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On the Structure of Atoms

Duncan W. Shaw
Year: 2015 Pages: 2
Keywords: atoms,structure

The idea of atoms being structured by particles that are physically attached to each other, like connected pieces of a Meccano set, has been around a long time. As a broad proposition, it has a certain appeal. However, it is not in vogue at the present time, perhaps because it is difficult to envision its precise details, such as how might the particles be shaped and how can they physically form structures. Present day science conceives that forces, such as the strong force and electromagnetic forces, provide atoms with structure. What if the force concept turns out to be wrong? Then, the physical attachment approach comes back into focus.

This article brings the physical attachment concept back into consideration. It suggests that atoms are structured by means of their constituent particles being physically connected to each other. Implications of the concept are discussed in the article.