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On Physical Time

Harry Hamlin Ricker
Year: 2009 Pages: 9
The purpose of this paper is to examine the problems of physical time. We will define physical time, as opposed to other kinds or types of ideas regarding time, as time in accordance with the conception of time, which regards time as as an important concept which occurs in theories and problems of physics. So physical time is how time is regarded and conceived in the practice of physics and the technological arts, such as the various types of engineering. Now according to the practice of physics and engineering, time has a specific definition and meaning, it is defined by international agreement, and has specific procedures for its measurement. This physical time has a name. It is called Universal Coordinated Time which carries the standard abbreviation UTC. This UTC time has a specific definition, is standardised, and is sanctioned by national and international law. It is a physical time because it derives from a physical definition, and is regulated, maintained, and distributed by technological practice in accordance with concepts of physical theory.