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Harry Hamlin Ricker
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Harry Hamlin Ricker (Articles)
My 2017 FQXi Essay Contest Entry
Jan 12, 2020
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Mindless mathematical laws can not give rise to aims and intention? By Harry H. Ricker III, MS EE Is modern science superior to Greek Philosophy?1 Only if the scientific method is actually the way to truth in the deep philosophical sense. Here I intend to explain why mindless mathematical laws are not capable of saying anything that is true about reality, nor are they capable of actually supplanting philosophy or improving upon that method of searching for truth.2 The justification of this c... more

FQXi Essay Contest 2017, Review
Dec 30, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Review Of FQXi Essays Wandering Towards a Goal By Harry H. Ricker III Introduction The purpose of this essay is to discuss my impressions and comments resulting from reading the submissions to the 2017 FQXi Essay Contest. The title of this contest is Wandering Towards a Goal: How Can Mindless mathematical laws give rise to aims and intentions. In my essay I took issue with the thesis and asserted that mindless mathematical laws can not give rise to aims and intentions. The essay topic was... more

Ivor Catt And Displacement Current
Dec 16, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Introduction In an article published in Wireless World, December 1978, Ivor Catt published a criticism of the Maxwell displacement current that provoked considerable controversy. This article had a significant impact on my thinking as I had always had reservations regarding the displacement current concept in electromagnetic theory. In fact, the idea of displacement current that the modern textbooks present is completely different from Maxwell's conception of it. Maxwell's displacement current ... more

The Wakefield Experiments Background and Motivation
Dec 1, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Introduction This essay discusses the background for the Wakefield Experiments. This refers to two sets of experiments performed by Tony Wakefield an Australian amateur radio operator, or ham, who performed these experiments for Ivor Catt. The objective of these experiments was to verify the predictions made by Ivor Catt based upon his Theory C. This theory asserts several things. First, that a capacitor is a transmission line, and second, that there is no static charge in a capacitor, but that... more

The Catt Anomaly Confusion
Nov 14, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
  Introduction In two different papers written as responses to the Catt Question, two Italian physicists have interpreted the Catt Question as an anomaly or paradox. The response of Ivor Catt to this assertion is simply that the Catt Question is "just a question". This may seem an unimportant point, but in their paper the Italians attempt to suggest that the Catt Question is merely an apparent paradox, and not an anomaly. This method of answering the Catt Question is a type of obfuscation... more

On An Apparent Resolution of the Catt Question
Nov 5, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Here I publish a link to a paper submitted by Stephen Crothers to IOP Physics Education Journal On an Apparent Resolution of the Catt Question. The editor replied with the following: "We regret to inform you that the Board Member has recommended that your article should not be published in the journal, for the reasons given in the enclosed report. Your manuscript has therefore been withdrawn...I really don't see the value to educators of Physics Education publishing this letter. The initial pape... more

The Catt Question Background
Oct 24, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Introduction Many people have difficulty in understanding the Catt Question. This is understandable given the inconsistency and confusion that is produced by the current definition of electricity. (Here is the original formulation of the question.) It will probably come as a surprise to the reader that there is no clear and precise definition of electricity. Consequently, despite the fact that one of the first requirements of any science is to have a clear and precise definition of the concepts... more

Catt Question Letter
Oct 21, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
The following letter was prepared by Harry Ricker as a courtesy to Ivor Catt who wished to send a letter to the editor of the IOP Journal Physics Education in order to refute the claims made in a paper published in that journal. The letter was cosigned by five other scientists. This letter was rejected and so it is presented here. Background for The Catt Question is presented by Ivor Catt at his website.   Editor, Physics Education, IOP Journal Dear Sir, [caption id="attachment_... more

Foreground Milky Way Dust Filaments In Galaxy Photographs
Aug 6, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Introduction This report documents a study of Milky Way dust filaments that appear in photographs of external galaxies. The technique used in this investigation is the use of software photograph processing tools called effects filters. The software used here is the On One Photo Perfect Effects 9. This allows the adjustment of digital photos to enhance aspects of the photo to permit  the investigation of foreground dust in galaxy photographs. The thesis of this study is that the classification ... more

Cobwebs Of Space: Discovery and Interpretation Of Interstellar Dust Filaments
Jul 18, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Introduction The search for the elusive dark matter is famous. Here I will discuss the discovery of a different kind of dark matter in interstellar space, which I call cobwebs of space. This dark matter is just as elusive as the more famous, but probably fictitious, dark matter. The appearance of this dark matter, which forms dark filaments in space is referred to herein as interstellar dust filaments. This is because they are like the dark clouds that populate interstellar space, but they are ... more

Special Relativity Is Irksome
Jul 2, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
1.0 Introduction [caption id="attachment_446" align="alignright" width="228"] Einstein and Lorentz[/caption] This paper defines a new way to assess the scientific value of Einstein’s special theory of relativity by defining a concept called irksomeness. This follows by converting the adjective irksome, meaning vexatious or troublesome, into a noun. We will call a theory irksome by the following definition: An irksome theory is one in which each of its component demonstrations makes sense o... more

Galileo Was Wrong, A Scientific Documentary On Geocentrism
Jun 11, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Galileo Was Wrong, A Scientific Documentary On Geocentrism produced by CAI Publishing INC., is a science documentary that is different from the usual science that we are supposed to believe in. It is an astonishingly good science documentary film for many different reasons. This film is so good and has such a high positive educational value that it ought to be shown in every advanced high school physics class, as well as physics for liberal arts, introductory college physics, and astronomy or co... more

What Happened To The Principle Of Relativity?
May 31, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
In his book Science and Hypothesis, first published in French in 1902, Poincare gives to the principle of relativity the status of a unifying principle in both mathematics and physics. It is an important theme of the book, which unifies this collection of essays. At the end of the book, Poincare discusses how this principle is rendered safe in Lorentz’s theory of electro-dynamics. It is certain that Einstein drank deeply from the waters of Poincare’s book and fully embraced the ideas contain... more

The Principle: Challenging The Intellectual Integrity Of Cosmology
May 26, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
[caption id="attachment_354" align="alignleft" width="170"] The Cosmic Hand Of God[/caption] This is the best science documentary film that I have ever seen. It puts physical science into its correct and proper place behind philosophy, logic, and religion, instead of superior to them, in terms of the definition of what is truth. It is a film that I wish that I had made, because it makes a difficult and complex technical subject easy to understand, by revealing the prejudicial bias of scientists... more

William Gilbert Founder Of Terrestrial Magnetism
May 22, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
William Gilbert of Colchester was born in 1544AD. As the founder of English experimental science, he is one of the great men of the scientific revolution. His most important single idea and enduring result was that the earth itself is a gigantic magnet. He was the eldest of five children born to a rising middle class family. Although nothing is known of his childhood, it seems clear that his interest for scientific knowledge must have been demonstrated at an early age. Aiming for a medical degre... more

Johannes Kepler and The Magnetic Unification of Terrestrial and Cosmic Physics
Apr 8, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Introduction The unification of physics as a fundamental goal is older than modern science. Thales argued that water was the universal substance; the earliest attempt at a unified natural philosophy. The hypothesis of unification is that diverse, complex, and apparently unrelated phenomena, can be unified under a single principle that unifies the phenomena under the aegis of a simpler and more elegant law or principle. Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) is the first scientist of the modern era to atte... more

The Light Sphere Paradox Of Einstein's Special Relativity
Jan 13, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Unlike the much more famous paradox of the twins, the light sphere paradox is relatively unknown. It forms the basis of the claim that the velocity of light is the same value c in all inertial frames in relative motion. Its paradoxical aspect has not produced the volume of critical discussion or commanded the attention of critics of relativity that it deserves. The author could find only one reference to this paradox in an Internet search and only five references to it in his collection of relat... more

Deepsea Challenge Wonderful Exploration Film Marred By Shameless Self Promotion
Jan 9, 2019
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Deep, Dangerous, Determined, that is the summary description of the film Deepsea Challenge, that is a 2014 dramatic ocean exploration adventure 3D film produced by the National Geographic Society. The film is about the glamor, danger, thrill and, magnificent grandeur of deep sea ocean exploration and its focus is upon human accomplishment in the face of dangerous obstacles and unexpected technical problems. Its scientific and educational value is marred by a shameless self promotion of its star ... more

Einstein’s Mistaken Time Dilation Prediction
Nov 14, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
The purpose of this short note is to expand upon a conclusion I discussed in my paper on the Irksomeness of Einstein’s Special Theory Of Relativity . There it was pointed out that the famous prediction made by Einstein in his 1905 paper was false. Einstein said that a clock placed at the equator should run more slowly than an identical one located at one of the poles of the earth. Obviously it was implicitly assumed that the earth’s rotation would produce a relative motion between the clocks... more

Dr Mendel Sachs: Establishment Physicist or Anti-Einstein Revolutionary?
Oct 18, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
[caption id="attachment_225" align="alignright" width="100"] Mendel Sachs[/caption] Dr. Mendel Sachs, professor of physics, presents an enigma to any one investigating Einstein and his relativity theories. On the one hand Dr. Sachs appears to be a dedicated establishment disciple of Einstein and his theories, and on the other he appears to be a critic, although not a very vociferously vocal one, of Einstein's theories. In September 1971 Sachs published an article titled "A Resolution of  the c... more

Herbert Dingle Maverick Scientist and Anti-Einstein Philosopher Of Science
Oct 17, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Herbert Dingle was a 20th century physicist, philosopher and historian of science, author of scientific books, and an untiring critic of science and scientific method. He is best known for his criticism of the special theory of relativity, stemming from controversies over the twins paradox in the 1950s, and his book Science At The Crossroads which documented how the scientific community attempted to suppress his heterodox viewpoint. He is most famous for his assertion that the special theory of ... more

Dr Louis Essen Inventor Of Atomic Clock Rejects Einstein's Relativity Theory
Aug 17, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
The purpose of this article is to publish and comment upon a letter written by Louis Essen and sent to Dr. Carl Zapffe. The letter is interesting because it [caption id="attachment_191" align="alignleft" width="200"] Dr Louis Essen[/caption] compresses into a few short lines the essence of Louis Essen’s criticism of Einstein’s theory of relativity. The letter was provided to the writer by Jack Graham, from Dr. Zapffe’s files, upon the request of the author for material needed to write a ... more

Dr. Carl Andrew Zapffe: Extraordinary Anti-Einsteinian
Aug 15, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
This discussion is about the encounter of a genius, Dr Carl Andrew Zapffe, with relativity physics. There are two main points. The first is that Dr Zapffe was not a fool or an ignorant person, he was trained scientist who, when he investigated the arcane details of relativity, discovered that Einstein had made a mistake. Being a conscientious person he felt obligated to bring this to the attention of the scientific community. Our story is about how his views were received. How one famous author ... more

Roger Boscovich--Modern Physical Science Versus Natural Philosophy
Aug 10, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
The Theory of Natural Philosophy was written in Vienna and is Roger Boscovich's magnum opus. There are two editions. The first edition, the Vienna edition, was finished while Boscovich was living in Vienna, Austria in the years 1756-1760. In 1758, when Boscovich was age 47, the First, or Vienna, edition appeared. Later in 1763, Boscovich published a second edition in Venice. Significantly the second edition has a completely different title, which reflects a different idea which Boscovich had reg... more

John E. Chappell Jr.Creator Of Dissident Science Revolution
Aug 4, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Historians condense the facts to make complex social movements simple and understandable in hindsight. Our movement to reform establishment science, making it responsible to the needs of people who fund science with their taxes, and not a servant of the established state system, traces its origin to the work of Dr. John E. Chappell Jr., who organized the predecessor of the JCNPS known as the Natural Philosophy Alliance or NPA. Officially John is the acknowledged founder of the NPA and the drivin... more

The Origin of the Equation E = mc2
Jul 9, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Because the issue of the source of this equation keeps coming up, here is a quick discussion of the origin of the famous formula, incorrectly attributed to Einstein. Thanks to Robert Sungenis for providing this. The Origin of the Equation E = mc2 Contrary to popular opinion, E = mc2 did not originate with Einstein. As van der Kamp reveals: And then that hackneyed combination of Einstein and the “E = mc2,” endlessly bandied about in popular-scientific Western folklore! True, it can be de... more

The Black Hole Wars Resume: The Information Paradox Is Back
Jul 2, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
[caption id="attachment_103" align="alignright" width="300"] Gavin Wince[/caption] The Black Hole Wars Resume: The Information Paradox Is Back, is a film by Gavin Wince. It is not a science documentary, it is a science film, and that makes it something different in the genre of films reviewed by this writer. In the past only documentaries produced by mainstream media or mainstream scientists have been reviewed. So here is something different. Gavin Wince is a philosopher who is doing mainstream... more

Supermassive Black Holes More Fiction Than Scientific Fact
Jun 21, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
The BBC Horizon program, Supermassive Black Holes, is an example of how science documentaries have turned science into science fiction, by combining a little science fact with fictional writing to produce speculative science fiction. Unfortunately, much of modern mainstream science is infected with this type of speculative fiction. We can lay the blame for this on the modern scientific method, which has deviated from the strict traditional approach, to become a Frankenstein Monster, where scienc... more

The Hagiographic Science Of NOVA's The Big Bang Machine
Jun 11, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
At the beginning of The Big Bang Machine we are told bombastically that the program is about the discovery of a force, "that fills all of space, completely invisible, and yet without it life, earth, the universe we know could not exist". However, on the website we are told this:  "July 4, 2012, scientists at the giant atom smashing facility at CERN announced the discovery of a subatomic particle that seems like a tantalizingly close match to the elusive Higgs Boson, thought to be responsible fo... more

The Delusion Of Particle Fever
May 5, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Particle Fever is a science documentary film that unmasks the deception behind modern particle physics in the course of making a documentary about the Large Hadron Collider or LHC and the claimed discovery of the Higgs Boson.  The film takes us into the world of particle physics, its people, its machines and its human self deceptions, in a way never seen before in a documentary film. We meet the people behind the particle physics story and discover that they have created a self deception, a psy... more

Review Of NOVA Program The Great Math Mystery
Apr 27, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
The Great Math Mystery Episode of the PBS popular science series NOVA asks the question: Is math a human invention or the discovery of the language of the universe? It seems to this writer that there is actually no question here at all. The correct answer is that mathematics is a human invention. So one has to contemplate, why is the question being asked at all? Obviously, the answer is because there is an attempt by the mainstream science establishment to promote the idea that mathematics is wh... more

Pioneering Introduction to the Social Revolution in Science
Apr 5, 2018
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
April 26, 2015 By Harry H. Ricker III David de Hilster's film, Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year, is a documentary that explores an important nascent social movement that is currently ignored by the establishment mainstream media. It documents the aspirations of ordinary people to more completely understand and appreciate the world they live in, but who can not, because of a systematic conspiracy to obscure the truth and censor differences of opinion in scientific research. This documentar... more