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Basic Historical, Philosophical and Physical Reasons for Denial of Main Physical Theories of the 20th Century.

Peter Sujak
Year: 2015 Pages: 12

The purpose of the physical theories by theoretical physicist produced in the 20th century (special and general relativity, quantum mechanics, force fields theories using force-mediating particles, the Big Bang and the Higgs boson theory) is to conceal the existence of physical fields as a real material media. Force action of these media is replaced in these theories by the mathematics of kinematical quantities. In fact, the kinematical quantities describe the physical, material world, which works on the principle of balance and changes of pressure of the densities of the material body and of the material force fields around these bodies. Without the recognition of the existence of physical fields as real physical substance all mathematical descriptions of physical reality are only the kinematical numbers of the ratios of the lengths and times on paper. Under the supervision of the power structure and media are these physically deformed theories untouchable truth of the order of the universe, as was the case in the past, in the case of Ptolemaios geocentric mathematical description of the universe untouchable truth for 1500 years.
Special relativity has removed from the physics of the ether as a real physical media discovered by many generations of physicists at hundred year lasted exploring the phenomena of electricity and magnetism during the 19th century. General relativity eliminated from physics the ether as a real physical media of the gravitational field discovered by many generations of physicists around Newton. Big Bang removed the media from the Intergalactic Space (ether, dark energy) about which the Hubble until the end of his life, assumed that it may be the main cause of the observed red shift in the spectra of galaxies. Quantum mechanics and the theory of Higgs boson removes from the physics the ether, in quantum physics known initial medium at creation and annihilation of matter particles from and into the electromagnetic waves.