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2004Absolute Motion and Gravitational Effects byProf. Reginald T. Cahill
1994Absolute Motion and Gyromagnetic Gain byGuy Obolensky
1981The Absolute System of Natural Units (Including the Quanta) byDr. Theodore D. Mitsopoulos
2008Absolute and Relative Speeds of Light byDr. Janusz Dyonizy Laski
1996Absolute Simultaneity With and Without Light Signals byDr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
2006Absolute Space, Absolute Time, & Absolute Motion byPeter F. Erickson
1997An Absolute Space Interpretation (with Non-Zero Photon Mass) of the Non-Null Results of Michelson-Morley and imilar Experiments: An Extension of Vigier?s Proposal byDr. Hector A. Munera
1999An Absolute Theory for the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies byDr. Delbert J. Larsen
2012Absolute Time? byDan Romalo
2006Absolute Velocity Resolution of the Clock Paradox byProf. Franco Selleri
2011Absolutes and Confusion or Absolute Confusion byPharis E. Williams
2003Abundant Electric Power for Everyone Or, How the Win Method Works byDr. Win Lambertson
2005But There Are Accelerating Charges byLeslee A. Kulba
2007Accelerating Expansion of the Universe: Yes or No? byBob Day
2000Accountability and Academic Freedom: The Battle Concerning Research on Cold Fusion at Texas A&M University byProf. John M. Bockris
2002Accountability in the Information Era: Lessons from Cold Fusion Furor byDr. Scott R. Chubb
2005The Achilles Heel of Kinematic Theories byDr. Peter Marquardt, Dr. Georg Galeczki
2010Acoustic Michelson-Morley Experiment with an Ultrasonic Range Finder byNorbert Feist
2004Acoustic Simulation of SRT Kinematics byJohn D. Taylor
2006On the ?Acoustics? of Moving Bodies byPal R. Molnar
1999The Action of an Electrostatic Potential on the Electron Mass byV. F. Mikhailov
1995Action and Quantum Mechanics byDr. Peter Marquardt, Dr. Georg Galeczki
2007Action-at-a-Distance: A Key to Homopolar Induction byRicardo A. Achilles, Dr. Jorge A. Guala-Valverde
2006Action-at-a-Distance on the Light Cone byDr. Al F. Kracklauer
1996Action-at-a-Distance and Local Action in Gravitation byToivo Jaakkola
2007Action-at-a-Distance and Local Action in Gravitation byToivo Jaakkola
1990An Active Antenna for ELF Magnetic Fields byJohn F. Sutton, Craig Spaniol
2009Actual Problems of Modern Physics byProf. Philipp M. Kanarev
1996The Adams & Aspden Motor Patent byDr. Harold Aspden, Dr. Robert G. Adams (Subject)
1993The Adams Motor byDr. Robert G. Adams
1994The Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator byWilliam G. McMurtry
2004How Do You Add Relative Velocities? byProf. Zbigniew Oziewicz
2003Addition of Velocities and Electromagnetic Interaction: Geometrical Derivations Using 3D Minkowski Diagrams byDr. Calin Galeriu
2010Additions & Corrections to ONE Reality bySatya Pal Asija
1999Additions to Newton?s Law of Gravitation byRodrigo Bustamante, Rodrigo Bustamante Jr.
2005Adriaan van Maanen's Challenge to the Expanding Universe byRobert S. Fritzius
2009Advanced NaBH4/H2O2 Fuel Cell for Space Applications byProf. George H. Miley, K.-J. Kim, N. Luo, P. J. Shrestha
2000The Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft Project byJean-Louis Naudin
2000Advanced Self-Powered Electric Vehicle Concept byGary Vesperman
2006Advances in Physical Knowledge Presented by the Author at NPA Meetings of the Past Decade byDr. Ing. Martin M?ller
1988Advances with Viktor Schauberger's Implosion System byBorge Frokjaer-Jensen
1997Is There an Aether? byDr. Clarence L. Dulaney
1982The Aether - an Assessment byDr. Harold Aspden
1987The Aether - Comparison With Fact byArnold G. Gulko
1997The Aether as the Cause of Cosmological Redshift byJames B. Wright
2007Aether Causes Anti-Friction in the Planetary Orbits byDavid Tombe
2013Aether Cosmology byBob Ticer
1997The Aether: Defined in Terms of Function, Conceptualized from Known Facts byDr. John E. Chappell Jr.
2005The Aether and its Effects byJames B. Wright
2006The Aether and the Electric Sea byDavid Tombe
1999The Aether: Empirical Evidence, Functional Definition and Realistic Conceptualization byDr. John E. Chappell Jr.
1986The Aether in a Gravitational Field byArnold G. Gulko
2005Aether, the Great Watchmaker byDr. Karim Amen Khaidarov
1996The Aether, Inertia and Cosmology byDr. Peter F. Browne
1996Is the Aether the Reason for the Existence of Magnetism? byDr. Hector L Bonilla
1996Aether Resistance and the Lorentz Transformation bySteven Rado
1992The Aether Revisited byDr. Paul E. Rowe
1997The Aether Revival of Harold Aspden byAlvin W. Miller, Dr. Harold Aspden (Subject)
2008The Aether in Rigid Body Collisions byDavid Tombe
1996The Aether as the Seat of the Quantum Uncertainly: Excitation Characteristics From Oscillator Ground State byAlan McCone Jr.
2008The Aether of Space byIonel Dinu
2008Aether Theory and the Principle of Relativity byDr. Joseph Levy
2009Aether Thesaurus byIonel Dinu
1996Aether Waves and Polarization bySteven Rado
2008Aether-Theory Clock Retardation vs Special Relativity Time Dilation byDr. Joseph Levy
2012Aethereal Fractal Structures for the Electron & Proton byWilliam R. Hohenberger
2004Aethereal Mechanics byDr. Karim Amen Khaidarov
2008The Age of Science as a Religion byProf. Dr. Velimir Abramovic
1948On The Ages of African Land-Surfaces byProf. Lester Charles King
2002The Aharonov-Bohm Phase Shift Related to Strain in the Vortex Sponge byDr. Edward M. Kelly
1990Computer Aided Design of Tesla Coils byToby Grotz
2011An Airplane's Ether Flight byFrancis Viren Fernandes
2008Ajay Sharma Rejustifies His Paper on the Generalization of E = mc2, Pointing Out Elementary Mistake's in Andrew George's Paper byAjay Sharma
1989Albert Einstein and the Theory of the Ether byProf. Ludwig Kostro
Albert Einstein und kein Ende - Zur "Pers?nlichkeit des Jahrhunderts" by
1994The ALCON Levitation Technology: State of the Art and New Advances byJames J. Hurtak, Alan Ames
1996Alcune considerazioni sulli teorie dello spazio e sulle geometrie da Descartes ad Einstein bySalvo DAgostino
1992Alcune Osservazioni sull'Induzione Unipolare byDr. Emidio Laureti
2011The ALFA Model: Absolute Lab Frame and Flexible Aether byDr. Robert J. Bennett
2011ALFA Model Absolute Lab Frame and Flexible Aether byDr. Robert J. Bennett
2011The ALFA Model: Absolute Lab Frame and Flexible Aether byDr. Robert J. Bennett
1977Alfred Noble Flea Market of Physics and Academia byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
2006?Algebraic Chemistry? Based on a ?PIRT? byDr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney
2006Algebraic Chemistry: Parts I-V byDr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney
2010Algorithm for Representation of Prime Numbers - Determinants of a Special Kind byProf. Aleksandr M. Tsybin
2009An All-Encompassing Theory of Nature byRichard Oldani
2005Allgemeinverst?ndliche Widerlegung der Relativit?tstheorie byBernd-Rainer Martens
1986Alpha Coronae Borealis: A Binary Stars System Motion in Contradiction with Relativity Theory byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
2003Altering the Remote Past byAlexander Afriat
2007Alternate Communications for Space Travel byPharis E. Williams
1976Alternate Energy Sources VI byAlexander A. Scarborough
1994An Alternate Interpretation of the 3 K Radiation byDr. Paul Marmet
2007Alternate Theories of Gravity and Geology in Earthquake Prediction byDr. Martin Kokus
1979Alternates to Special Relativity byDr. William M. Honig
1996Alternative Antenna Design Experiments byMelvin Erickson Jr.
1988An Alternative Approach Concerning the Behaviour of Microsystems byProf. Marius Borneas
1998An Alternative Approach to Quantum Projection byDr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
2006An Alternative Electrodynamics to the Theory of Special Relativity byEngr. Musa D. Abdullahi
1999Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. byMark McLaughlin, Dohn N. Riley
1994Alternative Energy Sources: Good News / Bad News and "The 1 Watt Challenge" byDr. Harold E. Puthoff
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