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Prof. Zifeng Li
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Prof. Zifeng Li


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2010-12-25 07:13:56
Explain the Law of Gravitation Using Exchange of Momentum between Objects and Micro-particles------ The law of gravitation is used widely. However, it is still unsolved how these two objects attract each other. Hypothesis, such as graviton, universal repulsion, sub-photon sea etc., all are of defects, having not explain the law of gravitation successfully. This paper assumes: (1) micro particles with a certain speed, moving like thermal motion, are distributed in pure space; (2) the objects are not continuous at the micro structure, there being gaps between the particles composed of the object, allowing part micro particles passing through; (3) momentum passed from particles to the objects is proportional to mass of the objects. Using theory of exchange of momentum between objects and micro-particles, the source of gravitational attraction and formula are explained reasonably. Gravitational attraction is an equivalent expression of the force close to each other between and on the line of the two objects, coming from exchange of momentum between objects and micro-particles. The constant of universal gravitation G is accurate only for near earth astronomical body. The gravitational attraction between two objects is affected by intermediary between them. There is no graviton.
2010-12-25 07:21:13
The Nature of The Charge,Principle of Charge Interactions and Coulomb??s Law------ What is the charge? Why charge, there are two? Why do like charges repel, dissimilar charges attract? Why meet the Coulomb's law? These are the most basic questions of physics. Assuming the existence of material particles in the universe, tentatively called electon; if an object contains more than its expected value of the electon, is surplus state and positively charged; if an object contains less than the expected value of the electon, is in the lack of state and negative charged; If an object contains the electon is equal to its expected value, is saturated and neutral. The charged objects are of properties exchanging charged or uncharged particles in order to achieve the state of nature. The force between two charged objects is from the exchange of charged and uncharged particles. Like charges repel, dissimilar charges attract. Force value is consistent with Coulomb's law. The material between two charged objects affects the value of the force between them, but does not affect the direction.
2010-12-25 07:38:30
Particle nature of light and the speed of light------ What is the nature of light? Particle or wave? How fast is the speed of light? These are all basic questions of physics. From points of philosophy and observation, it is demonstrated that the nature of light is a kind of particle, and many photons?? group behavior is of characteristics similar to the wave. Reflection, diffusion, refraction and transmission of light are all phenomenon of matter's attraction, absorption and re-emission of photons. Until now, there is no accurate means of measuring the speed of light. For the speed of starlight relative to the earth, the closer to the earth, the closer to the speed of light emitted by a light source on the earth relative to the earth. Physics field is composed of space and tiny particles.
2010-12-25 07:39:40
The essence of temperature and the regularity of geothermal distribution------ The traditional view is that temperature is the intensity of thermal motion of a great number of molecules. However, it can not interpret the existence of the constant geothermal gradient reasonably. This paper advances that temperature is composed of the thermal motion of a great number of molecules and microparticles. The density of microparticles in the earth is closely related with gravitational field, and the temperature distribution in the earth is the function of gravitational field. The density of microparticles in the earth is larger than that on the surface; the temperature in the earth is higher than that on the surface. This paper not only improves the thermal vibration theory, but also finds out the reason that geothermal gradient keeps constant.