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Proposal for Bidirectional Light Speed Meter in Motion to Test the Invariance of c

Phil Bouchard
Year: 2013 Pages: 5
Keywords: Ether, Graviton Field, Invariance, Speed of Light
A bidirectional light speed meter in motion is proposed to test directly the invariance of c as 
postulated by the Special Relativity. Until now it was assumed ether, if it was found, was a static 
substance having a unique reference frame from which entities were traveling through and therefore must 
not be present if tests proved otherwise. 
On the other hand if we replace ether with graviton fields overlapping each other then we will have a 
reference frame that follows the rotation of the Earth. Thus if we want to detect its presence, we will have 
to physically move against that rotating frame in order to detect a change in speed of light.
This is done by sending a laser beam in the same direction of the velocity vector of the moving
experiment, capturing the time taken to travel a short distance and by performing the same test in the 
opposite direction. The frontal and the rear edge of the experiment will have and be synchronized by two 
atomic clocks as we will later see.