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Pensee Active 1975 United States
Founded 1971,, Editors: David Talbott (Founder), Stephen L. Talbott, Ralph E. Juergens, Dr. Bill Mullen, Dr. C. J. Ransom, Lynn E. Rose
Philica (ISSN 1751-3030) Active United Kingdom
(3 Abstracts),
Philosophy of Science (ISSN 0031-8248) Active United Kingdom
(2 Abstracts), Founded 1934,
PhilSci-Archive Active United States
Physical Review Active United States
(6 Abstracts), Founded 1893,
Physics Bulletin (ISSN 0031-9112) Active Select Country
Physics Essays Active Canada
(177 Abstracts), Founded 1988,, Editors: Dr. Emilio Panarella (Editor), Dr. Michael H. Brill (Associate Editor), R. B. Mann (Associate Editor)
Physics Procedia (ISSN 1875-3892) Active Select Country
Physics Today Active Select Country
(3 Abstracts)
Planetary Association for Clean Energy Newsletter Discontinued 1998 Canada
(8 Abstracts), Founded 1979,, Editors: Andrew Michrowski
Problems for Investigation of the Universe Active Select Country
(7 Abstracts), Editors: Dr. Svetlana Tochel'Nikova-Muri
Proceedings of the NPA (ISSN 1555-4775) Active United States
(619 Abstracts), Founded 2004, Editors: Dr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney
Progress In Physics (ISSN 1555-5615) Active United States
(37 Abstracts), Founded 2005,, Editors: Dmitri Rabounski (Editor in Chief), Florentin Smarandache, Larissa Borissova, Mr. Stephen John Crothers
Pulse of the Planet Discontinued 2002 United States
Pursuit Discontinued 1981 United States
(4 Abstracts), Founded 1966, Editors: Ivan T. Sanderson, R. Martin Wolf
Radio Electronics Active Select Country
(2 Abstracts)
Raum und Zeit Discontinued United States
(12 Abstracts), Editors: Chrystyne Jackson
Reality & Meaning Journal (ISSN 1198-385X) Discontinued 2007 Canada
(16 Abstracts), Founded 1992, Editors: Russ Shurig
Reciprocity Active United States
(3 Abstracts), Founded 1971, Editors: Dewey B. Larson
Rejecta Mathematica Active Select Country
Round Robin Discontinued 1959 United States
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1945, Editors: Meade Layne
Science Frontiers (ISSN 1054-8325) Active United States
Science Progress (ISSN 0036-8504) Active Select Country
Scientific Commons Active Select Country
Social Epistemology (ISSN 1464-5297) Active United Kingdom
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Internet Digest (ISSN 1362-7686) Active United Kingdom
Space Energy Journal Discontinued 2000 United States
Spacetime & Substance (ISSN 1726-4499) Discontinued 2005 Ukraine
Special Relativity Letter Discontinued 2002 United Kingdom
(7 Abstracts), Founded 1997,
Specula Active United States
Founded 1977, Editors: Lt. Col. Tom Bearden
Speculations in Science and Technology (ISSN 0155-7785) Discontinued 1998 Australia
Tesla Coil Builders Association News Discontinued 2001 United States
Founded 1981, Editors: Harry L. Goldman
Tesla Engine Builders Association News Active United States
The 361st Degree Discontinued Select Country
The Toth-Maatian Review Discontinued 1997 United States
(267 Abstracts), Founded 1983, Editors: Dr. Harold W. Milnes, John J. Durie
Untapped Technology in Review Discontinued Select Country
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1994
Vixra Active Select Country
(41 Abstracts),
Wireless World Discontinued 1984 United Kingdom
(13 Abstracts), Founded 1913,
138 (101 to 138)<< 1 | 2 | 3 >>
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