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Alexander A. Scarborough
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Alexander A. Scarborough (Books)

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by Alexander A. Scarborough

Pages: 344
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Year: 2008
ISBN: 1425165850
ISBN: 978-1425165857
ISBN: 978-0930258108

Websites: www.trafford.com/07-3047

Paraphrasing Thomas Kuhn in his Structure of Scientific Revolutions, there can be no change in direction of scientific thought unless there is a viable alternative. Now after 35 years of persistent research, the author's plethora of substantiated evidence offers science a valid alternative to the Big Bang: the LB-FLINE-BEC model of universal origins, one that fulfills Einstein's prediction, and meets Kuhn's criteria.

In fulfilling both predictions, the new model reveals a plethora of impossibilities comprising the Big Bang myth, while forming powerful arguments for relegating the Big Bang to the ashes of history.

The revolutionary model, a macroscopic theory of everything, is ideal for a microscopic Theory of Everything. Thomas Huxley stated it best: "The microcosm repeats the macrocosm," a connection placing science in a favorable position for attaining the long-sought Theory of Everything.

As long as the Big Bang/Accretion hypotheses remain in vogue, comprehending universal origins and functions will remain impossible. In sharp contrast, the new model alternative opens floodgates to definitive evidence of universal origins and functions.

Why, in the Big Bang perspective, substantiated solutions to universal anomalies will always remain unattainable, while in the LB-FLINE-BEC perspective, substantiated solutions to universal anomalies are readily attainable? Three simple and beautiful examples (out of many):

  1. The dynamic fiery, geometrical spacing of planets in elliptical orbits.
  2. Why Pluto was originally the tenth planet in our Solar System, and now is the ninth planet.
  3. Why extra-solar systems are weirdly different from our geometrically-spaced Solar System.


"Scarborough leaves no holes in his persuasive argument.  His impeccable logic, accurate facts, and sound evidence rewrite dogma in a manner that would stifle almost any attempt at a rebuttal." -- Dimitri Veras, YALE SCIENTIFIC

"I read the book several times, and find it to be the most brilliant and fascinating work I have seen in many years." -- Brigadier General Gordon G. Carson III (Ret)

"...a factual, easy-to-understand concept that makes a lot of sense.  It provides answers to scientists who rethink current beliefs about planetary origins and evolution." -- Dr. Morton Reed, Professor of Thermodynamics

"We must forsake such beliefs that Earth and the Universe are flat, that active planetary cores are iron, rock, or metal, that hydrocarbon fuels were made from fossils, that energy is finite, that Pluto is not a planet, that planets are created from gaseous dust-clouds, and that comets are dirty snowballs.  Such concepts too long have misled scientists down blind alleys." -- Alexander Alan Scarborough, Author

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by Alexander A. Scarborough

Pages: 180
Publisher: Author House
Year: 2002
ISBN: 0759684170
ISBN: 978-0759684171

Well-substantiated, overwhelmingly persuasive evidence, structured with works of Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Descartes, Einstein and Scarborough's revolutionary Fourth Law of Planetary Motion (1995), supports definitive paradigms that are destined to displace conjectural beliefs about solar system origins and planetary evolution.

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by Alexander A. Scarborough

Pages: 136
Publisher: Authors Choice Press
Year: 1996/2000
ISBN: 0595155901
ISBN: 978-0595155903

In this revolutionary work, Scarborough takes us from the Copernican idea of our sun-centered Solar System to the recent discoveries of giant exoplanets as he seeks to do no less than rebuild the foundations of knowledge of the origins and evolution of planets. A retired researcher, he offers new answers to questions that have puzzled philosophers for centuries: How did Planet Earth come into being? How and why did the planetary orbits of our Solar System form in a mathematical pattern? The answers will cause scientists to rethink beliefs about the origins and evolution of planets.

Scarborough addresses these profound questions with powerful substantive evidence that voids the need for speculative uncertainties now common in current theories of planet formation. The book opens with an insightful and startling account of his solution to the new Fourth Law of Planetary Motion explaining how the nebulous planetary masses attained their orbital spacing around the sun. With Kepler's Three Laws of Planetary Motion, the Four Laws reveal the explosive, dynamic origin of our Solar System some five billion years ago, and thus challenging the modified Laplace accretion concept of planet formation.

The author then gives definitive insights into how and why each planet evolves through five common stages of evolution in full accord with size.

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by Alexander A. Scarborough

Pages: 194
Publisher: Ander Publications
Year: 1991
ISBN: 0930258038
ISBN: 9992711175
ISBN: 978-9992711170

     The concepts in this book are the culmination of eighteen years of research and writings on scientific theories of origins from ancient to modern times.  In light of today's knowledge, most of the beliefs seem illogical -- some to the point of being entertainingly humorous.  But a touch of humor is an essential part of life and, therefore, of this book.

     However, a small number of philosophers and scientists came close to the truth about the origin of Planet Earth and many of its systems.  Their contributions proved critical to the completed jig-saw picture, as described in this seventh edition of new concepts of origins of Nature's beautiful miracles that we see about us every day.  To understand how they were created by means of natural laws is perhaps as exciting as putting the pieces of the complicated puzzle together proved to be.

     In this version of how Planet Earth and its systems were made, all the recent discoveries of the space probes fit perfectly in place.  Most were even predictable by the ITEM concept; all are confirmatory evidence supporting the new theory.

     Today, many scientists still struggle to fit their findings into the more speculative dogma of the last two centuries, even though assumptions and speculations may be needed to force-fit them into the puzzle.  However, when given the opportunity to learn of the new ITEM concept, planetary scientists will realize that all their data and discoveries fit very easily into it.  The new, exciting theory appears destined to replace current hypotheses and beliefs about the orgin of our solar system and Planet Earth and its systems.

     The ITEM concept had its beginning in March, 1973, under the name of TIFFE:  Theory of Internal Formation of Fuels and Elements.  It was first published and copyrighted in 1975 in two bulletins entitled Fuels: A New Theory.  In March, 1977, a 40-page booklet entitled Undermining the Energy Crisis expanded its scope.  This title was expanded further in the 1979 publication of a 140-page book.  In February, 1980, a manuscript, From Void to Energy to Universe, was copyrighted, but not published.  The AU-OS-GR graph and the Six Diagrams of the Geometric Birth of the Solar System were formulated from January to October of the same year -- 1980.

     New Concepts of Origins:  With White Fire Laden was published in August, 1986.  This 190-page book now has been updated to include the latest scientific discoveries of the space probes of our solar system and the latest information on the earth sciences.  All the new information and discoveries add irrefutable evidence in support of the new ITEM concept, as expounded in this 1991 edition of The Item Connection:  How Planet Earth and Its Systems Were Made by Means of Natural Laws.

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by Alexander A. Scarborough

Pages: 164
Publisher: Ander Publications
Year: 1986
ISBN: 0930258037
ISBN: 978-0930258030
ISBN: B001MPG484

New Concepts, Soundly Based, To Challenge The Mind:

  1. How the energy crisis was undermined by the Energy Fuels Theory.
  2. The formation and fiery evolution of planets, moons, comets, solar systems.
  3. Dinosaurs:  the internal cause of their extinction.
  4. How Earth's nuclear energy core creates matter.
  5. Earthquakes:  why they happen anywhere, anytime.
  6. Energy - matter:  creation and transformation (E=mc2).
  7. Abiological origin of fuels - gas, oil, coal - not from fossils!
  8. The Geometric Birth of our Solar System:  explained with the Six Solar System Diagrams.

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by Alexander A. Scarborough

Pages: 140
Publisher: Ander Publications
Year: 1977/1979
ISBN: 0930258010
ISBN: 0930258029
ISBN: 978-0930258023

     Basically, this fourth edition of the Energy Series meshes together a number of scientific theories, old and new, about creation of matter, our solar system, the universe, planets, and fuels.  The two newest theories, (TIFFE) (The Theory of Internal Formation of Fuels and Elements) and (CSPT) (The Comet-Star-to-Planet Theory), were originally explored in the first three editions.  They are key concepts that permit a more accurate evaluation of current theories, and tie together all the more valid ones into a nearly complete jigsaw picture of creation.  They can explain the newly discovered puzzle of why it snows up instead of down on planet Jupiter, for example; and why oil and gas are found at ever greater depths on planet Earth.

     Dr. Albert Einstein believed in an orderly universe where things happen in a predictable cause-and-effect fashion.  He believed the universe obeys natural laws and that man could discover these laws and use them.  "The most incomprehensible thing about the universe," he remarked, "is that it is comprehensible."  All the theories of this book are based on this belief, and this belief will remain their foundation.

"Brilliant logic.  The ramifications are immense." -- George Brawner - Chemist

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by Alexander A. Scarborough

Pages: 3
Publisher: Alex A. Scarborough
Year: 1975
ISBN: NA (Pamphlet)

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The pamphlet refutes the antiquated and erroneous Fossil Fuels Theory of the 1830s by Logan, and replaces it with a new theory of how gas, oil and coal were created (the "internal combustion" theory). Under the new theory, these fuels were formed as by-products of internal combustion and subsequent condensation at the interface of the earth's molten interior and its cooler crust. These hot gases and liquids, along with the carbon soot, escaped along the routes of least resistance into and/or through the crust and between stratified layers. Subsequent combinations of pressures, temperatures, and "contaminants" ultimately determined, over a long period of time, the final state (vapor, liquid, or solid) of the by-products (gas, oil, or coal). Coal, the most "contaminated" of the three fuels, laying closer to the earth's surface than either oil or gas, thickened and polymerized into a syrupy mass during its transition period. During this time of surface exposure, much plant life and some animal life fell into its pools and were entrapped as fossils (the prints of which are occasionally found in coal) during the subsequent solidification of the liquid oil into coal. The "limited supply" (Fossil Fuels) theory has proven to be a bonanza for oil companies and politicians. However, in reality, supplies of each fuel are constantly being replenished due to the internal source of their creation. Man must simply drill deeper when "surface" fuels are depleted.