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Dr. Peter Sujak
local time: 2024-07-17 13:36 (+01:00 )
Dr. Peter Sujak (About)
CNPS Member
physicist, nuclear physicist
Interests: Fundamental Physics, Unification, Relativity, Aether, Quantum Mechanics Age: 62

I was born on 10 July 1957 in the city Sahy at the south of Slovakia.

After five year study 1976-1981 in year 1981 I earned my Masters degrees in Experimental Nuclear Physics at the Comenius University in Bratislava the Capital city of Slovakia. Following graduation I worked for Nuclear Power Plant Research Institute in city Trnava. In year 1982 I earned a Doctorate in Nuclear Physics. In year 1985 I participate one month in research study at Nuclear Research Facility Dubno in Russia. Since year 1987 till 1990 I worked for Headquarter of Radiation Monitoring Centre in Prague. Since year 1991 I am working for computer and software company Elektra-Olymp in Prague. Since 2007 I am working for this company part time. Since year 2008 till 2010 I attended extra recharging study in ground physical platform of contemporary fundamental physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. Since year 2007 I am working full time like independent physicist on fundamental problems in Physics. I am a chairman of nonprofit organization Gluon o.s. reside in Prague, based to help and propagate new scientific information. Since 2010 I am preparing a book with preliminary title Basic physical principles of unified physics in 21th century.



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