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Prof. Joe Alexander Nahhas
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Prof. Joe Alexander Nahhas


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2009-11-07 15:41:31
For 350 years of Modern Era of physics, physics is solved in event (past time) time. Solving Physics in real (present) time produced 1001 new real time physics formulas re-writing physics and the history of physics. It is not just Einstein and few Dozen other Nobel prize winnrs physicists of silly space-time are wrong; Physics is wrong for past 350 years starting with Newton. To see how real time physics work and how real time physics is better than anything said or published of past days start with "planetary mtoion around the sun deleting relativity without loss of subject". It will demonstrate what is real time physics and how for 350 years Newton's - Kepler's equations are solved in event time and when solved in real time it matched experiments, annaxed quantum mechanics as part of classical physics and deleted relativity in its entirety. Real time physics is real time physics formulas that answers all other mechnics can answer and more; it solved dozens of physics probelms that had been waiting on discovery for decades or centuries. Real time physics is a three dimensional Eucleadean space absolute time description of the Universe that describe the physical Universe as made out of particles and particles visual effects were modeled approximately like a wave. Real time physics solved (1)the wave-particle duality a particles with wave like visual effects, (2) showing that dark energy does not exist and (3) the big bang never happened and (4) the expanding universe is silly and (5) The nuclear structure as described by Nobel prize winners is bougs (6) space measurements are erronous and space -time is a Looney tune (7) High energy particles is bad physics (8) Binary stars motion that defied all other physics theories (9 - 1001) solved few dozen hundreds other physics probelms. Real time mechanics is the Alternature physics of the near future. Real time Mechanics can replace all four mechanics classical quantum relativistic and ten dimensional strings theories. Real time physics is better than all said or published physics of past days regardless of what all 100,000 living physicists have to say about it because it matches experimental resaults and proves that modern physics theories of past four hundred years mathematical solution is wrong and based on wrong data. Yes, I am saying professors and their student had/have been solving Newton's - kepler's equations wrong for past 350 years and the correct solution is real time physics matches experiments and ends relativty theory. You and your professor! Yes it is better than anything said and published including 109 years of Nobel prize winner physics and 400 of astronomy. It is posted below and I am daring all to prove me wrong.
2009-11-07 16:53:17
Special Relativity theory is based on and can be derived from two erroneous principles Lorentz's length contraction based on Michelson "junk" on a round rotating table and the silly principle of constant velocity of light. These two wrong principles Einstein built on could only produce wrong theories. Relativity theory is wrong because it is based on wrong experimentation. Furthermore accepting relativity theory and its four dimensional physics structure was/is the down fall of physics from science to to fiction, or you call the 8/9 of all energy is mysterious dark energy that exists but not detectable Physics?!. See the proof below "relativity theory is based on two errouneous principles". I dare anyone to prove it wrong.
2009-11-11 16:44:24
General relativity theory elimination from classrooms and scientific calcualtions is a matter of time and not a matter of science. Real time mechanics is the Alternative to relativity theory. General relativity theory is not only wrong but silly to say the least. Why I am sure of that? Because General relativity theory does not have experimental proofs. What is given as experimental proofs is "Junk" experimental proofs I found it wrong at age 15 in summer of 1973 and proved it wrong at age 19 in fall of 1977 using the same data used by Nobel prize winners to prove it right. I challenge anyone to prove Real time physics wrong. General relativity theory most talked about and classrooms taught experimental proofs are five proofs (1) Merucry's Peihelion and (2)Harvard Dr Shapiro interplanetary telecommunications time delays and (3) Global Positioning systems GPS (4) Light bending (5) Gravitational red shifts and these articles below are open to anyone to prove me wrong and these proofs below said all General relativity theory experimental proofs are due to signal time delays or a case of four hundred years of astronomers that can not read a telescope. There is one more thing relativity or not, no one ever explained Bianry stars motion except real time delays new physics formula shown below. Binary stars motion is where relativity theory collapsed and proven wrong. Go to NASA website and type "Apsidal motion 2009" Dr Gunian Torres Ribas Etc (15 authors- not any authors but the top astronomers of the world) Look for apsidal motion of CM Draconis binary stars motion and see for yourself how relativity is all wrong proven by the masters of space observers and how real time physics solved it and why it works and is more superior to anything said or published in Mechanics. This 150 years apsidal motion puzzle is only solved by real time physics and the ten most famous cases that Einstein and all his followers could not solve by any physics is solved below and these 10 cases of Binary stars are picked by the top masters of astrophysics americans and Europeans(see below). Relativity theory could not solve and can not solve binary stars motion becuase it does not account for rotations. Relativity theory can not come close to solving Binary stars motion. I solved them with the same equation I solved planetary motion and got better results better than anything said or published. There is no hope that relativity theory can ever solve such simplest prbolem in all of physics. The simplest problem in all of physics is Binary stars motion or the physics of the two objects in motion around each other. Relativity theory did not account for spin of planets and stars and when real time physcis accounted for motion and spin real time delays everything came out like physics, real time physics or physics at its best. Most people do not know that Modern Physics failures are ennormous but it is all hidden and twisted because with 100,000 high paid physicists and few labs created "Paper" physicists and "physicists without labs" and when there is labs and not enough funding physicists rigged physics and when there was labs and enough funding and "no" discovery physicists created the magic sock and they are saying anything publishing anything based on nothing for jobs money prestige Nobel prizes and absolutely no physics.
2009-11-13 14:57:25
Real time Physics is:We can not see things that did not happen. We can see things that had happened. We see things in present time of what happened in past time as follows {Present time = present time}; {present time = past time + [present time - past time]}; {present time = past time + time delays}; {real time is = present time = event time (same as past time) + time delays}. Solving physics in real time produces new physics formulas that expalin Modern Physics is at least 85 % garbage starting with relativity theory. look at the article below "planetary motion around the sun deleting relativity without loss of sucbject" If you can prove it wrong then I am a no good Looney tune but for now 100,000 PHD living Physicists solving 350 years old Newton equation wrong and I am saying they are the looney tunes saying there is no space but space-to time -back to space jumping with experimental proofs of a Looney tune becuase all these experimental proofs are visual effect with total scientific value of 1/2 rotten Onion including 109 years Of Nobel prize winners physics and 400 eyars of astronomy.Yes I am saying that Nobel prize winners four dimensiaonal and 10 dimensional physics is garbage and Physics has a new Master to change physics and the history of physics. If you can prove wrong "Planetary motion around the sun deleting relativity without loss of subject" e-mail me I will delete my page and shut up but for all hatters I am better than good I am the discoverer of real time physics. This article show how to go from event time to real time and it show why Einstein's relativity and all 100,000 physicists are wrong and it gives the basis that deliever that Einstein's relativity is not only wrong but sutpidity itself.
2009-11-19 21:16:43
Nuclear energy research is as worthless as it gets. New sources of energy requires the elimination of bad physics and bad physics is Nobel Prize winner text book and college classroom taught physics of space-time confusion of physics and most famous energy fraud symbol E = mc?. Instead of dumping space-time physics and restore E = mc?/2 theorized by Newton physicists went into a total confusion between science and fiction between creative and screwy changing form a four dimensional physics to a ten dimensional Maze that meakes me want to puke when I hear the name "physics". Why I would say confusion of Physics? scientists look at an event in two different time frame and say it is two different particles when it is the same particle. Nuclear energy research and Dark energy research is based on absolute garbage experiments that shows the Character of of the scientific community that that it is not a bit about science or research but about right out milking money and looting funds and not for producing energy. Nuclear scientists knew how much money they can loot if they came up with anything to a scientifically ingorant burucracies and gave them pictures of at a particle in two different time frames and said see! It is a new born! It is a new order of particles and new funds for saying anything publishing anything based on nothing and Nobel prizes attached. Premier Physics chair departments has no one to look over them and ask them how come 8/9 of all Physics claims has no proof? how come 8/9 of energy claims energy research claims of great science but it is not dectetable energy? Energy existence is based on particles existence but scientists say they exist but unforutnatly not detectable. Nuclear physics is the physics domain where no one ever question scientists because they are few individuals in few multibillion dollar facility and an absolute monopoly and those few are absolute untouchables. The fire at the LHC is an exmaple of untouchable scientists who would say anything publish anything based on nothing and nothing is Nuclear physics where scientists want to preserve energy fraud symbol E = mc(squared)and in the process wasted a century chasing their tail in boats nice houses Nobel prizes and luxury of the untouchable and absolutely no physics. My proof of that is posted below. [ see below reines-cowan nobel prize winner mistake]. I am not only saying that nuclear scientists are fraud and are screwy. I am saying their experiments are fraud and screwy for a long time!like Chadwick, Rossi, Anderson,Reines,--, Etc --- to 2008 LHC experiment. I am not saying nuclear scientists are fraud. The proof of their fraud is posted below and I dare all to prove it wrong
2009-11-14 01:05:22
Physics is dead and what is left is physics business and physics business is not necessarily science or scientific. Big Physics insitutions that created a monopoly on science and demanded big payrolls and fundings operate like corporations with profit-loss calculations and for profit publications. What happens when there is not enough funding or if there is enough funding but there is no disocvery? Enterpruners do what Wal-street did to all others and that is prestigeous universities physics departments faculty and national laboratories researchers will say anything publish anything based on nothing for jobs money prestige Nobel Prizes and not physics.I am not saying scientist are crooks. What I am saying is that scientists will flip to crooks if needed. Scientists said anything Published anything based on nothing and nothing is at least 85% of all of Mdoern Physics. We have four and ten dimensional Universe taught without a proof that we can not even imagine and we have to accept it as reality when the only reality is that it is not physics . Energy research is the mother of all fraud because the desperate politicans are shelling money and the bogus claims are raining bogus claims that 8/9 of the universe is there but it can not be found or detected or harrnessed yet?! And this slick energy bird on a virtual tree called dark energy is there and if yall hand money physicists will study it more for funding themselves to walk the dogs and no energy. Elementary particles high energy physics is best decribed as Billy Bob production. Why anyone want to beleive that a particle have a life time of 1/10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (higgs bosons)of one second without a proof. Virtual interactions that looks and read like chicken scratches with no proof. Expanding Universe based on optical illusions Black holes of hollywood fiction..Etc all without a proof. Hey dude I am not a member of scientifically ignorant USA congress to tell me all of that. Go call your congressman and tell him dead physics stories for him to write you a check. Nuclear and high energy research publications has more use in bathrooms than classrooms.Scietists had cheated since the start of the industrial revolution and with new strings of Enterpruners rigging is the greatest skill of the 100,000 physicists on campuses. Physics is at least 85 % fraud like palm reading and the difference between a modern physicist and a modern Gypsy palm reader is the flip of a coin. It is time for a change , a regime change. A change that prove that the difference between a Nobel prize winner four dimensional physics and palm reading gypsy manual is the flip of a coin. This much needed proof is called "real time physics" explained below. The other 15 % is old classical physics technological sucesses like information transfer in solids or wirelss called internet. Read my article relativity theory is dead. E = mc(squared) the prime mistake of the 20th century. MU-Meson experimental fraud. Reines - Cowan experiment wrong.
2009-11-23 02:25:53
Newton's - Kepler's equations were solved wrong for 350 years and the correct real time soltuion wipes out all other Mehanics without loss of subject. Yes a real time solution of Newton's - Kepler's equations deletes relativity and quantum mechanics without loss of subject. Read planetary motion around the sun and see the founder of real time physics in action! wiping all other mechanics in one line!
2009-11-23 19:02:12
The LHC experimentis celebrations set to predict creation. Keep an eye watch on the time frames of data.There are four different detectors. In the original 1953 Neutrino experiment there was two telescopes that registered the same event and Reines and Cowan claimed it is two different events and the world stuck with the Neutrino and the Standrad Nuclear Model without a Proof and ended with the dark energy virus. This Large Hadronic Collider uses the same Nuclear energy formulas and have the same quest and that is finding a theorized new nuclear particle with name Higgs Boson particle. In 1953 we stuck with The Neutrinos and that Led to the Most expensive Nuclear reasearch named the Standard Model based on incompetent proofs. In this experiment there are four detectors and from the size of the colliding chambers and the scope of the circulating beams there would be more visual effects and more room to theorize not only higgs bosons but a Nuclear Model to fit any Nuclear Portfolio. It is time to expose Alfred Nobel Physics and show it is based on Physics business and not science. In the original Reines Cowans experiment I found that the entire experiment as not adeqaute and did not prove the existence of the neutrino
2009-12-11 14:37:07
Dark energy research is all fraud based on 20th century energy fraud symbol E = mc? when Newton defined it E = mc?/2 and einstein doubled it without a proof forcing physicists to chase their tail and in the process they ended with E = mc?/9 detected and E = 8mc?/9 still missing leading to chase frenzy over a virtual energy treasure that only exist on campus for Funding purposes. I am not saying that physicists are fraud I am posting the proofs of their fraud. read my article E = mc? greatest mistake of the 20 century. Read Reines cowans mistake. Read relativity theory is dead. Read space-time Illuions Poison
2010-01-12 09:16:47
Ending Einstein is simple because all relativistic experimental proof are visual effects and is/can be done by this one equation or the correct time equation T = t Exp i w; w = acr tan (v/c)
2010-01-27 03:40:15
The 400 years Astronomical mistake is found in your Arithemetic book and said astronomers do not use a telescope and that is because we orbit and spin while we measure stull the Mistake is ?'(e) = [v* (e) +/- v? (e)]/r [v* (e) +/- v? (e)]/r = [spin and orbit of earth speeds]/distance of observed objects and in secondsof arc per century: The Mistake is ?'(e) = [v* (e) +/- v? (e)]/r (180/?) (3600) (36526/T)
2010-12-12 12:33:41
I = I I = O + (I - O) I/O = 1 + (I - O)/O (I/O)q = q + [(I - O)/O]q Visual = actual + [visual - actual] Quantum = classical + relativistic classical + Einstein Illusion = classical + relativistic Einstein's Illusions = relativistic Modern physics = classical + relativistic stupidity