World Theory v.1: An Invitation!
by Prof. Lucian M. Ionescu
Dimensional Analysis Through Perspective: A Reference Manual
     (1990/ 2004) by James R. Williamson, Dr. Michael H. Brill, 272 pages, Published by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
Dimensions of Mystery: A Message for the Twentieth Century
     (1952) by Otis T. Carr, 83 pages, Published by Otis T. Carr
The Dingle Affair
     (1977) by Prof. Ian McCausland, 13 pages, Published by Ian McCausland
Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth - Third edition
     (2011) by Stephen W. Hurrell, 218 pages, Published by Oneoff
Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth - First edition
     (1994 - Reprinted 1996 & 2001) by Stephen W. Hurrell, Published by Oneoff Publishing
Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth - Second edition (ebook)
     (2003) by Stephen W. Hurrell, 116 pages, Published by Oneoff
Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History
     (2001) by Dr. Steven M. Greer, 573 pages
The Discontinuity of Motion
     (1973) by Wilfrid Boisvert, 56 pages, Published by Wilfred Boisvert
Discourses & Mathematical Illustrations Pertaining to the Extinction Shift Principle under the Electrodynamics of Galilean Transformations
     (1991/ 2001) by Dr. Edward Henry Dowdye Jr., 110 pages, Published by Edward Henry Dowdye, Jr.
Discovering Universal Reality
     (2008) by Paramahamsa Tewari, 126 pages, Published by Paramahamsa Tewari
Discovery of Aether And Its Science
     (2005) by Dr. Josef Tsau, 129 pages, Published by Infinity Publishing
Discovery of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon: Evolution of the Solid State - Nuclear Physics and the Energy Crisis in 21st Century
     (1998) by Dr. Hideo Kozima, Published by Ohtake Shuppan Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)
The Discovery of Dynamics: A Study from a Machian Point of View of the Discovery and the Structure of Dynamical Theories
     (2001) by Julian B. Barbour, 784 pages, Published by Oxford University Press
Dismantling the Big Bang
     (2005) by Alex Williams, Dr. John G. Hartnett, 356 pages, Published by Creation Book Publishers
Disproving Fake Relativity
     (2002) by Jos Harm Boersema, 54 pages
The Distribution of Mass in the Cosmos
     (1999) by Arnold G. Gulko, 46 pages, Published by Vortex Unlimited
Divine Triplet or the Law of One in considering Gold, Silver & Platinum as applied to the Mind, Body & Spirit
     (1997) by Dale Pond, 110 pages, Published by Delta Spectrum Research
Dr Faustus of Modern Physics
     (2011) by Prof. Claes Johnson
Dr. Nieper's Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society
     (1985) by Dr. Hans Nieper, Published by Oldenburg (Germany), Verlag (MIT)
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