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Our Cosmos = Holographic 4D-Spherical Standing Wave

John P. Wsol
Year: 2013 Pages: 11
Keywords: Cosmology, Gravity, Unified Theory, Hyper-Dimensionality, Redshift, Special Relativity, General Relativity, Cosmological Relativity
The breakthrough perspective afforded by this simple paradigm -- of viewing the cosmos as a 4D Onion, implemented as a hyperspherical standing wave -- suddenly our universe becomes demystified!  Starting from a higher-dimensional perspective of viewing the grand-scale of the Cosmic Onion as being the context in which our universe experiences Space~Time expansion.  It goes on to describe every detail of the invisible sub-microscopic quantum world.  It does so by labeling these tiny geometric constructs with the fundamental physical constants that make up the CODATA database and whose values and experimental backing are exhaustively documented at the National Institute of Standards and Technology website NIST.gov.
Amazingly, once we have described this foundational model, we will ask the model questions, even those that have perplexed mainstream science for centuries, and the model, ITSELF, will answer those questions.  But, unlike scientific tradition, it will not stop at describing the behavior of physical phenomena, but will explain fundamental aspects of how the universe works.  We will ask the model to resolve the confusion concerning mystical concepts like: Particle-Wave Duality, Action at a Distance, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  We'll ask it to explain photons, matter, Gravity, Electromagnetism as well as the Strong & Weak interactions ALL as being manifestations of these truly fundamental quantum-wave constructs.

Some tough questions this model easily answers are: (0) Aether or not?  (1) What is a particle?  (2) What makes an electron negative and a proton positive?  (3) Most particles manifest mass, why? and for photons Why do they NOT manifest mass?  (4) General Relativity says "matter tells space-time how to curve" -- By what mechanism does matter cause space-time to curve?  (5) It also says "space-time curvature tells matter how to move" -- what causes objects to "fall" into the space-time dent?  (6) What quantum mechanical mechanism explains how electromagnetism attracts or repels?   (7) Explain the Strong Nuclear Force, what mechanism holds nuclei together?   (8) Explain what is the fundamental cause for nuclear decay?