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The Origin of the Universe: Part 1 Toryces

Vladimir B. Ginzburg
Year: 2010 Pages: 17
  • The universe is created by polarization of Nothingness, and its existence is governed by the law of conservation of Nothingness. Polarization of Nothingness is provided by the prime elements of nature called toryces in accordance with the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.
  • Each toryx contains two strings: a circular leading string and a toroidal trailing string propagating around the leading string with the velocity of light. Rotational and translational components of the trailing string velocity can be either subluminal or superluminal, real or imaginary.
  • The toryx spacetime and physical properties are defined by three fundamental equations. The relationship between the velocity propagation of leading string and its radius is described by a newly-discovered universal law of motion that for large radii reduces to the classical law of motion.
  • The toryces are polarized in two ways, by charge and energy. The charge polarization is due to the ability of both leading and trailing strings to be in opposite inversion states. The energy polarization arises because the toryx total kinetic and potential energy can be either negative or positive, making them capable to either absorb or release energy.
  • Toryces exist at certain excitation and oscillation quantum states. Unification of matched polarized toryces produces elementary matter particles called trons. There are three main kinds of trons: a-trons, e-trons and z-trons. The a-trons are the lightest elementary particles having very high rigidity. They form aether. The e-trons form electrons and positrons. The z-trons are the heaviest elementary particles. They form the cores of nucleons and a singularity.