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An Explanation for the Cause of Force of Gravity outside General Relativity

Musa D. Abdullahi
Year: 2016

An electric charge, in the form of a spherical shell with uniform surface charge density, has constant potential and zero electric field inside the shell. The radial field, pulling the surface charge outwards, is balanced by inward surface tension, due to curvature of the shell, to form a stable particle. It is shown that the mass of the particle is proportional to the volume enclosed by the shell. Force of gravity is ascribed to the electric field of one charged particle being deflected by the presence of another charged particle such that force of repulsion is slightly reduced and force of attraction similarly increased. For bodies composed of equal amounts of positive and negative charges, the electrical fields exist in space with the electrical forces of repulsion and attraction, on a body, everywhere balancing out while gravitational forces of attraction add up. A Body moving under gravity, without any electrical force, should not emit any radiation.