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2010Alternative to the Epoch Time Solution Patching Structure of the Cosmological Standard Model in the Friedman Dust Universe with Einstein's Lambda byDr. James G. Gilson
2008Alternative Formulation of Quantum Mechanics byKoshun Suto
2008A Third Alternative to the Generation of Energy by Fission and Fusion byDr. Robert J. Heaston
2013On the Alternative Interpretation of Special Relativity byDr. Jozef Kajfosz
2010Alternative Interpretation of Special Relativity Formulae byDr. Janusz Dyonizy Laski
2003An Alternative to the Lorentz Contraction Hypothesis: Anistropic Wave Propagation byHarald T. Van Lintel
2009An Alternative Model of Particle Composition and Interactions byJ?zef Kajfosz
2008The Alternative to Nuclear Energy byDr. Peter Graneau
1999An Alternative Picture of the Structure of Galaxies byM. Biesiada, Prof. Konrad Rudnicki, J. Syska
1991Alternative to Relativity including Quantum Gravitation byRon Pearson
1995Alternative Special Relativity Transformations byNeil E. Munch
2007An Alternative to SRT: a Theory Based on the Idea of a Privileged System byMaciej Rybicki
1991An Alternative Theory Concerning the Solar Interior byWalter E. Currah Jr., George W. Harper
2009The Alternative Theory of Relativity and Gravitation byRobert D. Sadykov
2011An Alternative to Waves and Wave-Packets byBill Gaede
1996Aluminum Dust Experiments byCharles L. Morton
1994The Alzofon Papers: Gravity Control byDr. Charles A. Yost
1994An Amended Equation for the Lorentz Force byWilliam F. Wolff
2012Amp?re's Law Proved Not to Be Compatible with Grassmann's Force Law byJan Olof Jonson
2010Amp?re vs. Grassmann on Experimental Grounds byDr. Jorge A. Guala-Valverde, Ricardo A. Achilles
1988Ampere's Law: Comments on a Discussion by Milnes in the Toth-Maatian Review byDr. Harold Aspden
1987Ampere's Original Force Law Compared with the Moyssides-Pappas Results byDr. Paul Wesley
2008Ampere: The Avis Phoenix of Electrodynamics byDr. Jorge A. Guala-Valverde, Ricardo A. Achilles
1993Ampere Electrodynamics byDr. Peter Graneau, Dr. Neal Graneau
1994Only Ampere Forces Explain Railgun Recoil and Wire Explosions byDr. Peter Graneau, Dr. Neal Graneau
1987Ampere Repulsion Drives the Graneau-Hering Submarine and Hering?s Pump byDr. Paul Wesley
1987Ampere Repulsion and Graneau?s Exploding Wires byDr. Paul Wesley
1993Ampere Tension and Newton's Laws byDr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
2006Amplified Doppler Shift Observed in Diffraction Images as Function of the COBE ?Ether Drift? Direction byProf. Carlos Enrique Navia
2011The Analogy between Electromagnetism and Hydrodynamics byArbab I. Arbab
1996The Analogy Between Some Gravitational and Electrostatic Values as Manifestations of the Harmony in the Universe byMaria Medareva
1987The First Analysis byDonald T. MacRoberts
1988Analysis of Compton-M?ssbauer Neutrino Scattering Applicable to Telescopic Imaging byRussell Anania
1997Analysis of the Cylindrical Capacitors Found Within the Hendershot Fuelless Generator byLayne L. Wright
1997Analysis of Don Kelly's Magnet Drop Tests byDr. Charles A. Yost, Donald A. Kelly (Subject)
1994Analysis of an Electrical Switching Circuit byRollo Silver
2008An Analysis of Energy and Charge byArnold G. Gulko
2012Analysis of Lockyer Cubes byGreg Volk
1988The Analysis of Maxwell's Equations: Set 2 byD. E. McLennan
2002An Analysis of Reality byRobert A. Kerr
1997An Analysis of 900 Rotation Curves of Southern Sky Spiral Galaxies: Are the Dynamics Constrained to Discrete States? byDr. David F. Roscoe
1989An Analysis of the Silvertooth Experiment byDr. Chalmers W. Sherwin
1995Analysis of Stellar Aberration Yields the 'Real' Speed of Light byFrank P. Russo
2009An Analysis of the Theoretical Foundations of 20th Century Physics byWalter Babin
1994Analysis of Trouton-Noble Experiment byDr. Howard C. Hayden
2005Analytic Description of Cosmic Phenomena Using the Heaviside Field byThierry De Mees
2002Analyzing Basic Physics byRobert A. Kerr
1994Analyzing Special Relativity with Logic and Semantics byDr. John E. Chappell Jr.
2011Ancient Testimony for a Comet-like Venus byEv Cochrane
2006Anentropic Thermodynamics byStewart Ian Wells
2000The Angular Momentum Aether byProf. Vivian Pope
2010Angular Momentum, Parametric Oscillator and Over Unity byJovan Marjanovic
2000An Angular Momentum Synthesis of Gravitational and Electrostatic Forces byProf. Vivian Pope
2003An Angular Momentum Synthesis of ?Gravitational? and ?Electrostatic? Forces byDr. Anthony D. Osborne, Prof. Vivian Pope
2007An Anisotropic Frame-Effect Explanation for the Anomalous Pioneer Acceleration with Cosmological and Binary Pulsar Considerations from a Gauge Variant Theory of Gravity byWilliam R. Koepke
1996On the Anisotropy of Electron byA. A. Efimov
1987The Anisotropy of Light Velocity byDr. Stefan Marinov
2005Anmerkungen und Schrifttumsnachweise byDr. Hans Kaegelmann
2010First Annual Catholic Geocentric Conference Report bySatya Pal Asija
2007On the Annual and Diurnal Variations of the Anomalous Acceleration of Pioneer 10 byDr. Amitabha Ghosh
1999Anomalies in the History of Relativity byProf. Ian McCausland
1993Anomalous Heat Evolution from SrCeO3 - Type Proton Conductors during Absorption / Desorption of Deuterium in Alternate Electric Field byDr. Tadahiko Mizuno, Michio Enyo, T. Akimoto, K. Azumi
2002The Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Electron byA. M. Awobode
Anomalous Mass of the Neutron Explained Through the Model "N=P+S" byWladimir Guglinski
1993Anomalous Radioactive Variations byJoe Parr
1984Anomalous Sonic Booms byDr. Carl A. Zapffe
2008About an Anomaly that Breaks Relativity byHelmut Hansen
1996Another Aftershock for the Big Bang byDr. Tom Van Flandern
1999Anschaulichkeit - ein Missverst?ndnis in der Physik? byWolfgang Neundorf
1999Answer to a Question About the Hafele-Keating Experiment byProf Francisco J. M?ller
1993What, If Anything, is the Anthropic Cosmological Principle Telling Us? bySilvio Bergia
2009Anthropology and Parallelism : The Individual as a Universal (final journal version) byDr. Marvin Eli Kirsh
1996Anti-Gravity byJohn Grow
1989Anti-Gravity Electronics byDr. Harold Aspden
1996Anti-Gravity/Energy Converter byJohn K. Hutchison
1997Anti-Gravity from Finland (No Doubts About It) byMartin Holwerda
1994Anti-Gravity or Inertial Propulsion byDr. Harold Aspden
1996Anti-Gravity Machine byHenry P. Dart III
2010Anti-Gravity Model of The Sun byGoran Mitic
2007Anti-Relativity Just Like Anti-Ghost byProf. Zifeng Li, Tianjiang Li
1996The Antigravitation Force in The Balanced Rotating System byV. Kashuba
1994Antigravity on the Rocks: The T. T. Brown Story byJeane L. Manning
2004Antiquanta Discovered byDr. Vyacheslav N. Streltsov
1995Antisymmetrical Cosmology byProf. Mahmoud A. Melehy
1998An Ants-Eye View of Quantum Mechanics byMike Johnson
1998The Apocalytic Photon byJames Carter
2008The Apollo Moon Landings Is A Put-up Job byProf. Zifeng Li
1994Apparatus and Techniques for Energy Machine Waveform Acquisition byWalter L. Rosenthal
1994Apparatus and Techniques for Energy Machine Waveform Acquisition byWalter L. Rosenthal
2009Apparency and Actuality byDr. Marvin Eli Kirsh
2000The Apparent Constant Velocity of Light byDr. Paul Marmet
1999Apparent Negative Electrical Resistance in Carbon Fiber Composites byDr. Deborah D. L. Chung, Shoukai Wang
1996Apparent Super-luminal Jets as a Test of Special Relativity byDr. Curtis E. Renshaw
2000Application of Bi-Quaternions In Physics byAndre Waser
2009Application of Field Structure Theory to Fundamental Physics byDon Briddell
2009An Application of the Lorentz Transformation byDr. Wolfgang Engelhardt
2000On the Application of the Lorentz Transformation in O(3) Electrodynamics byDr. Myron W. Evans
1999Application of Thermodynamics of Cosmology byBernard R. Bligh
1989Applications of Dimensional Analysis to Cosmology and Atomic Theory byDavid T. Lewis
2007Applications of a Geometric Expansion Model to Cosmology byJohn M. Kulick
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