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Harry Hamlin Ricker
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Harry Hamlin Ricker (Articles)
Ivor Catt and The Myth Of The Rolling Wave
Aug 7, 2021
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
The myth of the rolling wave is a term used by this writer to describe a problem in electromagnetic theory first raised by the English scientist Ivor Catt, in articles published in the English magazine Wireless World. The problem is referred to as a myth, since it has its source not in physics textbooks, but in popularizations of physics, designed for the general scientifically educated audience, but not for experts in the field of classical electromagnetic theory. The term rolling wave was used... more

My 2017 FQXi Essay Contest Entry
Mar 11, 2021
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Mindless mathematical laws can not give rise to aims and intention? By Harry H. Ricker III, MS EE Is modern science superior to Greek Philosophy?1 Only if the scientific method is actually the way to truth in the deep philosophical sense. Here I intend to explain why mindless mathematical laws are not capable of saying anything that is true about reality, nor are they capable of actually supplanting philosophy or improving upon that method of searching for truth.2 The justification of this c... more

FQXi Essay Contest 2017, Review
Nov 4, 2020
by Harry Hamlin Ricker
Review Of FQXi Essays Wandering Towards a Goal By Harry H. Ricker III Introduction The purpose of this essay is to discuss my impressions and comments resulting from reading the submissions to the 2017 FQXi Essay Contest. The title of this contest is Wandering Towards a Goal: How Can Mindless mathematical laws give rise to aims and intentions. In my essay I took issue with the thesis and asserted that mindless mathematical laws can not give rise to aims and intentions. The essay topic was... more