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Questioning the Cosmological Doppler Red-Shift

Raymond H. Gallucci
Year: 2013 Pages: 14
Keywords: Doppler, Red Shift, Galilean, tired Light

Linked with the concept of a cosmological Doppler red-shift is an expanding universe with rapidly receding stars, galaxies, etc.  Assuming no form of matter, especially a reasonably macroscopic and tenuous one like a star, let alone an entire galaxy, could possibly travel at speeds approaching that of light and remain ‘intact’ (except, perhaps, something as dense as a neutron star), the only possible way for such an entity to exhibit recession speeds approaching that of light would be for space itself to be expanding.  And whether one accepts the traditional or Galilean Doppler red-shift as the correct explanation, one is still left to conclude that ‘something’ is ‘racing away.’  I endeavor to cast doubt on the traditional explanation of a cosmological Doppler red-shift due to universe expansion.  A Galilean Doppler red-shift may be an equally plausible explanation for those who adhere to the premise of stars, galaxies, etc., receding for whatever reason.