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SciFlix Film Festival Open for Entries!

SciFlix Film Festival Open for Entries!

logoIn conjunction with the CNPS, the first Science Flix Film Festival is now accepting entries for the film festival from August 5-8, 2015 at the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton Florida.

Mission Statement

To showcase science films and filmmakers that challenge mainstream science spanning the topics of scientific injustice, new science, challenging mainstream science, and science conspiracies. SciFlix will employ some of the best scientists working outside the mainstream to act as screeners and judges to all festival films along side film experts to provide a unique critique to all film submissions and winners.


Film festivals today, especially documentary film festivals, do not include scientific injustice in their venues. There are two major reasons for this. One, film festivals are run by those who follow mainstream science blindly and see any challenges as being “crackpot” science. Two, film festivals are afraid to look “foolish” in the public eye if they screen a film that goes against what is considered to be fact in mainstream science. We feel there is a big need in the film festival community to stand up and challenge mainstream science through the eyes of those brave filmmakers who dare to take on today’s science mainstream which lacks the pressure to confront errors, contradictory data, and evidence that requires science to go back to the basics and start anew.

Judging Criteria

Each film, lecture or edutainment video will be judged by a scientist and filmmaker using these Criteria:


Submission Open Online

For our first film festival, we accept all documentaries on science including dissident, mainstream, and even conspiracy. The film festival accepts all entries regardless of their production date or distribution history.

To submit, click below:

Become a Judge from Anywhere in the World!

We are looking for science and film judges for the film festival.  Good news is, you can do this from anywhere in the world!  All screenings will be online via the internet.  All you need to have is a computer and a decent internet connection.

If you are interested in helping out, click here: http://sciflix.org/participate/


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