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Three-Dimensional Spiral String Theory

Vladimir B. Ginzburg
Year: 2009
3D-SST is the unified theory of the universe. It has three main goals. The first goal is to describe the unified structure of the prime elements of the entire universe, including ordinary matter, dark matter and black holes. Its second goal is to demonstrate a possibility of propagation of radiation particles with superluminal velocity. The third goal is to discover the unified nature of strong, superstrong, gravitational, and electric forces.

The proposed theory presents the creation of the universe as a result of polarization of Nothingness. This process produces polarized spiral prime elements of nature called the toryces that exist in certain quantum energy states. The unification of the specially-matched polarized toryces leads to the formation of the four prime elementary particles: electrons, positrons, aetherons and higgstrons. Subsequently, the prime elementary particles form quantum vacuum, aether, and complex elementary particles, including nucleons.

The photons and neutrinos, are created by unification of the polarized spiral prime elements of nature called the helyces. The polarized helyces are formed when the polarized toryces are transferred from the higher quantum energy states to the lower quantum energy states. Both the prime elementary particles and radiation particles sustain their existence by absorption and release of energy. The life-sustaining process becomes possible due to the interplay between subluminal and superluminal velocities of propagation of the strings making up both the toryces and the helyces.