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CNPS 2019 International Conference

Dates: 2019-06-26 - 2019-06-29 US/Eastern (1 month 3 days from now)

Where: Seattle, United States Venue: The University of Washington

Attendees (Yes)

Abuja FCT
Electrical engineer
Electromagnetism, Elctrodynamics, Gravitation, Relativity
Boca Raton FL
Supercomputers, Artist, Filmmaker
Particle Model, Light, Neomechanics, Growing Earth, Autodynamics
Boca Raton FL
Electrical Engineer
Particle Model, Gravity, Light, Electricity
Frederick MD
Nuclear Engineer
Cosmology, Natural History, Relativity, Gravity, Galactic Phenomena, Aether, Variable Light Speed, Plasma Universe, Early Earth
Prairie Village KS
Electrical Engineer, Inventor
New Energy
Seattle WA
Software Engineer
Unification theories, Gravity, Atomic structure
Ridgefield Park NJ
Ether, relativity, gravity, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, cosmology,
West Brookfield MA
Grand Unification / World Sustainability, A3Society
Professor of Bioengineering
Water, Structure, Crystals
Vancouver WA
relativity, cosmological evolution, solar system formation, human evolution
Vancouver BC
Lawyer, Judge, Scientist
Gravity, Ether, Electricity, Magnetism, inertia and structure of atoms
Laguna Niguel CA
Computer Scientist, Photographer
Engineering, astronomy, physics
Arlington MA
Physicist, Editor of Galilean Electrodynamics
Dublin California
Relativity, South China Normal University